1st Ray Diamond, gems of the earth and Crown


Diamond is associated with the 1st Ray of Will,  Power.


Gems ;  The precious life force, life power intelligently clothed in beautiful garments of nature like also trees, water, stars, flowers and herbal greenes.



Diamond besides its healing qualities and association with the Crown Chakra, also symbolically associated with the perfected diamond soul, reflecting all the colours of the rainbow as well the abillity of reflecting the pure white light, and shining forth through purified lower vehicles.
And  *4  ( se note in the end  ) symbolic of the ´carbon transfiguration ´ of the human physical body…. ´ diamond body ´ .


It is possible in healing or ceremonial work , a clear quarts crystal can ´substitute´ 1 st ray diamond to some extent…




The Cullinan Topaz shines with a brilliance of Diamond. Topaz is a gem on the 5th  Ray of knowldege, science. Its hardness however is 8
where diamond is 10. And  it has not the same high ´refraction fire´ as diamond.




Blue Diamond

Geologically speaking, the beautiful natural Blue Diamonds get their color from the chemical element Boron ( B) , by trace elements of boron having entered into the crystal lattice.




Natural Unthreated Blue Diamonds


# character, strenght, beauty.






Most coloured Diamonds and Sapphires today are unfortunately irradiated or warm heated.
Sapphire being a gem associated with the Second Ray, of love -wisdom.  Emeralds ; with The 3rd Ray of active intelligence.             


  Sapphire …  Blue as heavenly,
Emerald … Green as Eternal Spring, 
both gems held sacred in different civilizations since ancient times …





Amethyst was in ancient times considered among the kardinal precious stones, a gem also associated with the 7th Ray of ceremonial order or ceremonial magic.  






Gems and Crystals of Today

There are several things that casts a shadow re the  beautiful natural and precious gems of earth ; remnants of Atlantean crystal abuse, overpricing, quantity massproductions, non-fairtrade and unethical minings, corrupted people who sell synthetic made stones and glass as real gems. Enhancing, irradiating, warming up to high degree the true natural beautiful gems, to fit  an ´ unnatural social programmed standard.´



Should be remembered also that much ancient knowledge of Crystals, is of course not on the internet for various reasons.
And that there are also ´new age outwaterings´ info , ( like theres glamorised new age outwatered ´law of attraction ´info .. ) of ancient crystal knowledge, new age glamor , personaliy / lower ego focussed / ´dark magic´ tainted info remnants of old Atlantean crystal abuse .




 “ Diamond Sun “, like a radiant solar orb… reflecting ….´like a sun´. Natural yellow diamond is caused by gathering of nitrogen atoms in such a way within the crystal lattice, that blue light is absorbed and yellow reflected.





The Great work and the Greater Work

If you wear / have a precious gem or crystal , asking what you can do to assist the gem *evolutionary, how you together can take part in The Greater Work,( ´ white magic ´ soul centered.   Each ´single great work´ , the goal is to be in service of or ready to take part in ones share of ´ The Greater Work ´ ) it creates new openings, as opoosed to just aquirring ´gems for what they can do´ personality ego centered .

* Evolutionary or ´ re- evolutionary ´ considering also certain falls in consciousness.







It could also be discussed, in this many cases digressed world, weather certain royalties with thier ´royal regalias´ , should or should have worn / ´ worthy of ´ precious gemstones in ´magical scepters´ or on a symbolic crown, if their Real Crown ( crown chakra , souvreignty ) is not connected to the inflow of  The Source, causing them to have been an example, of *  higher virtues such as justice, purity, love, truth, divine will, knowledge, wisdom  leading people to grow in spirit and by real education of the mind ,body spirit, and the nature worlds and threat these worlds with respect and care and teach them to exercise self responsibility and be selfempowered in inner spirit.


*  #True kings / queens





Everyone has their own Crown ( Souvereignty, & Source – connection ) ; Crownchakra, the crownchakra configuration ´made here´ . Many people have been worshipping others crowns and given their energy away .
Nourish your inner flame for it is a spark of the one great flame, light.



The Essence of ´Anarchy´ i like – i do not violate you , you do not violate me, i do not try to control you ,you do not try to control me etc- not even as ´laws´ but as natural unwritten ´codes´ of respectful peaceful co-existence. which ideally is or would be a loving civililazation with adherence to internal (spiritual) authority, but unfortunately atm most people dont practice that level of self -responsibility it takes or would take , and would likely rather bow to ´ archonic rulers´ and ´archonic rulership´ in principle and literally.. weather ´disguised´ governmental or religious or ´spiritual ´ etc. The latter mentioned in reference to translation of the word anarchy as :´without archons.´

Anarchy ; Without ´archonic rulers´ not without ´unwritten rules ´ or order or without conscience or self-responsibility.


