The Tower XVI

The Tower XVI

Before the temple can be rebuild, it must be destroyed,
Death waits not for those unwilling to die,
Change happenes regardless of those unwilling to change,
Symbolically The Tower XVI.
The Lightning comes from above ;
Electric fire, spiritual fire,
The veil of the temple was ripped from above,
As there are lower fire, there are higher fires . . .

All Identities must die . . . eventually . . .
The ´lower identities´ before ´ the higher identities ´. .
From death s to life, transitionings from one state to another,
The first birth is into the darkness, the second into the light,
The fire burns when it is night, the fire burns when it is bright,

– Elena

XVII The Star
Revelation, perfect meditation, inspiration,
purification and refinement of the senses
are one level some of the symbolic keys
in the card


A death process, in one manner of understanding, is release of matter ,
aggregations of matter, in the lower bodies or giving back planetary matter, if
the death is not finality on physical plane life, it is also inbuilding or
transformation into finer matter substance and release of all attachments to
the ending personality . .

*Temples like´ aggregations of matter on different levels´ that can be build, or rebuild,
used and destroyed.

I Am in agreement with PFC . . .

The Sun 19, The Blazing Daylight Star. A Sun Flower reflecting a Greater Sun or Greater Light .

The Sun XIX ,  The Blazing Daylight Star. A Sun Flower reflecting a Greater Sun or Greater Light.


“ Diamond Sun “,  like a radiant Solar Orb  … reflecting  …. ´like a Sun´.  Natural yellow diamond is caused by gathering of nitrogen atoms in such a way within the crystal lattice, that blue light is absorbed and yellow reflected.

The Soul is like a diamond or a prism, capable of reflecting the pure white light as well as esoteric and exoteric colours as it itself reflects the higher light of the ‘ Illuminating Spiritual Sun ‘. Capable of reflecting the light through the physical body as well, through a set of co-ordinated, purified lower vehicles.
Realm of purification = 759 Immaculate conception = 759
Holy language = 759 To speak is to create = 759
Life is a precious gift = 759


The Sun in the major arcana of the Great Work of embodiment, has the number 19

The Sun 19  in the  * Tarot deck.

The Sun Universally is an ancient symbol, or emblem of Deity.

The Sun is the transforming and regenerating agent in the Great Work.

And Solar Force is the force The Magician draws upon in white magic ;  magic of the soul or solar magic.

By the Solar Light the Magician also can grow the seeds of right knowledge in his garden.



The Sun 19 is also ´ 1 + 9 development of the Magician 1 + The Hermit 9 ´ . And 1+ 9 = 10 …

The Hermit 9 ; signifiecs among other things adeptship,  holding the lantern with the 6 pointed star, of ´ 2 interlaced equilateral triangles ´….  as a light of encouragement for other  travellers, as well the Hermit symbolize the I Am Presence.



The straight Sun Rays generally speaking, represent maskuline energy and the wavy feminine, thus perfection of Polarity Balance.

~~” Flames of Polarity Balance ” , can hold several meanings.

When the sun shines we´ll shine together = 3090
Vibrate at your highest frequency possible = 3090
The unbroken light of the pure white soul an eternal gift
of life = 3090
Crown of the golden sun = 1698 All words are numbers = 1698
G_d is in the light = 466 = Sacred light math = 466

     The thin lines in the sun pic to the left  is 48 , or 4 x 12, 12 ; 3


Children of the Sun, and Child of the Sun or the symbolic phrasing to ´ Be like a Child ´,  can be translated or symbolize several differentiations  ……  depending on which refraction lens is viewed through  …


Ruby   or Red Sapphire  is an ancient symbol of the Sun, or a Gem Stone associated with the Sun, And flame, and fire.

.            Ive spoken before  of the ancient symbology of transforming desire from red, crossing over purified blue to white ….   Yet there is a certain red  ´ruby like´  that is already pure, in a manner of speaking or understanding.

Aflamed with holy fire, ancient love and desire.   Bright as Venus, fresh and pure like morning dew. ~~  

The Ruby Sun = 1125 = Love is Eternal
The Flaming Ruby sun = 1238 = Twin Flame Merge

The Sun is pure golden electric = 1238

( Should be ´Fire Letters´ )
The Flaming Ruby Sun
As the celestial vison went higher,
With the inner eye, through the heavenly starry night.
I saw him surrounded by flames of cosmic fire.
Red Sapphire.  The red variation of the mineral corundum, is the only variation not called ´ sapphire ´,  but Ruby .

