White Sage, Rosemary and Palo Santo.

White Sage, Rosemary and Palo Santo.

Three sacred, purifying, healing, protective, balsamic oils of nature.
For incense, healing protective body /aura mist, sacred balm, salves.

(some of my favoured scents )

White Sage and Rosemary organic pure essential oils.
Palo Santo wildgrown, essential oil diluted in organic jojoba oil.

Clear Mountain Crystal,Quartz and Blue Angelite Stone.

The oils have medicinal abillities, antibacterial, antimicrobic, soothing,
balsamic, calming, anti stress, pain relief, anti inflamatory, anti fungal,
anti viral, antispasmodic, disinfectant, tonics, balancing, relaxing,

Banishing oils to clean spaces, places and air.

The Palo santo ethical harvested, ie using only the palo santo trees that
have naturally fallen.

Natural organic Palo Santo Incense sticks.
Balsamic, woody, spicy, subtle sweet, primal, citrus hints.
handrolled, ethically made,, 100% chemical free, on a natural plant base.

Important in regards of these beautiful ancient healing and purifyong
trees; Myrrh, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Copal et cetera to
be aware of ´etchical harvest´ , and not contribute to further exploitation.

White Sage & Blue Sage, purifying and cleansing herbs.
Clear mountain crystal, blue angelite crystal and olive tree

Black Frankincense has been tested to eliminate bacteria and sterialize
rooms in hospitals, where Juniper was often used similar in the middle
age with its antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal oil proberties, also for
banishing of evil spirits and protection.

Myrrh ; precious balsamic, scent, oil, resin used since ancient times for
incense, salves, medicinal healing, purification and banishing.

Myrrh is effective in home made toothpaste, ie a few drops myrrh pure
organic essential oil dissolved in organic coconut oil, with a drop of
organic rosemary pure essential oil stored in refrigerator in a glass jar.

For healing, mists, protective sprays, or rooms sprays for clearence,
dissolve a few drops pure organic essential oil in purifed water, par ex
with a little colloidal silver in a glass spray bottle.

Without essential etheric oils for salve or balms, dilute pure organic herb,
plant, resin, or flower powder in a neutral organic vegetable carrier oil
par example almond oil or jojoba oil. Store in a cool /cold place, small
batches that doesnt need any preservation.

Important with pure organic essential oils, otherwise health benefits are

# holy palo santo tree , # protective, healing, purifying oil,
# double terminated 12 sided clear mountain crystal,
# angelite stone, # aquamarine crystal,

angelite in the inner circle, aquamarine in the two outer circles.

Palo Santo translate as Holy Wood.

The Tree of Life and Elixir Within.

Eternal Light Tree.

Together We Will Live Forever – The Fountain.

The Fountain – The Last Man – 800% Slower (Partial)

Cleanse my place with white sage every morning and before night,
one sacred leave go a long way.

# organic, medicinal, healing, purifying, only natural plants, herbs, resins,

If incense is not 100 % pure natural quality organic grade, ´temple garde´
it compromises any health benefits, healing, and airways, masseproduced
incense often with syntectics aromas, toxins, fillers and binders, even glue.


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Sacred White Sage, Salvias.

Sacred White Sage, Sages, Salvias.




Salvia comes from Salvare which in latin means ´to heal ´.
And Salvere ;  to be healthy.
There are several great Salvias, with many medicinal, physical and metaphysical healing benefits and proberties, and  soothing herbaceous balsamic scents. Sacred White  Sage,  Blue Mountain Sage,  Mexican Sage, Greek Sage, Salvia Divornum par example
or other Sage/ Salvia.
Sacred White Sage –  Salvia Apiana
Sages are generally very purifying, cleansing and protective and healing.
Salvias are very potent as cleansing,  antiseptic, purifying, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, astringent, cicatrizant, antioxidant, depurative, digestive, disinfectant,  expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, stimulant, deodorant, aromatherapy, tea,  sedative, tonics, balancing, relaxing, uplifting.
There are several studies  that have linked Salvia Divinorum to aid in overcomming  addiction
to some drugs and alcohol.
Sacred White Sage  Smudge or Oil Burning is  vey effective in banishing negative energies/spirits, and cleansing auras, space, healing places or ceremonial  areas.
One Sacred Leave in burning go a long way, I burn a little every day, in the morning
and in the evening before night.  I love the balsamic pure scent of white sage.


