Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature, Juice, Smoothie, Green Salad, Soup, Latte, Plantmilk.

Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature. Organic Ingreedients.

Speaking from the perspective we have individuated spirit -body systems. I like liquid nourishment partly because of ´the direct immediate absorption´, bioavalabillity, however eating like ´yogi´ or just healthy, food should be masticated until it melts away in the mouth. Nourishment is on one level about aborbation, like absorbation of solar prana.
I dont have very much fruit in my plantbased diet, sparesome, except cucumber, tomato, pebber fruit, olive and advocado fruit and some ´superfruit´ . I feel too much sweet and glucose, but I advocate fruit for ´cleansing effect´ and whatever nutritional value it has, and for sweetness/ sweetner as opposed to ´processed sugar items of various kinds and white sugar addings ´.
In my brain I feel better on healthy raw plant fats ´fuel´ than sugar/glucose, e.g like coldpressed virgin olive oil, advocado, nuts, olives, acai berry ( acai has 50 % fat similar fatty acids as in olive oil, very high orac, some people in the Amazonia acia is 40 % of their dayly intake, I feel I could live well with that % ) And generally the energy of green juices. I never felt happy or well with all the sweet fruit, sugar, glucose in my bloodstream either.
Organic Chlorella, can be a great green supplement, in pure tablet or pure powder. Source of vitiamins, minerals, aminoacids, anti oxidant, and omega fattty acids. I find it great par ex with chlorella, after water with fresh lemon, in the morning.
For 15 years + till 12 oclock midday, to support the bodys natural detox/ cleanse system, Ive had just fresh made organic green juice or low fructose/GI fruit, berry juice/smoothie. ( + coffeee )

Demeter was the first ecological label for Bio-Dynamic organically grown with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition
of genetically engineered organisms.The Demeter was established in 1928. The Certified Demeter mark is different from just ecological or órganic. Demeter was the first ecological label for bio-dynamic organically grown with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms. Where as some ecolabels allow CMS hybridization, cell fusion of different sorts vegetables with others by use of par ex chemicals, genetic technologies and electricity. The Demeter forbidden these Cms hybrids, some others have forbidden it to.
To avoid these kinds of hybridization, also means using certified Bio-Dynamic seeds for the home garden, flowers, plants, veggies.

There is great difference in taste and feel with with something truly bio-dynamically grown,
vs ´ standard ecolabel ´.. re the hybrizations and all.

Fresh spinach leaf /tomato juice.

Organic lemon /apple juice. Alternative version with organic rosemary, oregano and organic coldpressed ekstra vigin olive oil.

Raw smoothie or simple ´soups´ with advocado and healthy plant fat.

Advocado, fresh spinach leaves, fresh lemon,

# Healthy plant fats,
# Nutrient dense fruits,
coldpressed ekstra virgin olive oil.
& green pepper.

Advocado and Tomato blend, with Coldpressed Ekstra Virgin Olive Oil.

a nourishing creamy smoothie /soup
Optional add raw Acai powder on top.

If there ever was ´holy trees´, I think olive and myrrh, could be two.
What is a holy tree, is it a tree that is not under finite laws / programmings /
codings, i e an eternal tree, a tree in a holy garden, a metaphor ?

And behold Eternal Light Star 🌠 Tree = 990 = Eternal light
configuration = 990 The shining ones pure light = 990
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight.

Advocado, fresh spinach leaves, green pepperfruit, cucumber, this has a pinch of pink
himlaya mineral salt. ekstra virgin coldpressed olive oil and activated carcoal from organic
coconut on top

Activated organic charcoal powder, can be used in organic veggie capsules or pure organic
powder form for a detoxification every once in a while, to absorb toxins.

Fresh organic ginger & lemon tea, immunity strengthening.

Organic ; rainbow carrots, tomato, soaked raw cashews, pinch of pink himlaya mineral salt,
acai berry powder.

Organic Chlorella Manna for Green shots. This chlorella is from ´health force´,
pure powder no fillers, binders, isolates, gluten, synthetics or gmo.

Organic creamy Basil Advocado Pesto.
Fresh basil leaf, advocado, ekstra virgin coldpressed olive oil, pine kernels, himalya salt, . . .
( I added a little water to make it lighter, and the oil in after blend as it looks. . .)

