The Angel, Solar Angel, the Card Temperence and The Great Work


The Angel, Solar Angel, the Card Temperence and The Great Work





The Angel in the Card is a Symbol of the Higher Self /Soul / Solar Angel, shows to perform The Great Work we must take guidance from our Higher Self, and proceedingly become our Higher Self, which brings us into Universal Harmony and an expression for Divine Will.


Also an inner work to bring the 3 lower bodies physical(+etheric duble) mental and emotional(astral) into One Harmonic coordinated whole that the Soul /Higher Self or Spirit can work through. The 3 become 1, which has an ´higher equivalent analogy´ of 1 in 3 . ( Highest in the unerstanding of The Trinity as 1 in 3 ; 1 behind and 3 in outer manifestation, and several triadic expressions down to the 3 fold lowest nature )


When the lower sheaths are purified along with the personality, the higher ´Solar´ radiance can shine through a clarified reflection and higher will can flow /work unobstructed through, the inner fire blaze stronger forth and the bodily cells can become spheres of radiant glory.



When the lower 3fold nature is subjugated, coordinated and cleansed the Soul or Solar Angel can ´downpour´ and integrate , its force can downpour , the soul can then fully take control of the brain, and be the master of its temple (in service ), progressingly under influence and will of its own higher self ; the Monad . The monad can be seen as the ´higher self ´of the (soul) ´higher self ´.


The full ´downpouring´ of Soul force is ´ideally blended ´with the event of the uprising of the Breath of Fire ( the lower fire of kundalini ) which vitalises, cleanses , integrates and electrifices , burns what hinders and reveals and illuminate what is hidden.


These 2 events can work perfectly together fitted as long as the kundalini has not been seeked to be rised prematurily and unwise, which can burn off protective tissue and veils too soon and cause damage in a variaty of ways to the lower bodies and phyche.


The needed subjugation and control of the serpent fire energy ,sexual energy in The Great Work is symbolised in the Tarot Card Strength.






The Vase

” The Vase represents what alchemists call
the “vase of art,” In Philalethes* Fount of
Chemical Truth , we read: “When we speak of our vessel and our fire, we mean by bothexpressions, our water, nor is our furnace
anything diverse or distinct from our water.

There is then one vessel, one furnace, one
fire, and all these make up one water. The
fire digests, the vessel whitens and pene-
trates, the furnace is the bond which c empris-
es and encloses all, and these three are our
Mercury ”


” The conditions underwhich it (personal kundalini aspect ) may be brought into activity safely include ; purity of mind and desire, high aspirations and ideals ; utter unselfishness in actions. Fortunately it is dormant in most persons. We say “ fortunately” because it’s a tremendous force, as potent for destruction debasement as for integration and illumination. It may not be trifled with. ”


Important questions in self -evaluation in the Great work of the Ageless Wisdom.
“ Is my study and work transmuting the base metal of my personality
into gold of real attainment ? Are my desires becoming purer , my
mental processes clearer , my intuition better defined ? “


– Paul Foster Case ( Tarot fundementals 1936)



There are of course more to be said/ understood about the The pictoral symbol named ” Temperence” than the angel symbolising the higher self /soul /solar angel in man, and to perform the Great Work we must take that Angel /Higher Self in the hand and work together, but i will end it here, and leave for others to make own intepretations.


The greater goal of ´the Great Work ´ is to take part in ones share of the Greater Work .


– Elena Santini