Crystal Charged Water with Natural Mineral Essence and Sunlight, Atlantis.

Crystal charged Water with Natural Monoatomic Mineral Essence and Sunlight.


Charging healing Crystal Water with Etherium Mineral Essence and Rose Quartz,
Clear Quartz, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Sunlight.


     . .

Feels like a return to Atlantis in consciousness, in multiple ways.
Comming full circle, sometimes mean returning to a previous beginning
not as linear understood, so the beginning can also be the end . . .


Hanging Gardens and Plants    and Crystals and  Hanging Crystals  . . .
are great   to hold frequency, purify and also beautify . . .  in a Temple
Place . . . . or  Sacred Space . . .

  . …. . . . .


I feel like its ´ in my blood ´ to create temples . . .
The physical body is the 1st manifestation, on this level, of the soul or
higher self temple, a temple of light . .
The physical body ; a temple of living light if purified,  build, or rebuild
into higher or finer matter substance, or ´ reconfigured ´ back to a more
´ source- coded- immortal- state ´ or ´ blue printed ´ version as ie.
before the planetary Atlantean fall.
The purification of the Physical Body Temple, is also connected with purification
of the etheric, emotional, astral and mental body along with
´ to have  . . .  magnetic purity ´ . . . .

A beautiful picture of Hanging Plants from Circled Window Ceiling.

     32 degree.

*Write me for credit or removal re the two photoes above, I dont know
the names of who have created them.


Purification of Water.

. .

Cleansing water with activated charcoal made of tree,
clear mountain crystal, colloidal silver  and healing/blessing by hand.
& Crystal essence healing emerald water.

Emerald since ancient time symbol of rejuvenation and eternal life.
Clear mountain crystal, clear quartz can to some extent ´substitute´ a
diamond in healing and ceremonial work.

Activated charcoal, activated carbon . . . Diamond is an alletrope of carbon.
Within the diamond the carbon element has its atoms arranged in a crystal
structure. ´Carbon transfiguration´. . In a diamond each carbon atom, is
covalently bonded to 4 other carbons in a tetrahedron.
Ideal to use some Raw Diamond in the water as well for purification,
which I find good combination with Clear Quartz Crystal,

activated charcoal, Sunlight and
colloidal silver, like in this picture. .……..

Sunbathing Sacred Rosemary in the background.

Herkimer Diamond is a Clear
Quartz Crystal  with double terminated crystal  
structure,  similar structure as diamond. Which can also be added as
natural purifier. I use it also for water purification and crystal charged
water essence. I use it also for water purification in the glass jar, and for
crystal charged water essence. Also a great healer crystal and amplifier.

Clear Quartz Crystal.
I love to have Clear Quartz in my home,
also as Amplifiers
for other precious crystal stones + Crystal grid. 
And the lovely Rosa Quartz and Snow Quartz. .

Activated organic carcoal powder, can also be used in organic
veggie capsules or pure organic powder form for a detoxificationto absorb toxins internally.

. .  ……………………

.A lot is said, and also written on crystals and gemstones on the internet,
of which, generally speaking, I am not advocating. And every one will
have to feel for themselves by experience, how a specific crystal effects,
on different levels.

I have a plan to write more on Atlantis and earth history at a later point


Regarding the 1st Picture in this post. After using a little bit of Natural Monoatomic
Mineral Essence, Etherium Mineral Essence powder, in water for plants, they thrive
so well, have never used any organic natural fertilizer after that , they do benefit from
having crystals hanging on the branches also like amethyst par example, but other
gemstones as well. The cat benefit from very tiny amounts of the natural mineral
essence supplement in his healing as well.


Healing Ring Bracelets.  Interchangable with gold /silver chain.

The Crystals, Stones and Metals get a chance to ´work together in their
own evolutionary lines´ . .


Evolutionary or ´ re- evolutionary ´ considering also after Atlantis
falls in  consciousness on general planetary level. I.e. also If you wear
or have a precious gem or crystal, asking within what you can do to
assist the gem evolutionary, how you together can take part in ´ The
Greater Work´, it can create new openings, as opposed to just aquiring
´gems for what they can do´ ´ just for you´ personality- lower ego-
centered, as opposed to ´higher self I ´ focus.

Evolutionary or ´ re- evolutionary ´ considering also certain falls in
consciousness on general planetary level.

The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes ;

The original ´Soul Seat´ before i.e the planetary Atlantean fall,
where after generally speaking the personality became solar
plexus polarised.

´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean times.
The ´upward journey´ . . . .back to the original ´ Soul Seat ´. .

The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes,

& the heart bridge . .



In the absence atm of playing or transmitting Atlantean healing music atm,  or sound toning ;
a piece of contemporary  soothing delta wave relaxing instrumental music.
Which is btw my Cat´s favourite relax music, many  cats and  animals are naturally
very open to ´holistic therapies´ ….

8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation, 159
Also rest music, Cat approves as new chillout music to his playlist ;
” Insomnia relief “The Blue Forest” Binaural Beats Sleep Music ”
New chill find for the Cat with Rain, and those who may have insomnia . .
No More Insomnia | DEEP Sleep Music with Relaxing Rain [3.0Hz Delta Waves]
Binaural Beats


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Egremni Beach, Lefkada
Beauty – At Winther Time
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