Tahini can be used instead of nuts. ______________ (sun & seed make a good raw sesame tahini )

Green simple Green Salad intersection with Advocado and Olive.

Two fruits I´ve felt very grateful to have used in simple green
salads. Holy Olive Tree Olive Fruits & Nourishing Advocado
Fruit, nutrient dense fruits.

Romaine lettuce warp, advocado, fresh basil leave,
ekstra virigin coldpressed olive oil.

Hydrating Cucumber salad, with holy olive tree olive fruits,
nourishing advocado + fresh green jalapeño, and cucumber.
Fresh sliced lime fruit.

Botanically speaking the cucumber salad is not a ´green salad´ but a fruit
salad, olive, advocado, cucumber, jalapeños are fruits.

Alternative nourishing version replace advocado with raw soaked almonds.

Fresh spinach leaves salad, tomato, kalamati or green olive, raw pistachio nuts,
fresh green chilli.

Also nice as a Green Juice ; just fresh spinach leaves, raw pistachio nuts and
fresh raw green chilli. Great green synergy,
Botanically pistachio is nut a nut, but a stone fruit or drupe.

Great Green juice with kalamata olive; Fresh spinach leaves, tomato, fresh green chilli,
kalamata olives, water.

Nourishing creamy dip or dressing with organic kalamata olive and advocado
Ive used it mostly as Lettuce dip. Other organic ingreedients fresh basil leaves,
fresh green chilli, + water.

Alternative organic creamy Dressing with Cashew Nuts ; raw soaked cashews,
freash green jalapeño , pinch of himalaya salt, black pepper a little
freshpressed lemon, ekstra virgin coldpressed olive oil.
With Romaine Salad below. Alternative nuts ; raw soaked pistachio nuts.

Did you know that several lettuce kinds has opium in it, or it has lactucarium a
milky substance, sililar to opium, been used in folk medicine for analgesic (pain relief),
topical antiseptic, sedative, sleep aid, cough, asthma, anesthetic etc
Green chilies or capsaicin in green chillies also have natural analgesic properties.

Tropical Fruit Nourishment.

Mango Coconutmilk Drink ;

Another great juice smoothie with coconut milk is Pineapple Coconutmilk .

Organic Papaya, nutrient, antioxidant, fruit, with medicinal aidabillity.

Raw Organic Cacao Butter, good source of antioxiadants and essential fatty acids , the raw version I have here tastes sligtly like white chokolate.
Raw organic cacao butter can also be used directly on the skin for skin care, or nourishing hair oil.

High Antioxidant Cold Latte Drink with Soothing Almond Milk.
Organic ; Almond Milk & Raw Acai Powder ( freeze dried here ) .

Lush Acai Berry source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals,
essential fatty and essential amino acids.

Pr 100 gram Acai Berry 40g is fat. The fatty acids in acai resemble them of Olive. Healthy fat,
like coldpressed ekstra Virgin Olive Oil which also is high in antioxidants. Acai tastes
´dark´ almost like exotic blackberry/ raw dark cacao / olive like.

Another great low gi berry Cherry Berry.

The taste of fresh Pommegranate Juice or fresh Granate Apple is very fine,

or ´elixiric ´. , it can have great health benefits too.

Every little Pommegranate Aril looks like a Sacred Gemstone, like a little
precious ruby . . .

Tumeric Latte
Plain with just warmed water,
fresh tumeric and
coconut milk.

A little Organic Ashwaghhanda Powder
goes well in Tuneric Latte.
In this I have besides Ashwaghanda powder, Wormwood Herb, Black Walnut, and Clove,

for a bitter, healing elixiric drink .

Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for educational purpose, with roots in ancient
natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber
use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

Wormwood (artemisia absinthium) and Black Walnut, in coconutmilk latte ,
ancient herbal remedies for detox, cleansing and
restoration. I like the bitter taste, feel the drops to be nervous system relaxing also.

Carrot / Hawthorn Berry Juice.
A nice blend of nourishment.

