Uncreate these spawns of evil, your names and numbers are many. – The call of ktulu

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,
go back to the void from whence you came
and the door be sealed,
you are formless, nameless, ageless, powerless,

Shatterings, uncreation, silence,
the void is no more

The power of the word,
and the s/ word of power.


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Death is destruction
Lightning strikes from above
Heavenly fires
Electric fires

Metallica The Call of Ktulu (Ride The Lightning 1984)

Thunderstorm / rain.
Metallica – The Call Of Kthulu [2017 remaster mark II]

This instrumental was inspired by the story The Call Of
Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

This was also inspired by Lovecraft
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be (remixed and

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and discernment, # the call of ktulu, # the word, # law,

When I was younger I felt it could be traumatising just to
look at some of these Cthulhu spawns, like they could ´cause
damage´ or ´auric attack´ just by looking at them or into their

Not specific Cthulhu, but the effect of looking at ´evil
manifestation´, and it can feel like an ´auric attack /hack´
just by looking at it, par ex the creation of the Voldemort
manifestation, shown to children
Harry Potter kills Voldemort | Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nkf11TBzlc

Angelic Decapitation. Dispelled Curse.

Angelic Decapitation.
Dispelled Curse.

Of the heavenly north.
Soothing cleansing, cold winds,
On this day,
On this day of clear ethereal light,
Angel blade of fire, and flames,
Demon that curseth these souls,
You are no more,
You are formless, nameless,
Ageless, powerless,
Children of the damned,
Children of the curse,
Cursed under the moonlit light,
The Prophecy, foretell
On this day you are free.

The rain came and cleansed the soil . .


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Iron Maiden – The Prophecy ( lyrics )

What does the spelled out words, of this story reveal ;
” Only the good die young ” . “The Seventh Son” ,
the cursed one with the sight, whos soul the good and
evil forces battled for, falls to the evil side, ´the good´
in him dies young.

Seventh Son ( Novel by ) Orson Scott Card

Moonchild (2015 Remaster) – Iron Maiden

Children of the Damned
1964 British black-and-white science fiction horror film.
A group of children with psi- abillities identified by by a
team of UNESCO, chased by the military.
On Dickinsons part, the iron maiden song Children of the
damned, seemed also to be inspired by the Black Sabbath
song Children of The Sea.

When The Word Become Flesh.

When The Word Become Flesh.

I see as a ´universal truth´ / potency * , in regards of the thought ( head center,
´higher self´), word ( throat ) and body ( physical plane). I Am not speaking in any
religious terms. I am speaking on one level, creation and self responsibillity.

I am not at war with religion, I hope religion is no longer at war with me.

* ´ Universal truth´ / potency. Esoteric (inner), exoteric (outer).
Body ; temple of the soul / higher self on this plane.
Headcenter cover as I speak it, both crown, ajna, alta major area △ ▽.
The throne of g_d between the eyes ; The throne between the eyes i.e. the
throne of the soul / higher self / divine self.

The law of power
and the power of the law.

The power of the word,
and the s/ word of power.

Death is not real, like the lucid dream,

Death is not real,
Coronation on, The throne of g-d,
The throne of g-d, Veiled behind the eyes, read between the lines,
Sea of stars, knowledge shall be increased,

The throne of g_d between the eyes ;
The throne between the eyes i.e. the throne of the soul / higher self.

The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes ;
The original ´Soul Seat´ before i.e the planetary Atlantean fall, where after
generally speaking the personality became solar plexus polarised.
´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean times.
The ´upward journey´ . . . .back to the original ´ Soul Seat ´..
The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes,
& the heart bridge .

The Seat of the Soul = 838 Time to reclaim the throne = 838
Sun sun merging = 838 Resurrection of life = 838 Immortalized = 838

– Elena

The Glamor of Love and Suffering. https://www.in-luxia.com/2021/05/19

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The banishment of corruption and evil has extended from the ´temple space´
to the mundane plane.