Uncreate these spawns of evil, your names and numbers are many. – The call of ktulu

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,
go back to the void from whence you came
and the door be sealed,
you are formless, nameless, ageless, powerless,

Shatterings, uncreation, silence,
the void is no more

The power of the word,
and the s/ word of power.


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Death is destruction
Lightning strikes from above
Heavenly fires
Electric fires

Metallica The Call of Ktulu (Ride The Lightning 1984)

Thunderstorm / rain.
Metallica – The Call Of Kthulu [2017 remaster mark II]

This instrumental was inspired by the story The Call Of
Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

This was also inspired by Lovecraft
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be (remixed and

# angel blade, # banishing, # evil, # sword, # sword of light
and discernment, # the call of ktulu, # the word, # law,

When I was younger I felt it could be traumatising just to
look at some of these Cthulhu spawns, like they could ´cause
damage´ or ´auric attack´ just by looking at them or into their

Not specific Cthulhu, but the effect of looking at ´evil
manifestation´, and it can feel like an ´auric attack /hack´
just by looking at it, par ex the creation of the Voldemort
manifestation, shown to children
Harry Potter kills Voldemort | Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nkf11TBzlc

Lucid Eyes

Lucid Eyes

Lucid eyes reckon
what veils conceal
starry above
and below
Lucid eyes
in liquid nectars
of immortallity

Spinal tree
of heavenly
crowned leaves
in sacred soil
deeply rooted

Rivers of eden
lucid dream
universal stone
spinal sword
electric cord
flaming fires

Lucid eyes reckon
the law of power
and the power of the law
the end time sword


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Angelic Decapitation. Dispelled Curse.

Angelic Decapitation.
Dispelled Curse.

Of the heavenly north.
Soothing cleansing, cold winds,
On this day,
On this day of clear ethereal light,
Angel blade of fire, and flames,
Demon that curseth these souls,
You are no more,
You are formless, nameless,
Ageless, powerless,
Children of the damned,
Children of the curse,
Cursed under the moonlit light,
The Prophecy, foretell
On this day you are free.

The rain came and cleansed the soil . .


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Iron Maiden – The Prophecy ( lyrics )

What does the spelled out words, of this story reveal ;
” Only the good die young ” . “The Seventh Son” ,
the cursed one with the sight, whos soul the good and
evil forces battled for, falls to the evil side, ´the good´
in him dies young.

Seventh Son ( Novel by ) Orson Scott Card

Moonchild (2015 Remaster) – Iron Maiden

Children of the Damned
1964 British black-and-white science fiction horror film.
A group of children with psi- abillities identified by by a
team of UNESCO, chased by the military.
On Dickinsons part, the iron maiden song Children of the
damned, seemed also to be inspired by the Black Sabbath
song Children of The Sea.

Sword of Light and Discernment.

Sword of Light and Discernment.

Discernment is a gift and quality of Spirit to discern true from false,
the ´power´ and abillity to see (the) diffference .

´The true meaning´ of using the sword metaphorically and literally,
to dissipate in light and fire, and cutting ´weed´ by its evil roots.

The law of power
and the power of the law.

The power of the word,
and the s/ word of power.

Excerpts from ;
Faculty of Discrimination, and the Harmony of Intuition and Logic.

Sword of Truth another symbolic expression.

And ´Sword of Balance´ ; Libra, Scales / Justice.

– Elena

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Libra, Law and The Card Justice XI


Libra, Law and The Card Justice XI



On ´The Path of Return´ the Justice Card symbolically on one level refer to Embodiment of The Law. Embodiment of the Law in right knowing, right thought and right action, in integrity, truth, fairness, and love.
On The Way Back to Source we also Embody Spirit. In an ideal society, the spirit would be embodied, or least the Universal Principles behind the letter of The Law, and them adhered to rather than just adhering strictly to the letter.
As only the latter can quite easy cause blind belief, religious dogma, fanatism and ages of misunderstanding or misinterpretation based on the Letter of The Law,  based on actual ´ Letters and Names ´ derived of alphabetic constructions, or based on ´distotion´,  without seeing, feeling, realizing the Universals or The Spirit of The Law and the intention behind or eg a universal path behind, or taking literal what is symbolical, methaphorical or allegorical.



Sword ; Libra, Scales, Justice.
Balance ; philosphical, spiritual, conciousness,
energy flow, prana, chi,  sexual energy, body, organs et cetera.

And ´ sword of balance´ / alignment in connection with the spine axis.

And ´sword of discernment ´ . .
Sword of Light and Discernment.


After Script ;

I just let go, I never seek revenge, neither do I practise ´forgiveness´, the
latter because everyone, from my perspective, in regards Natural Law, is
just accountable to their own in the end and from the beginning. For evil
attackers and ´destroyers of my life´, I just call for the karmic law of retribution,
leave it to ´higher justice´ and let go.
I can attest it has helped calling for karmic accountabillity on evil attackers, in
other dimensional planes seen them ´dissipate´ before my eyes as I called.
Letting go, does not mean not having clear boundries for not letting certain types
of evil, toxic or abusive people into my personal life sphere.
Sometimes . . . to Preserve what is Pure and True, evil must be destroyed,
out of ´Greater Love´,  creational speaking and otherwise understood.
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