Black friday = 536 = The sigil of satan = 536 Gematria

Black friday = 536 = The Sigil of satan = 536

Black friday = 536
Black eyes = 536 Black sky = 536
Blood ritual = 536 Blood lust = 536
Abominable principles = 536 Self gratification = 536
Delicious apple = 536 Behead greed lust = 536
The sigil of satan = 536 Fallen are thou = 536
Host of satan = 536
Certification mark = 536

Annual major zombie activation day.
Black friday zombie = 1132
Night of the living dead = 1132

There are many differentiations of ´satanism´,
in my perspective. Par ex ;
Slaves of materiality, greed, lust – symbolically of
´satan´ .

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words
and phrases can hold multiple values and meanings
on multiple levels simultaneously.



Credit to whom made the memes I dont know your
name write me for credit or removal.

Truth and Light is Within./ Gematria.

Truth and Light is Within.

Generally speaking I may, among other things, reveal what can
be considered ´satanic´, which can be understood in several
diffrentiations and levels, however I will never advocate
´archonic religious saviour dogma´. the truth and light is within.

Neither do I or will ever ´sugar-coat´anything.

*Archonic religious saviour dogmas, fear induction and saviouring by the same hand,
good cop bad cop agendas and alike . . . Any institution, alliance, collective,
´creator´, individual or group that try to enforce compliance through
intimidation and fear induction, obviously doesn´t have any real ( spiritual )

Gematria 1010 Revelation = 1010

Gematria 1010 on the false Archon System.

Revelation =1010 The Archon System =1010 Pyramid mindcontrol =1010
The Moon is a soul catching machine =1010 Demons Masquerading as Angels =1010
Brain intruding telepaths =1010 Greys in the False Light =1010 Earth slave
=1010 Create slave =1010 The Corruption of Children =1010 Corrupted Source =1010
Morally reprehensible = 1010

( Moon portal =481 Rebirth is here = 481 Artificial Intelligence = 481)

Everyone should use great discernment for themselves –
in everything and in every litterature.
One of reasons for great discernment generally speaking,
is that much in these earthly and ekstra eartly layers are
and have been contaminated and infiltrated for a very long time.

Gematria 1010 = Revelation
Excerpt of Gematria Section in this post ; Illusion of Death, Gematria,
Fearmongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control.

– Elena


The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

In my perspective idolatry = satanism.

I do not conform to religion, truth and light is within.

The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

The Eternal Source, is not about idolatry or worship of statues and images.
Demanders of worship are false light, false masters, false ´g_ds´, false deities,
false gurus,  or false guides, teachers .
False can additional in some cases here be understood as or attributed also
the meaning infiltrated, corrupted  or as imposters, or demonic entities,
or soul or energy harvestors  between the  ´ heavenly and earthly spheres´.
People that have knowledge of their own self and their own nature,
embodied and practical and metaphysical self experienced, dont need
eksternal (false ) g_ds, they know that the keys to all true liberation and
illumination lies within them self and not in anything outside be that
beliefsystems, saviours, egoic worship, external authority,
and fixation on others personas or external rituals.
In my perspective idolatry  = satanism.
Generally speaking I see many differentiations of ´satanism´ though.


“While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of the gods,
the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions
of great abstract truths.” – Manly P. Hall



Truth and light is within
I do not conform to religion, truth and light is within.

I don´t bow to a god that has a name. I dont write the word ´g_d´ either. Never do i claim
I am a god or god, in a human body, I dont feel that is true. I bow to the inner higher, a
bow that in other words means surrender. Thy will not mine is an ancient universal key,
as long as there is a lower nature that can be surrendered to a higher, internal; nature,
consciousness, identity, source, namelessness. I dont want religion in my head, and I dont
want to be part of any idolatry and worship of statues, images, symbols etc.
Religion is not a natural thing to have in the head or body. What is natural ?
Or what is naturally needed . . .Sunlight ? Metaphorically speaking or physical,
and water and . . . By before mentioned I don´t mean sunworship.
When doing gematria I see ´religious scripts´ running through this percivable
´reality- field ´, and I reveal things I see and probabillities I see through numbers,
that doesnt mean I agree with / to religion.
A name ; a form. . .  the form is not the real.