Circularity and Transcendental Logic.

Circularity and Transcendental Logic

Circular logic or circular reasoning.
Balance is not one polarity over the other,
eg neither maskuline or feminine, as above so below,
as within ( ida ~pingala) so without.

# glamor of patriarchy, # glamor of ´divine feminine´ ,
# transcendental logic, # true intuition and logic are always in harmony,
# circularity,

Logical truth also reflect spiritual truth, ( micro macro cosmic laws ).

Spiritual truth and logical truth, does not contradict eachother, said in the perspective
that logic is transcendental, logic can be in a greater perspective, micro macro laws.

True Intuition and Logic are in Harmony,
and can work perfectly together; and Logic can be transcendental and can be in
greater perspective ; can be/ involve understanding of the micro-macro cosmic ,´ as above
so below´, geometry, universal, holistic, planetary, mineral, plant, animal, human, solar
of ´things´ inter relatedness, sequences and natural ´cause and effects´ upon eachother.

It is Inner Self Aligning not accepting ´truths´ / things as true that Is not embodied or self-
realised, or not in ressonance with ones highest intuitions,  and speak against ´ logic in
greater perspective ´ if tested with that also.

*Inner Self also can be understood as ´Higher Self´.

Common sense and logic seem for a great deal to be part of ´spiritual bypassing´, or just
´bypassing´. With such bypassings mindcontrol can happen easier.

By ´true intuition, I mean divine,spiritual, soul intuition in contrary to ´lower animal
body psychism´ in man.

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Higher intelligence, that expresses itself  living, direct, pure, intuitive,
There is an Intelligence, a Higher Intelligence.
It can express instantaneously creative for any practical purpose on the physical plane
needed. It can not be taught from the outside,
It is prevailing from the inside  . . .  as a streaming flow.  I write ´intuitive´ as the
intelligence does not require any previous thinking
or analysis, but can of course express through thought and logic as well.  As well as be

Balance of Polarities.

Historically in long back retrospective theres shiftings
between matriarcical rulings and patricals rulings and their
effect in consequence and ´karma´, that I can not go into right
now and see all . . . ., but the main point, as I see is Creating Balance
and honouring both the feminine and maskuline. Qualities and
attributes of both (true ) maskuline and feminine respected, healed
and given place . . . . and also move beyond polarities and polarity
Real balance is from inward out.
Balance is the Key ;  Reflected from Inside out like the nerve
channels Ida and Pingala representing Maskuline /Feminine,
polarity forces needs be balanced, not one above the other.

Honouring rights, holistically, is the honouring rights of both woman
and man, animals, nature and children.

A lot of things in the ´divine feminine glamor ´
is ascribed to be ´the divine feminine´ wheras it is a natural
consequence of Soul Connection or Higher Self connection, Soul Integration
weather being a man or a woman on this level. Maybe some of this Glamor is
Atlantean in origin, an old glamor with parts also connected to what began to
happen at that time ; ´misapplied or fragmented  higher esoteric knowledge and
symbolism´  fell into lower astralism, astral worship etc.



In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain. – In Raja Yoga the mind is but an instrument of the Soul

In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain.
and thought or thought fire.


In Raja Yoga the mind is known only to be an instrument of the Soul or true self.
When the chitta (or mind stuff) is stilled and purified the Sun / Soul or Higher Self can reflect through ;
When the water is still and the surface does not reflect or ripple from surroundings, the soul
can reflect clear through, and so also when the emotional body is cleansed and clear the soul
can reflect through it.
The clear water metaphorically is a state of serenity and calmness. ( sattva )

Aquamarine Crystal associated both with pure crystalline water and clear heavenly reflection.
Revered in ancient Greece and Egypt a stone of the seer, of meditation, and ´ calmness of the sea´
Equally so
blue Sapphire is associated with heavenly reflection.
Realm of purification = 759 Immaculate conception = 759 Holy language = 759 To speak is to create = 759
Life is a precious gift = 759


6 stages of Raya Yoga Meditation.
1. Aspiration,
2. Concentration,
3. Meditation,
4. Contemplation,
5. Illumination,
6. Inspiration.


