Virgo -Scorpio, The Priestess and The Fountain of Trinity.

The Priestess and The Fountain of Trinity.

Above the pyramids,
The bloodred sun on celestial heaven,
Ends the day and light,
Bekconing the fire and night.

Awaiting on the throne . . . fiery, otherworldly . . .

The priestess at the fountain of trinity,
Bestowed upon him eternal life again,
Once born, twice reborn,
Such is the ancient law of eternity.

I unveileth what can be known,
For those who hath understanding,
And I veileth what can not be known,
For those who hath not understanding.

My garments are those of ever radiating stars,
Blue sapphires, and the nightly flowers of eternal dawn.

Some Seals create veils.
Not all Seals create veils.

Virgo – Scorpio

Once upon a time in the ancient sky,
They were as one sign,
Separated by a rift in space and time, and by a thought ,

(Behind the scarlet veil)

Stellar virgin light,
Reflecting through the dark of night,

In the ever stillness of the night and upon the sea,
The ethereal illumination of stars, ☆ ╰ ☆ ☆ ╮

As the star eloquently absorbed the light of the moon,
The rays of the sun was reflected back,
Awakenings into a new dawn,
The ever bringing dawn.

– Elena

There are Veils and Seals, not pierced or broken by outer effect or effort.
There are Veils and Seals that are ripped, burned and smashed from the inside.