The Light Path of Masonry, as of old by Manly P Hall


The Light Path of Masonry, as of old by Manly P Hall



•Excerpt from The Lost Keys of Free Masonry
•The correalations between ´Initiantions Human and Solar ´ with those of
true higher masonry and Sirius
•Final commentary by author, Elena





The Essential  point here is the Will to Serve ( The higher Spiritual or Divine Will ), not weather we call it ´mason ´ or another label, as it doesnt need a label. The Way or The Path doesnt need a label, neither does the one that serves.  To truly walk the path, one must become the path.


1) Some Essentials of the Light Path of Masonry, (as of old ) by Manly P Hall in this beautiful exerpt, that is path of unselfishness, service and purification.


“ The true Master Mason enters his lodge with one thought uppermost in his mind: “How can I, as an individual, be of greater use in the Universal Plan? What can I do to be worthy to comprehend the mysteries which are unfolded here?
How can I build the eyes to see the things which are concealed from those who lack spiritual understanding?”


The true Mason is supremely unselfish in every expression and application of the powers that have been entrusted to him. No true Brother seeks anything for himself, but unselfishly labors for the good of all. No person who assumes a spiritual obligation for what he can get out of it is worthy of applying for the position even of water-carrier. The true Light can come only to
those who, asking nothing, gladly give all to it.

The true brother of the Craft, while constantly striving to improve himself, mentally, physically, and spiritually through the days of his life, never makes his own desires the goal for his works ….


The Master Mason knows that those most useful to the Plan are those who have gained
the most from the practical experiences of life. It is not what goes on within the tiled lodge which is the basis of his greatness, but rather the way in which he meets the problems of daily life.


The true Masonic student is known by his brotherly actions and common sense…


Let him also realize that failure to live mentally, spiritually, and morally up to one’s highest ideals constitutes the greatest of all broken oaths.


When a Mason swears that he will devote his life to the building of his Father’s house and then defiles his living temple through the perversion of mental power, emotional force, and active energy, he is breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery.


If he is worthy to be a Mason, he must be great enough to restrain the lower side of his own nature…
His life is the only prayer acceptable in the eyes of the Most High.
An impure life is a broken trust; a destructive action is a living curse; a narrow mind is a strangle-cord around the throat of God…



Only those who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright, and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their Craft.
To the rest of their brethren within or without the lodge their sacred rituals must remain, as Shakespeare might have said, “Words, words, words.”


Within the Mason’s own being is concealed the Power, which,
blazing forth from his purified being, constitutes the Builder’s Word. His life is the sole password which admits him to the true Masonic Lodge…. “


The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
Manly P Hall



For the True Lodge of the Mason is the Universe. Freed of limitations of creed and sect, he stands a master of all faiths, and those who take up the study of Freemasonry without realizing the depth, the beauty, and the spiritual power of its philosophy can never gain anything of permanence from their studies.
The age of the Mystery Schools can be traced by the student back to the dawn of time, ages and aeons ago, when the Temple of the Solar Man was in the making.
– Manly P Hall




The White Magician consecrates his life to study, meditation, and service, that he may know the law and may direct force to its appointed ends. He mods himself into the plan, becoming part of the divine rhythm by sacrificing himself and his wishes to the will of the Infinite, asking only to know wherein his duty lies and how he may be of the greatest service to the greatest number. ”

– Manly P Hall , A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics

AA Bailey 1st Rule of White Magic

” The Solar Angel (Soul ) collects himself, scatters not his force, but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection. ”







´ Higher and Lower Group identification.´

Flock humans consciousness with ´herd mentality´,
pat eachothers backs, and glamor eachother in emotional flatter often even in insincerity or unrealistic,
real or ´higher ´ group feeling is pure and free of such.

A true ´masonic´ or anyother ´brother´ has the courage to stand alone yet being able to work perfectly in a group.
Flock mentality is based in fear or ´instinctual fear / survival mechanism´, a true brotherhood of beings is based in love ( or love light ) .
The ´duality of that flockmentality ´; that or whom that may pat your back one minute, might stab it the next

*From the angle ´below upwards´ as man progress on the Path he becomes less and less driven by the diverse ´ instinctual habits / mechanisms ´.







Correlation of ´Initiations Human and Solar ´ with those of (true) ´Higher Masonry ´


“One great fact to be borne in mind is that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius. …The first four initiations of the solar system prior to the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation. that of “entered apprentice” of the Lodge Sirius. The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood of Sirius. A Master, therefore, is one who had taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation.”        A .A Bailey .







The Symbols that Masonry has used is a reflection of older times Ancient Symbols par example Egyptian, some even traceable to Atlantean time, are today like Free Masonry in general , and ´secret societies´, and certain individuals often the target of new and old aged standard demonization, from religious sides, from the conspiracy and ´truther movement ´ and people who cant discern and discriminate well adds to all the online propaganda.

