To call things by their name.


To call things by their name.

Following is based in reflection regarding, when (new age) ´love and lighters´
and ´spiritual or religious people´ quote unquote
´ judge you for not being loving´ because of naming things by their name.

Why are people apparantly ´afraid´ of naming things by their name.

Because of ´deep implanted ´ fear of ´ not going to heaven´ ? ;
if calling out this corrupted re-creation, in its many ways and forms,
along with a ´corrupted demiurge´ and its corrupted helpers
and submissive obedient slaves . . .

And what is ´Heaven´ ;

Within, Nature sure is beautifully ´Heavenly´,
or some ´ soul harvest astral plane location ´ !

* Nature sure is beautifully ´Heavenly´ . . . . . . .
aside effects of destruction from current civilazation . . . .

Another reason than ´fear´ connected to not calling things by their name,
can or may be contributed to ´spiritual bypassing´, and lack of common sense.
Common sense and logic seem for a great deal to be part of
´spiritual bypassing´, . . . . true intuition & logic are always in harmony .

– Elena


After Script ; ´ Higher knowledge´ , ´ higher philosophy´,
´symbolic language ´, ´higher science of nature´ etcetera
has generally speaking some ´essence of neutrality´,
that a lot can or may be learned, re-aligned,
or reflected on /from , re- membered from,
according to ´ones inner/ higher truth´,
but I refuse and reject when people try to impose
and ´implant´ their religion or religious beliefsystems,
it is rude and respectless.

I dont have any belifesystems, neither do I want to.
I want to know or not know, ´progressive, successive, revelation´ .
But if I am wrong about something I am always willing to lay all
I See / think / feel / realize I know on the alter of sacrifice,
for reemergence or recorrection to a ´ more true ´,
or ´correct´ knowing or completely discard it
because I was wrong.

The world is relative-full of blind-believers,
that on top sometimes want to pressure their beliefsystems
over others heads. + people who blindly believe
can easy be controlled also by ´self suggestion ´
that takes over from the collective programming
to keep ´controlling belief structures intact inplace´.

The ´higher self ´is about knowing , not believing.

After * ´ the personality seat fell to solar plexus
´on a collective world scale, many people have greatly been controlled
by belief systems on earth, and given power away.
After that some say ´belief ´give meaning or purpose,
which can be very true on some level.
On another level of perspective ´belief´ can be seen as
´externalized solar plexus control ´ , or ´heart center´controlled by solar plexus ego .
as opposed to Direct ´inner / higher self ´ heart knowing / feeling.

With ´ fall of personality seat ´
I mean ´ from The Throne Between the Eye s´ ( Soul Seat )
on a general mass scale to a more solar plexus personality polarization .. . . .

´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean Times.

The ´upward journey´ . . . . back to the original ´Soul Seat´ . . .

Solar Plexus in its ´highest functioning ´
can work as a burning ground / passage / portal
for ´ upward ´ Fire Transmutaion ´of the lower´ . . .

False light, shallow blinding love without truth and evil preaches tolererance where none
should be given.