Why I think, even it may sound contradictious on a´ relative level´ as a King ( or Queen) pr some definition is a ´ruler´ , that a ´ True King´ should rule the Kingdom like a ´True Anarchist´ ; not rule over people, but make them self/soul -responsible. Real Crown is Crown Chakra , ( souvreignty ) to be connected to the inflow of The Source, to be an example, of * higher virtues such as justice, purity, love, truth, divine will, knowledge, wisdom leading people to grow in spirit, be self-accountable, by real education about body, spirit and soul, health and holism, about the nature worlds and natural law and micromacro cosmic world, about ´death´ and transitions and respect for all life and self-responsibillity , not demand worship and have power over people , make them kings of their own inner kingdom /bodily temples, adhering to internal spiritual authority. Ideally Divine Order with Inner Spiritual Ruling.


# Ancient civilazations with true kings .. I remember a King …..



Maybe, just maybe some can get what Im saying essentially, if looking beyond , ´ seemingly relative contradictions ´ and beyond Source disconnected ´ fraudulent displays of power driven corrupted monarchies ´ and ´corrupted hierachies´ .. And I feel that any ´true meaning´ of ´hierarchy´ is about respondence not following orders, but that’s another * subject.


In short ; Eg * Hierachi : With Spirit above :
Emotional, mental, physical egoic Hierachical worship of ´ kings, queens, or masters and titles´ is not light or evolutionary path.( and also can create dependence and blind obedience and power abuse ) , Its not ´real´ meaning of ´hirerachi´ which is about Respondence, not about worship or being controlled or taking orders .
Ex :Analogy of the Human Anatomy .

´Hierachiacly´ it could be said for the Base Center to begin evolutionary
respond to the Crown Center . (Eventually ´lifting the energy from the base to the crown´.)
With the outcome of living a full spiritual life in praxis.
*The Micro-Cosmic ´lower´ can respond to the Macro Cosmic ´ higher ´(nature).. as within so without , above and below ..


* Respondence is also a ´free will choice´… as the old saying goes ” Thy Will not mine” ( meant Internally )






1st Ray of Will, Power.

1st Ray of Destruction .


1st Ray Destruction . . . . to progressingly, eventually destroy all untrue, false and not in service of Higher Divine Will to be forfilled.


To stand centered in reality in this unreality aligned with the 1st Ray Source





Fire and will . . .




Powers of Will  <>The Transcending Will, The Will of The Transcended One, The Ascending Will, The Descending Will. The Transmitting Will, The Transforming Will, The Transfiguring Will. The Will to Be, The Will to Withdrawl, The Will to Create ,The Will to Destroy, The Will to Build and The Will to Rebuild. The Will to Sacrifice and The Will-to good.





The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.  https://www.in-luxia.com/2019/05/02/the-eternal-source-is-not-about-idolatry/


– Elena




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4)  * ☆ Ressurection of the flesh.
1)The becoming of stronger
Cell light by higher illuminating radiance
.2) By transference And connection with Light Body = Lighter physical body /stronger cellular light 3 ) Alchemical transmutation and purification. 4 ) ´Carbon Transfiguration ´
5 ) Uplifting of the cells to higher Spiritual vibration , eventually to throw of the denser sheaths ( physical + subtle bodies ) to stand free in the worlds of the soul and beyond… 6 ) Transmutation of planetary physical matter back into etheric matter substance.


* Matter ; Spirit vibrating at its lowest level, Spirit; matter vibrating at its higest level.





Postscript ;
“ . If you could really understand the history of a crystal, you would enter into the glory of God.
Esoterically speaking, we have, in the mineral world, the divine [227] Plan hidden in the geometry of a crystal, and God’s radiant beauty stored in the color of a precious stone. In miniature and at the lowest point of manifestation, we find the divine concepts working out.
The goal of the universal concept is seen when the jewel rays forth its beauty, and when radium sends forth its rays, both destructive and constructive.
If you could really understand the history of a crystal, you would enter into the glory of God. If you could enter into the attractive and the repulsive consciousness of a piece of iron or lead, you would see revealed the complete story of evolution.
If you could study the hidden processes which go on under the influence of fire, you would enter into the secret of initiation.
When the day comes when the history of the mineral kingdom can be grasped by the illumined seer, he will then see the long road that the diamond has traveled, and – by analogy – the long road that all sons of God traverse, governed by the same laws and unfolding the same consciousness.
Again speaking symbolically .., the mineral kingdom marks the point of unique condensation. This is produced under the action of fire and by the pressure of the “divine idea .. “
– Esoteric Psychology I , AA. B.