Egypt red sea & Aquamarine crystal.

Egypt red sea and Aqumarine crystal.

The red sea views – 4k ultra hd. egypt. trailer

Aquamarine crystal, a crystal associated with
clear heavenly reflection onto the sea, with
calmness of the sea, pure crystalline waters,
used, revered and worn in ancient egypt and

A stone of the seer, of prophecy,
of meditation, calmness of nervous system,
emotions, pain relief. Relates to throat, lungs,
respiratory system and the breath.

Sacrifice, death and the red sea


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Sacrifice, death and The Red Sea.

Sacrifice, death and the red sea.

The personality of a ´fool´ could believe, someone would die
for his sins. The soul does not believe it knows. The soul
knows its own lower pesonality reflection can be crucified
metaphorically speaking, And itself alike with its temple on its
own plane, fire can destroy, fire can liberate that which is held
within forms, or bring atonement or unify that which is separated
by veils. ´Sacrifice from below upwards´ . internally. .

The Red Sea

Transformative colours of blue upon red, metaphorically speaking.
The ancient symbolic of the rose for desire, as in the progress of
changing or transforming the colours from deep red, at some point
crossing over (purified / purifying ) blue to white eventually.
In other analogies the rose is used also to symbolize the personality,
which is to – in one terminology or path – be refined, purified,
transfigured, sacrificed….. and eventually crucified upon the cross
symbolically speaking ; the rose on the cross.

The sea is no more.
The sea is no more, the heaven is no more, the world is no more,
maybe there was a new sea, or a new heaven or new world/ body,
or a new sound appearing or it was all gone, into disssolution.

red sea and aquamarine crystal.

The Red Sea views – 4k ultra hd. Egypt. trailer



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