The Seer is Pure Knowledge.
Direct cognition of the Seer or yogi centered in the consciousness of the self.
Eye of the seer = 759    Perfect eyes = 759   The Soul ; The real Seer.
Basis of correct knowledge;  correct or clear observation  or witness ( or accurate evidence), correct or clear perception or intuition and correct deduction.

Through contemplation, meditation, concentration and observation Discernment can be made between 1 ) The one who thinks (The Soul as the real Thinker ) 2 ) what is used to think with and 3 ) What is thought ( the thought content ).
Before the Soul has its ´rightful place´ as thinker, thoughts are merely very generally speaking a reflection / feedback of outside organ sensous perception rapported to the brain, and set in motion in the mind.  Before that peoples thoughts are merely a feedback /influenced/ created by outside circumstances, influenced by what they read, what others say, by memory, what they are taught, or conscious or unconscious or sub conscious bodily or emotional desires or impulses ´veiled´ in thought forms or veiled / dressed in ´mental matter substance´ or influneced by by what lays in the whole mental sphere of new, old and ancient thoughts forms.
The bridge from the mind merely being imprinted and set in motion from the outside is ; Independent thinking and ´ think for yourself´ is part of
Development of the ´Mental Subtle Body´ ( and becomming self-responsible of thoughts), as in learning to generate thoughts by one self,  independent (inner ) thought activity and Consciously Focus a thought process which can eventual lead to abstract thinking and higher thinking ( higher mental plane ).
Meditation or concentration and contemplation can lead to abllity of mental clarity and abillity of ´ stillness of thoughts ´, abillity of * Calming the thought -fire,  abillity of controlling the thought fire,  controlling the mental fire and thought.

Development of the Mental Subtle Body
: Ways of thinking in developing of the ´mental body ´; logic thinking, rational thinking, intuitive thinking, clear thinking, correlational thinking, creative thinking, pure reasoning thinking,  induktive /deductive thinking, abstract and higher thinking ( eg. influenced by Soul /Higher Self / higher consciousness streams), discerning thinking, analytical thinking, critical thinking, visual thinking,  symbolic thinking, holistic thinking, pure thinking (which can relate to 1) unprejudiced thinking but other ways as well, eg 2 ) the plane of pure thought or pure idea ), independent thinking + development of the mental faculty ´buddhi ´ for right discrimination and development of discernment ability.
What can Liberation of Thought mean ?


Book 3 – Sutra 30 Raja Yoga
30-31. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation of hunger and thirst will ensue. By fixing the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throat center, equilibrium is achieved.
Excerpt: ” On the astral or desire plane, within the astral body of the aspirant, must this balancing process be wrought out to completion. This is the great battleground, symbolized so beautifully for us in the human body, with its three higher centers, its lower energy focal points and that great middle center, the solar plexus, typifying the astral plane and its work. It will now be apparent why the two sutras are read as one, for they cover one completed work.
After achieving some measure of equilibrium, the aspirant learns to perfect that balancing process and gains the power to stand firm and immovable, preserving an unshakable equilibrium between the pairs of opposites. The nerve, called “kurma-nadi” or the “tortoise tube” is the physical correspondence to the point the aspirant has reached “
” The true significance of the above sutras which are here bracketed together, grows out of an understanding of the transmutative process and the transference which is effected in the solar plexus.
The energy of the sacral center which feeds the generative organs is in due course of time transferred into the throat center. The creative process is then carried on by thought, sound and the spoken Word. Hunger and thirst are the two aspects of desire, the one, hunger, being positive, masculine and grasping; the other, thirst, being negative, feminine and receptive. Those two words are but symbols of the two great impulses underlying the sex impulse. When these impulses are dominated and controlled, then the energy of the center lying behind the organs concerned, can be carried upward to the throat, and hunger and thirst are arrested in the esoteric sense. It should be borne in mind here that these two words are the physical plane analogies to the great pairs of opposites which the yogi has to balance and which he does balance when the solar plexus is performing its highest function.”

Light of. the soul , Patanjali Sutras, praphrased.
( NB : I am not agrreement with / advocating  everything paraphrased, in the book, especially passages that has been ´tainted with religion/ dogma´ , however still many good ´translations´, like the one above. And I am not advocating for ´ the great white brotherhood´. )


Being dispassionate weather to be loved or hated is a Liberated State
Equally so with dispassion towards pleasure and pain, ie. center -ed / point

between polarities. detached and unbound.
Most seek pleasure, and try avoid pain, yet may seek pain in subconscious   ways, (patterns, programmings).
And mk ultra pain/ pleasure inversion  on society scale.
Did you create heaven, or was ´heaven´ created for you ?