Old age religious stigmatation and demonization mixed with ´ new age´ propaganda and disinformation/misinformation, and agendadized conspiracy info spins has contributed to unjust persecutions of the meaning of of Ancient Symbols, of ´Illuminism ´ and the Esoteric and Occult itself without any discrimination.

There is a dark path of masonry going on, as well there still exist a true white /light path, like there are dark magicians as well as white magicians, dark occultist and white occultits etc , but many today judge it all without (right ) discrimination.
Block or blocks for (deeper) truth : Condemnation without any personal knowing, or personal experience or investigation or exploartion or discernment, condemnation without (right ) understanding or without patience to develop understanding, condemnation based on dogma, stigmatization & demonization based on dogma, or what the propaganda internet sites and propaganda youtube videos wants people to believe.


Ancient Symbols of Nature, the Universe and Micro Macro Cosmos, which in todays world is subjected to much old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy theorists, propaganda, and youtube videos with distorted information and propaganda, often thin narratives without any in depth true knowledge or investigation, and diverse online disinformation, distortion and bias.

Relative often it also appears many of the propaganda videos and memes, feed the shadow projection mechanisms, and victim mentality of people, regardsless weather intentionally or not, the effect is there, to witness often, or soul disempowering fear mongering, all which is counter productive to eksoteric and esoteric phsychologial healing in regards of taking responsibility, in re-becoming whole and healed, and end all forms ´blame shifting ´ and diverse shadow projections. Accountabillity and self -responsibility are healing factors. Accountabillity comes to all sooner or later, its like a natural law.


Ancient Symbols of Nature, the Universe and Micro Macro Cosmos that are Ancient Symbols of The Ageless Wisdom .
– And mainstream pop inflation and perversion of the symbolism and use connected to money, greed, control, service to self and power of which the Symbols in their pure undistorted forms has Nothing to do with, as little as powerhungry people, celebreties money, fame, control or greed hungry people has anything to do with pure ´ illuminism´ and illumination, which is an internal, ,integral spiritual and bodily purifying/purified experience/process and path of integrity, and so also the word ILLUMINATI by its original meaning, has been wrongly given to and also wrongly ´selftaken by certain individuals´ and been misued to label immoral, corrupt powerhungry unscrupulous people .


– Elena Santini



Esoteric Astrology, and Cosmic Physical Plane and Subplanes



Esoteric  Astrology



” In incarnation the Monad works through the Opposing Sign, the Soul through the Rising Sign and the personality through the Sun Sign, and these necessarily vary from life to life.”

– DK ,  Unpublished Zodiacal Meditations  1943



Virgo (  by by Johfra Bosschart )



Astrology ´ The 3 Books ´
Effects below and above the Diaphragm



The zodiac can be picturesquely yet summed up in the following statement:


There are three books which the three types of human beings study and from which they learn:

– The Book of Form or of Manifestation – Humanity – the 12 Creative Hierarchies.

The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinary average man. These signs thus condition four of the centers:The base of the spine.The sacral center.The solar plexus center.The spleen.

The zodiacal signs act as a channel through which the energies of the zodiacal constellations focus. The zodiac could be considered as a “subtle” body of the Earth, the “astral” body. (Astral meaning “starry substance”) So there are all these intangible, unseen energies that we are studying with our developing “intangible” senses.



– The Book of Wisdom – Disciples – the 12 planets, relate to the inner group of solar systems, working in conjunction with the zodiacal signs, and affect primarily those who live above the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition:The heart center.The throat center.The ajna center.The head center.

But when a “disciple” has reached a certain stage of spiritual development, the “exoteric” planets cease to have an effect, and there is more of a response to the “esoteric” planets.



– The Book of Life – Initiates – the 12 constellations.
initiates respond to all the above plus the three major constellations of The Great Bear, Sirius and The Pleiades.
Three of the energies work through the head center but only after the third initiation.”


– Esoteric Astrology 1951 AA Bailey



” Solar System regarded as great Temple of Initiation “- Manly P Hall

– The Secret Teachings of All Ages.



NB : The Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius has a general influence on our planetary solar system. and also has influences through the the zodiac wheel of 12 conestellations






Excerpts from Esoteric Astrology AAB

” In ancient days it was believed that the earth was the center of the solar system and that around it revolved the sun and all the other planets. This was the exoteric knowledge and position, though not the esoteric understanding. Later, when further discoveries brought more light to the human mind, our planet was decentralized and the truth was more  clearly seen, though much remains as yet to be discovered and may even be of as revolutionary a nature. From certain astrological angles, a similar process of decentralization must take place and the solar system must no longer be regarded as a point around which the zodiac revolves or through which the sun passes in its great cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Astrologers with insight may deny that this is the commonly accepted attitude. Yet – for purposes of clarity and in connection with the  general public – the inference is permitted and accepted by the ignorant. Upon this theory anent the zodiac rests very largely what we call the Great Illusion, and I would have [5] you bear this in mind as you study with me the newer approaches of this greatest and oldest of all the sciences. Astrology is a science which must be restored to its original  beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the divine Plan, as it is expressed at this time through the Wisdom of the Ages.”     ( 1 )




” I will indicate, if I can, the subjective realities of which the outer illusion is but the phenomenal appearance, conditioned by men’s thoughts throughout the ages; I will emphasize the fact of the livingness of the Sources from which all the energies and forces which play upon our planet flow and emanate; I will endeavor, above all else, to demonstrate to you that all-pervading unity and that underlying synthesis which is the basis of all religions and of all the many transmitted forces; I will seek to remove you, as individuals, from out of the center of your own stage and consciousness and – without depriving you of individuality and of self-identity – yet show you how you are part of a greater whole of which you can become consciously aware when you can function as souls, but of which you are today unconscious, or at least only registering and sensing the inner reality in which you live and move and have your being.