Grapefruit Pear Juice, cleansing and refreshing,

The pear makes it a little mild.
Great synergy pear and grape, great morning cleansing juice.
Another great synergy blend with Grape is Coconutmilk.

Studies have been made that citrus pectin can increase urinary secretion of heavy
metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Organic Coconut Water. Eco – fair trade.

Olive Juice & some Green Juices.

Olive Juice ;
Nourishing Juice with Cucumber, Tomato, Kalamata Olives, filtered / cleansed Water.
Her with some freeze dried Acai Berry Powder on top.

Cucumber, tomato, olive, acai berry are like certain other fruits and veggies ´gifts´ that
the plant and tree give by them self, which to me is ideal, maintaing the plant as whole.

Another Veggie Juice with Acai. / Or Olive

Carrots, tomato, filtered /cleansed water, , a little
coldpressed ekstra virgin olive oil, and some raw acai powder. Optional add Olives instead of
acai powder, olive oil.

I added the acai here after the blending of the other ingreedients, to keep its
texture and color seperate in the photo.

Simple Green Cucumber Juice or smoothies ;
Cucumber, green pepper, lemon, pear (or green apple), water. And eg ginger.
Cucumber, celery, lemon, pear ( or green apple ), water. Optional spinach.
Without Cucumber ; Green pebber, fresh lemon juice and fresh spinach leaves.

Soft Sweetly Green
Pear, broadleaf parsley and green pepperfruit

Nourishing Creamy Green
Advocado, broadleaf parsley, green pepperfruit, fresh spinach leaves.

Ekstra Virgin Coldpressed Organic Olive Oil,
Nutrient, mono – unsaturated fat, high antioxidant vitamin E , + k vitamin.
May reduce inflammation due to antioxidants, healthy fats,and oleocantha, and aid in heart
health and brain health. Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium minerals.
A great oil for skin and hair care.
Coldpressed organic ekstra virgin olive oil, may help relieve respiratory conditions like
asthma, due to its anti inflammatory antioxidants, its mono unsauturated fatty acids and V
itamin E alpha-tocopherol, connected with better lung functions.
A spoonful of coldpressed organic ekstra virgin olive oil, has helped me relieve asthma
several times

Coconut MCT /Triglycerides – Pure Coconut Oil Organic ,

can fast become ketones in the liver, for energy, usable for brain and muscles for energy
instead of sugar.
At the same time it may stimulate muscle / neverous system relaxing, (speak in the latter
only from individual experience )

Rose cocmut milk latte

Organic rose oil, rose powder or burning of organic dried rose petals incense,
no tree sticks for more pure burning, can or may be.
Calming, mildly sedative, uplifting.Destressing, relief depression, pain and anxiety.
Anti bacterial, anti fungal, antispasmodic.

Organic Chai made with Coconut milk and Pukka ´after dinner tea´, which has a
soothing blend of 100% organically grown ingredients: Roasted chicory root,
aniseed, sweet fennel seed, licorice root, cardamom pod, orange peel, ginger root.

Healthy C Vitamin Shot, organic raw ; acerola cherry powder, hawthorn berry powder and

purified water. Optional add some mangosteen fruit powder.

Besides Acai other healthy ´dark berries´, great to mix with almond milk,
coconut milk or other plant milk is Blueberry, and Black Berry.
Sweet Cherries equally so . . . also for raw icecream.

Blueberry go very well as an ekstra alternative add in ´the creamy spinach
coconutmilk drink´. Blueberry mix blend well also with advocado, spinach,
banana, coldpressed virgin olive oil, dates, almondmilk /- plantmilk or water
or both for a nourishing smoothie cream.

Nourishing Advocado Blueberry Cream ;

Advocado, coconutmilk,
dates, blueberry, fresh spinach leaves. Optional ; a little raw cacao powder,
a very little pinch of pink himalaya salt.

´Healthy organic nourishing Plantmilk Shakes ´

Nice Strawberry Plantmilk Shake ;

Strawberry, dates, coconut milk .

For a cooling version, freeze the strawberries a little while before use.
Optional can be added a little raw cacao powder, for a choko-strawberry flavour.

Blackberries Wild harvested.
Blackberry Plantmilk Shake ; Blackberry, dates, coconutmilk.