White Sage Tea can or may  be good before bedtime for lucidity and rememebrance and purification . . . . Rosemary leaves can be added as well, an ancient sacred herb connected .
with memory and purification,
higher potency combined with meditation before rest, ideally
we should shift full consciously from one plane to another, like ´at death´ . . . .conscious withdrawl.


For non synthetic toxic ´natural healing perfume´ Attars, deodorants,  protective aura/ body  mist sprays, sacred salve or balms  et cetera.
Dilution of Pure Essential Oils  : Dilute a small amount of drops Pure Essential Oil / etheric oil in cleansed water spray eg with some colloidal silver for aroma therapy / healing / deodorant / natural scented attar or cleansing  aura, body mist spray.
Or without essential oil dilute pure organic herb, plant, resin, or flower powder in a neutral organic vegetable carrier oil par example almond oil or jojoba oil, for sacred balm or salve.
For healing oil, healing scent therapy or sacred anointing oil, and I dont mean the latter in a ´religious way´.
Scents effects our limbic system and thus can facilitate healing and ´gateways´ between many layers.

For Aroma therapy dilute a few drops pure essential oil in water in aroma burner or diffuser.
A special sacred synergistic blend for aroma oil burning is pure Rose essential oil and sacred purifying white sage oil. And White Sage Oil and sacred Rosemary Oil.
Or organic rose incense and white sage smudging.
Burning of organic dried Roses for the purest Incense without any tree sticks.
The Sweet Herbaceous scent of Lavender . . . . .   speaking of purificatory or cleansing herbs,  the name lavender is derived
of Lavare, which  means ´To Wash´.   The pure oil of  lavender is very nourishing and regenerative.
Organic Oregano Is Another Purifying Herbal Scent.

As pure incense of dried oregano here with flowers, se photo below,  has a subtle sweet purifying scent.


# pure incense no tree sticks, # healing herbal scents, # purifying scents, # medicinal oregano,
In ancient Greek times,   ρίγανη, oregano besides being known for its medicinal attributes, for purification besides incense and oil burning, were planted in garden area to ward of evil.
I recommend only using 100% pure natural essential oils preferably organic or wildcrafted, for aroma therapy, oil or water dilution, healing mists or diffuser etc, otherwise possible  health benefits are compromised.


Natural Pure Soaps and Shampoos.
Our world has ´fallen  from pristineness´
in may ways, also with high toxic pullution
both in the air and waters, so applying the
purest ingreedients in  dayli care can help
the body with relief.
Like in Ancient Times Caring for The Bodily Temple
with pure oils, soaps and herbal remedies.
The post include writing  on Salvia Rosarinus, Rosemary,
which  also is an ancient Sacred purifying, protective,
restorative Herb and Oil. Highly revered in Ancient Egypt,
Rome and Greece.

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Besides metaphysical proberties, health benefits may include :
Sage Organic Facts https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/sage-essential-oil.html
– Elena Santini
I feel that originally Earth, or nature would naturally have all ´medicines´,

or healings needed . . . counter logic and counter intuitive otherwise and
naturopathic medicines combined with ´higher´ healings of sound, colour,
light, source re-alignment, and crystals of nature, if that is not the case, or
the case anymore in effect . . . could be ´planetary karmic reasons´ or all the
digressions happeneed in consciousness and degeneration in bodies . . . ie
since the Atlantean fall time . . . and the escalation of coming too far  away or
further and further away from nature and holistic ways and dependent on
synthetics and pharmaceutical drugs, with the possibility of weakening the
natural immune system even more.
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Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for education purpose, with roots in ancient natural healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.
Ive written a lot on this page of oils, plants, resins, herbs, so it should be said that I do not advocate using these oils, herbs for any ´magical- personality- attraction – spells-etc´ , only for healing physical and metaphysical, purification, cleansing, ceremonial, protection, medicinal, banishing etc .