I would like to call attention, at this point, to some comments I made in
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which are apposite and helpful. I am somewhat paraphrasing:


“Astrology is concerned with the effect produced in the substance of the
sheaths by the influences, vibrations, etc., of the various planets. These are, esoterically, the influences of the solar centers. The forces, emanating from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers… This is hidden in the karma of the Heavenly Man. When true esoteric astrology comes into being, more anent this will be given. Astrological students are today only learning the ABC of this stupendous subject and are occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veil which has been thrown wisely over planetary lore.”   ( 2 )


– Esoteric Astrology AA Bailey





The Sun is not really in this or that sign exactly in the heaven exoterically when we state it is monthly, .. but based on ´astrological thoughtforms´ …. and esoterically speaking it has a value.





The Whole Science of Astrology is the study of Universal Electricity, starting from the formless (or abstract ) Arupa levels.

According to the Pram Shiva Sutras Astrology is Pure Occult Science of Electricity or of the 1St Principle of Will, Electric Fire.



Screenshot from the pdf The Secrets of Astrology according to the Pram Shiva Sutras, starts after scrolling a bit down in the link to pg 11 .. Pure occult science of Electricity through solar systems, constellations, individual stars, planetary systems , and planets etc



The link speaks also of the 1st , second and 3rd solarsystem ,

and of the trying  of ´hi-jacking´ of evolution by corrupted beings in ´high levels´. .







Cosmic Physical Plane and Subplanes

<> As there are Cosmic Physical plane with subplanes, so there is cosmic astral, cosmic mental, cosmic buddhic, cosmic atmic and cosmic monadic planes . ..




The 7 universal Rays / sub-rays of lower cosmic plane , ´subrays of higher cosmic ray´


1. 1st ray of Divine Power, Will
2. 2nd ray of Love-Wisdom
3. 3rd ray of Active, Creative Intelligence

4th ray of Harmony through Conflict, or Beauty or Art
5th ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge
6th ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion
7th ray of Ceremonial Order or Ceremonial Magic



Evolution of a Solar Logos




Ancient Cosmological Symbols related to the current Universe and ourself in understanding.

( Cosmological Science of Triangles,  as above so below as within so without )


( Image from this page  
Original from  Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man , A . Churchward )
From Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man
In the 1910 Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, being an explanation of the Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, Albert also has the symbol sometimes called the Cosmic Diagram, as well as Cosmogonic Diagrams from Egypt and Assyria.
Beginning on page 22:
We would call your attention to these photos, one from Egypt, one from Assyria and one from Mexico, identically the same and identical with our P.Z. jewels. The full explanations of these signs must be apparent to all R.A.C.’s.
The division here in twelve parts, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve gates of heaven mentioned in Revelation, and twelve entrances or portals to be passed through in the Great Pyramid, before finally reaching the highest degree, and twelve Apostles in the Christian doctrines, and the twelve original and perfect points in Masonry.
The twelve divisions of the Tuat, the original, were the twelve signs of the Zodiac, worked out by the Astro-Egyptian mythologists during their Mythos; then they converted their mythology into Eschatology, which must have taken many years. We find they had, so to speak, “ dug out ” the Underworld, and had, by divine inspiration or the study of the laws of the celestial bodies, come to the conclusion that after the death of this perishable body, the soul, which is imperishable, had to travel through many dangers and difficulties before it could join or be received again by its Divine Creator.
This the Egyptians depicted most graphically, and the records are still extant in the book of “That which is in the Underworld,” which they have divided into
Twelve Divisions : “The Tuat and the Twelve Hours of the Night,” which is hewn in stone in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. In the Christian doctrine the twelve gates of heaven were taken from this.
Here, in the Pyramid, the old Theopneustics taught the initiate step by step and degree after degree what the soul had to encounter and pass through before it could arrive and pass Amenta and receive the Crown of Glory in the presence of its Divine Author, thus teaching him the life he must lead here on earth, and the sacrifices he must make—“ to do unto others as he would they should do unto him ” in his earthly corporate body that he might receive the Crown of Illumination in his spiritual.
All these ceremonies were illustrated and carried out in a dramatic form, more especially to impress upon the initiate the seriousness of the subject; and “ each portion of the Tuat,” and “each hour of the night” constituted a so-called “degree” or gate or door to pass.



1) –  Esoteric Astrology AA Bailey page 6
2 )  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1051