Optional ; A pinch of cinnamon.

Advocado, Pistachio Nuts, Banana, Fresh Spinach Leaves, Coconut Milk.

Cooling version : freeze the banana pieces before blend.
Optional ; a very little pinch of pink himalaya salt.

Or use Pistachio Butter, Raw Ecstasy makes a very fine Activated Raw Organic

Pistachio Butter e.g .

For nice basic Pistachio Ice Cream,
freeze after blend, keep the
pinch of himalaya salt and leave out the spinach.

Alternative for using pistachio in the icecream par ex use Raw Organic Almond Butter.

Regarding plantmilks ; replace with plant, nut, seed milk after choice,
recommended to make at home with a nut milk bag.
Also an organic nut milk bag can be used for juicing ; filtering the smoothie

Our world has ´fallen from
pristineness´ in many ways, also with high toxic pullution both in the air and waters,
so applying the purest ingreedients in dayli care can help the body with relief.

Pure Organic Vegetable Soap and Natural Attars.

Nourishing Organic Juice -Smoothies.


Wholesome salads, Plantbased.

Wholesome Salads.
Not only but also for spring time

I am living raw vegan, but share some wholefood salads on this page.
Shifted from vegetarian to vegan in 2005, and later to raw.

For the links of One Green Planet.
I wish to state that I am not in general agreement with diverse political views, and certain other views,
promoted from onp´s websites and facebook pages regards the ´human world and human affairs ´ .

Healthy eating vs unhealthy eating. What can contribute to either.

Unhealthy eating ; stress eating, emotional eating, compensatory eating, sublimating eating,
late evening eating, parasites controlling the eating, appetites, thoughts, brain.

Healthy eating ; be conscious in eating. Masticate food til it melts away in the mouth. Clean living,
clean eating organic or homegrown. Eat not more than what is needed. Avoid refined sugars.
Be in contact with and feel the body. Clear, heal emotional body. Clear feeling allow intuition to
guide what is right for the body. Proccessing not only food well, But also emotions, mentally,
thoughts, spiritual proccessing, and how is the body felt, consciously par ex 3 times a day in a
set of timeframe until it becomes natural in flow. Breathe deep 3 times a day in a longer period
until the breath become fluently like that. Warm, baked, or fried food can have a ´druglike
numbing effect´ ( vs raw food ) and veil emotions or states that may need healing, or awarenesss.
Par ex detox the body period, and colon cleanse for parasites.

Re emotional eating, sublimating eating, kompentasory eating ; the physical body has no interest
in ´pleasureble foods´ , the emotional or astral body may have, and the mind states are initially
subjected to pleasure or pain, to feel pain or not pain.The soul, or the higher self is not the mind.

Emotional healing, proccessing ; Expression of emotion vs repression, not necessarily to others
foremost in ones own prescense par ex set of time every day to process and feel, allow all feelings
without judgment, self care.

Being conscious, aware, active and in contact with in the physical body can support overall health
and strenght, but also contribute to healthier eating habbits.What can contribute to becomming
more aware in contact with the physical body par ex ; physical & spiritual grounding in whichever
way works best. Exercise, yoga, chi work, breath work, bio-energetic work, bio-energetic healing,
bio -spiritual healing, martial arts training, dancing or physical training of a kind.

Wholesome Salads.

An example of a simple ´wholesome salad´ .
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad made with fresh herbs, vegetables, advokado and kalamata olives.

El Fresco Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa Pear Salad

Vegan Bowls

15 Plant-Based Mexican Salads!

15 High-Protein Quinoa Salads and Bowls .

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10 Filling High-Protein Bean Salads.

15 High-Protein Chickpea Salads

Wild Rice Salad with Creamy Basil Vinaigrette

Ceamy Brocoli Salad with Cashews

Kale Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad glutenfri after choice.

Thai Kale Salad With Peanut Sauce.

Raw Organic Carrot Salads.

Kale Carrot Salad ~ Raw Power.
Kale, carrots, tomato, coldpressed ekstra virgin olive oil,
pink himalaya salt, raw acai powder, kalamata olives, jerusalem
artichokes and raw almond flakes.

Goes well with a cup of organic green tea, with lemon,as do many salads.