When there is no desire to seek pleasure, through the senses,
pleasure doesnt matter. It is / is not.  Pleasure is tempoarily, nothing compared
to the ´heavenly feeling´ beyond.
The soul ( higher self) is not the mind, . . . the ´mind states´ are
initially ´subjected´ to pleasure or pain, to feel pain or not pain.

Raja Yoga Excerpts.
Basis of correct knowledge; correct perception, correct deduction, and correct witness (or accurate evidence).
By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can be achieved.
Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional, either here or hereafter.
Peace (steadiness of the chitta) can be reached through meditation on the knowledge which dreams give.
Peace can also be reached through concentration upon that which is dearest to the heart.
The mind states are five, and are subject to pleasure or pain; they are painful or not painful.
These modifications (activities) are correct knowledge, incorrect knowledge, fancy, passivity (sleep) and memory.
The chitta is stabilized and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged.
A further stage of samadhi is achieved when, through one pointed thought, the outer activity is quieted. In this stage, the chitta is responsive only to subjective impressions.
The Seer is Pure Knowledge.
Direct cognition of the Seer or yogi centered in the consciousness of the self.


The Soul, Higher Self  or the true self can stand independent of the mind, observing it, or controlling it and using it as an instrument.
As well as the Soul can fully control the brain and organs and the entire lower nature through its subjugation.
Raja Yoga : by the right practise practise of Raja Yoga stabilization in Soul and Soul consciousness can be attained, and illumination of the mind by the Soul.
Light in the head / – Light in the brain makes it easier to see through glamor, maya, illusion, delusion, falseness and decievements. Light of the soul,  oversoul or ´higher self´ poured into the brain . The ´ cold clear light´ in the head.
´Heavenly light ´ is cold  . . . (metaphorically speaking) . . . . .  ” the cold light of north “, . . .   heaven, in the head,   . . . . . and hell is hot as they say ; )

Free Your Brain .. , .. into clarity, and light . . .
In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain.
Who or what is controlling your brain ?
.The Soul or ´Higher Self ´as the ´real thinker´, emotional reactions yours or others, impulses or desires veiled in thought matter, sense stimuli, instinctual matters, parasites, politics, food, sex, carnal desires, ´pleasure seeking/ pain seeking´, memory, propaganda, worries, fears, infiltrated or false masters, false or distorted  paradigmes, zombie mass spirituality fogging the brain, archonic parasites or implants,  or religious implants individual or collective etc.
.Raya Yoga  Keys  : One pointed concentration, meditation, contemplation, inner recollection, dicipline, aspiration, inspiration ,
1. Practise , 2. Purification, 3. Discrimination , 4. Discernment , 5) Withdrawl.l
1. Aspiration,
2. Concentration,
3. Meditation,
4. Contemplation,
5. Illumination,
6. Inspiration.
On control :
Focus, thoughts, energy :
Hold, withhold, preserve  ( ´or use wisely without waste´ )
Attune / dettune
Vitalize / devitalize
Control and No Control  ( ´surrender ´)
Both willfull one-pointed focus and ´ absolute defocus´
are ´ opening pathways´ . . .
.And Silence . . was heard in The Heaven ( head ) on The Throne ,
– Elena Santini
Afterscript .
In reality or ideally ;  ( ie. before general fall of ´personality seat
from ´the throne bewteen the eyes´ to solar plexus ) it should be the Soul
or ´Higher Self´ controlling the thoughts, thought fire . . . and brain.
The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes ;
The original ´Soul Seat´ before i.e the planetary Atlantean fall,
where after generally speaking the personality became solar plexus polarised.
´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean times.
The ´upward journey´ . . . .back to the original ´ Soul Seat ´..

Re chakras /centers; the deeper down one go in cleansing & balancing of chakras, the
higher up one can go, at least in a fully balanced, stable way that is grounded.
“For the first shall be the last .”
´ Higher chakras here meant as the first ;
Crown / Head  Center 1, divine will.