I Am The Sea = 249

I Am The Sea = 249 Magic Birth = 249

Egremni Beach, Lefkada, Greece.

The oldest Olive Tree, since ´older greek time´ on the Greek
island Evia, a 2500 year old olive tree burned down in ´ weather
modificated apocalyptic fires´ in the beginning of august 2021.

I miss walking among the olive trees near the sea, the trees energy,
and the sea, some things are no more.

The Greek islands are like ´perfect´ little islands in the mediterranean
blue sea, sometimes it snows. Likely more connected in Atlantean time.

Evia Island,Greece.

Εύβοια, Παραλία Μάγειρας
Greece, Evia Island, Magiras Beach, Crystal Water

Drone footage reveals devastation after wildfires in Evia, Greece

Gidaki beach ( Ithaca, Greece ),
And walk down to it through the Olive Tree path ways.

– Elena

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Today 27.09.21 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Crete, Greece | Crete Earthquake
With depth of 2 kilometers / 1.24 mile
Earth quake to be felt on the greek island Santorini 150 kilometers north
of Krete.


Krḗtē, Island, Crete, Greece
An Island with sea, ferry connection to egypt years ago, ferry between
and Heraklion, crete and Alexandria, egypt. Ancient Greek : Θῶνις , a
port city of similar name Heracleion also existed in egypt, located near
the canopic mouth of the Nile ; The sunken city of Thônis-Heracleion.

Kedrodasos Beach – Crete -Beach of Eden

Isness, The Sea Is, A Sea of Light.

Isness, The Sea Is . .

Isness, The Sea Is. Isness . . . It Is . . . . and It Is Not.

Isness . . . It is . . . and It is not . . .
It is . . . . . until it is not . . . it is no more.

Or until it is something else ; magical,
transformative, transmutative, changed,
recreated, unveiled or re-veiled.

The sea is no more, the heaven is no more,
the world is no more, maybe there was a new sea,
or a new heaven or new world / body, or a new sound appearing,
or it was all gone, into disssolution.

The sound was no more, the pure idea was no more .

The thought was nore more,
dissolved or a new was created from fire.

The nightly heaven of cosmos are full of stars tonight = 2888
New heaven and new earth = 2888
Within, appearing before dawn the hidden secret = 2888

I Am The Sea = 249, Magic birth = 249

The stars, the sea, the heavens, the worlds.
When the personality I (lower ego) and the Higher Self I ,
is withdrawn, . . . withdrawl ´into dissolution´, all ´that´ is no more,
upon return it appears again . . . upon return the world appears again,
it is again . . . . it is again in its ´illusory appearence´ and ´illusory magic´ .

(´ llusory magic´ ; see > Pure consciousness and phenomenal experience
https://www.in-luxia.com/2019/09/18/pure-consciousness-and-phenomenal-experience/ )

Sea of Light

Sea of Light, Daria-i-Noor, Mar de luz, Mare de Luce,

Sea of Stars, Mare de Stelle, Mar de Estrellas,

Star of the Sea, Stella di Mare, Stella Polare, Stella Maris.

Star of The Sea, Stella Polare ; The North Star, Pole Star, Northern Hemisphere.

On one level an analogy can be made between the North Star and
The Internal Compass and Inner Higher Guiding Light, Higher Self.


The Sea of Knowledge, The Sea of Understanding and The Abyss is written of in the End of this post ;
Walking with the Elements https://www.in-luxia.com/2018/06/22/walking-with-the-elements/
Walk the Black Sea Like a Star – Master the Self

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