Natural Red sapphires, or blue par example have a certain strong vibrance and radiation, as their energy or consciousness is reflected into physical form of the mineral and crystal kingdom . . . . And equally in ´our kingdom´, the atoms of the different bodies can have or become more radiant or ´active´ .. ” solar radiance “, or “fire radiance” like diamonds to use another analogy.
The Fire that goes out is not the Eternal flame, yet is there not but One fire or flame,
experienced differentiated longer or shorter sustained.. , or ´coded´ …divine fires,
electric fires, cosmic fires, solar fires, mental fires, frictional fires.


In the most basic sense we are all Children of the Sun nourished by the living liquid gold physical manifested as the radiant sun energy, or life power, children of the sun like the plants and animals, trees, gems and minerals.


Across an infinite ocean of stars, the sun and moon divided, but inside forever ceremonial united ╰☆☆ ☆╮ ღ
At the Great Day the union of The Lovers comes into fruitation
in the Sacred
Wedding Chamber ( metaphorically
speaking . . , alchemically speaking)
+ – △ ▽ (☆)

Celestial marriage = 466 = True gold 

Alchemical marriage = 313 = Eternal Flame , The magic
kingdom = 313 Cosmos = 313 Sapphire = 313

As The Sun is Revealed = 1453
Queen will rise = 1453  Venus in the morning = 1453

Immortal beloved = 1106 = Love is sincere = 1106 =  Divine Union = 1106
Cosmic law = 1106  = Wedding bells = 1106

As you open the book close your eyes = 2519=
Heavenly stars in my eyes = 2519 =
I only have eyes for you = 2519 = 
Youre my everything

I could have written it without revealing the numbers. . ,
´ just ´sounding  like ´poetry´;
As The Sun is Revealed, the Queen will Rise,
Venus in the morning,
Heavenly stars in my eyes
I only have eyes for you, youre my everything
my Immortal beloved, the love is sincere,
our Divine union is Cosmic Law.
The sacred book, of true gold, is within,
As you open The Book close your eyes
Heavenly stars in my eyes, I only have eyes for you,
youre my everything
As The Sun is Revealed, the Queen will rise, The Magic Kingdom,
As The Sun is Revealed, unveiled is the Eternal Flame.


Sun Exalted in Saturn and The Sunrise of the Everbringing Dawn, metaphorically speaking.

Light and Form symbolized by Sun & Saturn ☉  ♄, . . ´The old suns in the sky´. . .

” Saturn represents limitation and form, the Sun stands for light and radiation. When the power of limitation is used positively it is combined with the radiant energy of the Sun, thus enlightenment exalt form. ~To express the same in an ” alchemical meaning ” : having to do with transmutation of “ lead “ into “gold ”.

– P Foster Case

Magnum Opus – The Great Work

Liquid gold . . .

. .

The Sun from the sky = 1222 An endless sea of love = 1222 Mystery grail = 1222  To the light of heaven = 1222
The formless trinity = 1222 The library of alexandria = 1222 Major arcana minor arcana = 1222
Celestial marriage = 466 = True gold


–  Elena

1*  Tarot ; Ageless or ancient  wisdom preserved through pictoral keys

.NB :  I am not advocating a specific ´ hebrew translation ´  of the cards re the ´ letters´ on some cards,  but what is universal or essential.   Pictoral essentials go long back,  Atlantean.   And the next time someone calls me a ´ luciferian ´ as a stigmatization,  I will smile and think  ´ I hope you one day transcend religious  indoctrinated nonesense ´ .   Lux ; light. .

In regards of in todays world many symbols have been/ is subjected to much old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy  theorists, propaganda and online disinformation, distortion and bias ;
Symbols, esoteric and occult symbols or ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos.
Symbols like ´energy´ are not ´bad´ in themselves, however intent, use and method has something to say.

Nobody owns the ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos,  but different groups/ societies / traditions/ religions / times have used them and some have their own intepretations of them and ´creational print´, coding or ´overlay´ on .  Some symbols may have been re-coded with distortions and some symbols are ´distorted mutations´  or ´inversions´compared to a more ´ blue printed version ´.
If people understood  ´the real meaning of tarot´,  theyd be ´enligthened´, self knowledgeable, liberated and understand how Natural Law works *if they chose selfwork, experiental knowledge, ´self initiation´  and self responsibility over dogma.  Essentially not divination, but keys reflecting the inner and outer current universe of which we are embodied in on cosmic and physical subcosmic planes.



The World 21 The World 21.  I agree with Paul ;  The Goal of The Great Work,  besides taking part in ones share of The Greater Work,  ” is not abstraction.  Its demonstration, expression, orderly procession of energy in suitable forms – the adornment of the Life-power with suitable garments “