The Beingness and Seeingness of the Soul.

The Beingness and Seeingness of the Soul.


The Soul is the real Seer, the mind is but a medium or tool oft ´wrongly deified´ or bonded to materiality.
As the Soul is the ´real thinker´ and the one to control the ´thought- fire´, essentially, ideally in harmony and purpose of Spiritual or Divine Will.

´Mediative Sattivic Tranquillity´ ; See upon the ´generic nature of thought´ ; not the thought itself, its content, or the content of any possible ´follow thoughts´ aggregating more thought matter substance. Or ‘ see through it’ .

The mind be like a clear ocean of sattvic tranquillity.


* Superimposed Will, can also calm thought – fire and silence the mind.







The mind has no light of its own, except what naturally radiates from or is inherently to be found within the atoms that constitute the subtle layers of differentiated matter substance in these cosmic physical planes, the soul is the diamond and a light on its own plane, to reflect through mind, as it itself reflects the higher light of the ‘ Illuminating Spiritual Sun ‘ .






Patanjali Book 4 Sutra 19. Raja Yoga , The Light of the Soul.

” Becsuse it can be seen or cognicized, it is appearent that the mind is not the source of illumination ”



– Elena