Good to ´soak ´or soften the kale in olive oil first, makes it more ´digestable´. 

Organic Raw Carrot Salad with fresh Oregano.
Rainbow Carrots, coldpressed ekstra virgin olive oil, himalya pink salt, tomato,
cucumber, kalamata olives, fresh spinach leaves, fresh oregano and raw dried
acai powder. 
# medicinal oregano, # medicinal carrots, # healthy plant fat,
# high antioxidant superfruit berry,

Oregano greek ; oros and ganos : mountain and brightness /delight. used in
ancient rome and greece medicinal.
Acai taste a bit dark raw cacao, exotic blackberry almost olive like, the fatty acids
in acai resemble them of olive.

Additional great adds ; jerusalem artichokes. and raw macadamia nuts.

Romaine Salad Leaf ´sandwhich´ , with fresh basil leaves, advocado, ekstra virgin
coldpressed olive oil.

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Black Bean Quinoa Salad.

Potato Salad With Lemon Herb Dressing

Creamy Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad Raw.
Unlike white potatoes Sweet Potatoes can be eaten raw.

5 Step Guide to Making Plantbased Super Salads. ?

1: Pick a green, 2: Add some veggies, 3: Add a protein, 4: Add a healthy fat 5: Whip up a dressing.

10 Easy Tricks to Make Salads Taste Better Instantly.

Organic ingreedients recommended.

I don´t recommend use of microwaves for anything, or any sugar addings.

Other things that can or may add well to ´wholesomeness´ can be good rest, yoga, or exercise, physical
training in a prefered way, chi work, martial arts training, breath work, meditation, and spending time in nature

Also what can be called adaptogenic herbs or berries, and plants or ´ adaptogenic plant medicine´,
herbal suplements and socalled superfoods can or may support the body, psyche, nervous system  et cetera
in self-healing.

( Ashwagandha in photo )

In the coherence and wholesomeness of day and night.
Drinking tea prepared of White Sage leaves, fresh or dried before bedtime,
can or may contribute to more dream clarity, remembrance and lucidity . .
. . .and purification. . . . higher potency combined with meditation before
rest, ideally we should shift full consciously from one plane to another,
like ´at death´ . . . . conscious withdrawl . .



Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for educational purpose, with roots in ancient natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

Nourishing Organic Juice -Smoothies

Nourishing Organic Juice -Smoothies,  Lattes.

Veggie Recipes end section in the end.

Generally speaking for  a ´stronger cleansing effect  ´  for a shorter period juiced fruit and vegetables with just
filtered /cleansed water without the plantmilks and oils are of ´better´ effect.
But that kind of ´detox´ is not the intention or subject of this post.

1/ Aronia, beet, apple, broad leaf parsley, ginger, lemon, filtered water.( in this the aronia is rawpowdered).
.2/ Orange, coconutmilk, hawthorn  berry powder, acerola powder, filtered water.
( As a  ´cleansing morning juice version´, I recomend without the coconutmilk )
Note that coconutmilk and coconut cream are not the same, one thinner one thicker.
Coconut cream  btw is great to make whipcream of,  refridgerate a couple of hours before whipping.
Advicable to soak dates 5-10 minutes in water beforeuse.
3 / Banana, advocado, coldprssed ekstra virgin olive oil,  fresh spinach leaves,  Add water for preferred fluid consistency.
.4/ Cashew milk, Almond milk or other Plant milk, chia seeds, aronia, dates.
.5/ Apple, brocoli, lemon, cucumber, celery, filtered water.


Simple Green Cucumber Juice or smoothies ;
Cucumber, green pepper, lemon, pear (or green apple), water. And eg ginger.
Cucumber, celery, lemon, pear ( or green apple ), water. Optional spinach.
Without Cucumber ; Green pebber, fresh lemon juice and fresh spinach leaves..


.6 /  Aronia Latte :
Warmed or cold  coconut milk ( or other plantbased milk eg cashew, almond, hemp, ) aronia raw powder or Aronia juice,  maple syrup.



