Omens and Endtime

Omens and Endtime

Black birds circling the sky
water channels grey glow
contaminated water
toxic acid rain falling on the soil
genetic modified trees
devoid of prana, spirit, lifeforce
birthing phantom nature.

Apocalypse scripts playing
symbols and signs,
waters turning to blood
the four horsemen
conquest, war, famine and death.

Intepret moon omens = 784
signs of things to come =784
do not igonore the signs =784
spiritual cleansing = 784
death prophecy = 784
recall sun as the self =784 ( sun / soul )

Rotten and corrupted spirits
Rotten trees
Rotten fruits
Rotten threatment of fellow humans.
Rotten threatment of the animals
exploitation and abuse,
for selfish desires, profit and gain.

Exploitation of nature and resources.
depletion of soil,
gmo, herbicides, pesticides.

Organic portals, soulless humans,
programs, filling up more than half space,
Parasiting, leaching, copiying,
replaying, mimicking, mirroring,
energy siphoning.

Artificial weather control
elemental modifications,
dark magic power control
Remnants of Atlantis
planetary elementals and devas
used for selfish gain and dominion.
Atlantis rising transform the shadow
restriction limitation karma.

The book of living shadow
personal, collective, planetary,
solar, and cosmic shadows.
Black mirror apocalypse series
Moon set apocalypse series
Atlantean shadow script.

Dark lord = 249
the ring = 249
one lord = 249
dark changes = 249
killing fields = 249
genetic chip = 249
digital rfid = 249
face the mark = 249
mark the face =249
the omega game = 249
radical left = 249
digitalis = 249
hegelian dialectic = 249
ordo ab chao = 249

Secret math = 535
organic robotoid = 535
eye sealed = 535
global end game control = 535

Moon phases = 424
dark mirror = 424
hidden code chip hand forehead = 424

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Transmitted disease apocalypse = 1453
A day of judgement = 1453
Corona virus pandemia = 1453
Covid nineteen pandemic fraud = 1453

Woe to the earth and the sea = 1666
Beast certification mark to buy and sell = 1666
Revelation chapter six = 1666
A one world order rfid tags= 1666
Omega virus mask closing time = 1666

Dark side of Aquarius = 910
Enchantment under the sea = 910
Spell of Xanadu = 910

False love and light messages
astral glamor and delusion
deceptions and decievements
decieving  et – channelings
false ascended master channelings
fake and empty promises
false saviours
false savior dogma
archonic deceptions
fake messiahs scripted.

Dark moon fallen star prophetic omens = 1218
History repeat itself = 1218
Involution = 1218
Destruction of the human race = 1218

Dark moon fallen star mark of beast omens = 1218
The omega is the beast rising = 851
End game signs in the stars = 851
The Rise of Skynet
skynet drone control
skynet is genisys.

“Genisys is an operating system …which will connect private,
public and military networks together once activated. However,
it will become Skynet upon fully activated.”

Terminator 3 Skynet Takes Over

Sky Scrolls and Falling Stars
drone digitalazations in the sky
Qr code symbol marked in the sky.

Omega prophecy = 759
Signs in the stars = 759
Eye of the seer = 759

“All the stars of heaven will be dissolved.
The skies will be rolled up
like a scroll, and all their stars will fall
like withered leaves from the
vine, like foliage from the fig tree.
Isaiah 34:4″

Stars ´natural´ illusory heavenly lights, or
´illusory magic´ of glittering stars
vs digital artificial lights.

Sky Scrolls and Falling Stars, Digitalizations in The Sky

Scan and Download from the Sky ! 1500 Drones formed
QR code. Shanghai 22.04.2021.


# apocalypse script, # book of shadow, # end times revelations, # gematria,
# moon omens, # omens, # rise of skynet, # skynet is genisys = 1385,
# the omega is the beast rising = 851,

Covid band of Ten G = 1021 Skynet is Genisys = 1385 Gematria.

Covid Band of Ten G = 1021

Covid band of ten G = 1021 Predicting the future = 1021 ?

High level global elite = 1021 The deep state dark control grid = 1021 The
bill and melinda gates foundation = 1021 Band of ten g global citizen = 1021
Variants = 1021 Immediately end hoax = 1021 Covid is false flag = 1021
Doctor evil =1021 Vaccine implant = 1021 Hybridized = 1021 Five g radiation
= 1021 AI rfid chip synthesis = 1021 Skynet principles = 1021 Genisys global
reset = 1021 Artificial matrix intelligence = 1021

Take 10 g as a metaphorically key number or . . literally we´ll see.

Skynet Is Genisys ;
Rise of sky – skynet = 1385 Skynet is Genisys = 1385

Genisys ; General identification system, computer system for biological identifications.

Terminator 3 Skynet Takes Over

Terminator Genisys – Skynet start war between machine and human race.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Nwo omega inoculation plan prepare for change = 2217
Everything lies veiled in numbers = 2217
The Tower reversed = 2217 ___________ Personal transformation, fear of change.



Partly Excerpt of Self Spreading Vaccine and The Full Moon Exodus

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