Rich Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature, Juice, Lattes, Plantmilk
.Regarding Plantmilks ; replace with plant, nut, seed milk after choice,
recommended to make at home with a nut milk bag.
Also an organic nut milk bag can be used for juicing ; filtering the smoothie



Generally speaking a high amount of vibrant Raw Foods
can or may  be healing / vitalizing  for the organs, cells,
blood et cetera and supportive of the the bodys
own self- healing abillities.
Vegetable foods with prana, and
organic to avoid pesticides, herbacides, gmo et
And also what  can be called adaptogenic herbs or berries, and plants or ´ adaptogenic plant medicine´  can or may  support the body,  psyche, nervous system  et cetera  in self-healing.
   ( Ashwagandha in photo )

Also generally  speaking there are many raw fruit and vegetables that can aid the body in detox, as well as what is termed organic  ´superfruits´ the ´clean greenes´,  or cleansing greenes like chlorella, and spirulina but also a variety of other ´superfruit ´ raw powders, or berries and herbs and very importantly with lots of cleanesed, filtered or purified water.



.  Clean Greenes .

Regarding ´ Clean Greenes´  I personally like this synergestic blend from Amazing Grass,
I drink in the morning  atm after Lemon Water. I cut and freeze  organic lemon pieces so easy
in handy to make warm lemon water first thing,  lemon water is internal cleansing and
Amazing Grass Energy, watermelon; Nutrient-rich organic green supplement.
Pure plantbased, natural ´caffeine equivalent´ energize as 1 cup of coffee with yerba
mate extract, matcha green tea. Alkalizing greenes, and antioxidant fruit blend.
No ; sugar added, artificials, gmo, preservatives, or fillings.
Amazing Grass  homepage
There are many synergestic organic blends available. Also the great option
to make at home by mixing different  organic raw powders .




Plant Protein ekstra,  par example for training.
Generally speaking Sun Warrior and Garden of Life  par example have some
pure organic synergestic blends as well of diffrent kinds also of
plant proetein par exaamle for training, Sunwarrior has full
amono acid range.
Raw Chia protein powder   can also be good for training or an
ekstra protein shake during the day. E.g.  Sun & Seed have a raw
chia protein powder, where the oil is coldpressed to preseve some
good nutritional values.
Plant Protein
o say one plant, vegetable or fruit is full in amino acids/ essential acids or
complete protein  like spirulina, yellow pea, quinoa, white potato, goji berry,  chia
or hemp etc, just mean it contain all, but combined you can get all amino acids from
eating a
Healthy Variety of plants, nuts, fruits, berries, seeds, greens etc.
Though hemp powder  is complete amino acid, the Lysine in hemp is not so high.
Lysine can otherwise be found also in legumes, almonds, water melon,
banana, spinach, kale, oranges and watercress for instance.
Remember though the body doesnt need too much excess protein,
can be hard on liver for one thing.
Spirulina has b12 as well  as full digestable complete protein, essential
amino acids and fatty acids. But if you use spirulina make sure its from
Organic water growt.

Basicly Neither plants nor animals make vitamin B12. Bacteria or
microorganisms are responsible for producing vitamin B12. Animals get
their vitamin B12 from eating foods contaminated with vitamin B12/
bacteria or microorganisms. Plant foods do not contain vitamin B12
except when they are contaminated by microorganisms or have vitamin
B12 added to them.
Great Vitamin, Mineral Supplements, especially In Winther.
To my experience.

Plant Based Organic Fresh Freeze Dried Botanicals and Wholefoods.
Par example Terranova
No Fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, coating
agents, sweeteners, colouring agents, flavouring agents or wheat, gluten,
yeast, additives, animal products, colours or preservatives.


Or par example Sun Warrior; Liquid Minreal Rush. ...
Or Mary Ruth´s Liquid Morning Multivitmin par ex this with Raspberry,…..


And theres the Liquid  NightTime Multimineral Suplement,
Non gmo, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, wheatfree etc  ………………………………


Veggie Recipies ;



One Green Planet  1000´s of Nutrient Plantbased Recipes.
I wish to state that I am not in general agreement with diverse political views, and certain other views,
promoted from onp´s websites and facebook pages regards  the ´human world and human affairs ´ .
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.– Elena




Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for educational purpose, with roots in ancient natural healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.