The Eye of Prophecy.

The Eye of Prophecy.

The clear crystal ring is but a symbol, the eye
and power of prophecy is internal.

In Ancient Egypt they showed the fully developed,
active and opened 3rd eye e.g on some headresses where
the ´ snake´ or cobra symbolizes it, and how it works : like
a ´snake´ comming out from between the eyebrows with
an eye in the end, ´snake´ not be understood literal. The Cobra
on the ancient egyptian headress, there are several variations
of headresses e.g. of pharaonic type, high priest, or high
priestess, can however also refer to the activated kundalini energy.

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Full text on ´ The Eye ´
The Divine Eye – The 3rd Eye – The Eye of The Soul

The Universe,
like a set of cards,
on the dark blue ethereal veil of stars,
to be read correctly or ´ lesser correctly ´.

Ethereal Veil of Stars can both signify the outer,
and the living glittering etheric ´ tapestry´
before the inner eye
on which symbols and ´cards´ can appear.

For ´ Prophetic Sight´ and Revelation ;
to be relative objective ;
has to be free of : desire, wishfull thinking, fear,
free of the layers of astral glamor,
and mental illusions, free of the forest of delusions,
also to open ´ more accurate´ ´higher clairvoyance´ or
the higher levels of ´cosmic clairvoyance´.
The eye of clear seeing, the eye of clarity.

The ´Sight´ or the one that Sees,
The Seer also must discern between,
what is pure desire projection images astral pictures,
created by others from what is actual,
like when seeing/ reading /discerning into akashic records.

Re Akashic Records
on not being able to discern between
deceptive images of aggregated desire thoughts
and astral pictures and imaginations from others
vs actual experiences is one reason why many times readers
can and do give incorrect information about
´past lives´ or ´parallel lives´, or of the planetary records,
historical records or astrological records.

The Sight
There are some individuals where ´ The Sight´
is more inborn, or ´gifted´,
par example because of genetic inheritance,
either by ´previous spiritual self experience and aquirements ´
accumulated and inlayed, and / or specific lineage.

The Seer is pure Knowledge.

Direct cognition of the Seer or yogi centered in the consciousness of the self.

Eye of the seer = 759 Perfect eyes = 759

The One Eyed Cobra opened its mouth.

Within its mouth was another cobra opening its mouth,
Within the mouth of the second cobra
Was a fountain of water s . . .

Behold the snakes of illusion & temptation in the astral light . . .

Excerpt of The One Eyed Cobra, with additional link on The Fire.




After Script

Why did /do ´they´ torture the Seer
or Seers, so the Seer couldnt See.
See- know, see-feel, feel-know.
Killing would prevent it, or trauma by torture
blocks The Eye ( to be healed or cleared) .
Nobody owns The Sight / The Eye / The Seer
or The Abillity Too See,
like no system esoteric or exoteric, group or individual
religious, matarial, spiritual or not owns ´Truth´.
Truth owns it self objectively seen, it is living,
not ´those´ seeking to control truth and information.

So if ´we´ can´t turn the seer to our agenda, or if ´ other we ´s´
can´t turn the seer ´to the dark side´ then ´we´ just amplify
the ´torture´ from multiple levels .



I am just a Messsenger,
´an angel of revelation´ on a higher self level.
Remember the first,
before you point guns or come with burning crosses : )

´Revelation´ is a quality of souls or ´higher selves´,
to different levels of accreation ;
Seeing into the inner and outer worlds.
I am unbound to any ´fixed´ scripture or book,
I am reading the ´living script´, and the ´living records´,
im-printed on, and streamed of ´the living ethers´.

I dont have any belifesystems, neither do I want to. I want to know or not know,
´progressive, successive, revelation´ . But if I am wrong about something, I
am always willing to lay all I See / think / feel / realize I know, on the alter of sacrifice
or reemergence or recorrection, to a ´ more true ´ or ´correct´ knowing or
completely discard it because I was wrong.

The desire to know and surrender to ´not knowing ´.
The truth is inside to know and ´not to know´ ,
and to know succeedingly, expandingly.

Neither do I wish for anyone to ´believe´ anything I say, If you have or find a ressonance ,
or can use it for anything internal or external, then it is so, if not then it is not.



What can angel in a heaven do = 1989 I am loyal to the divine source= 1989
Truth is love by the book = 1989 Truth prevail light in the darkness = 1989
Prophecy by Law = 1989 The prophecy will fulfil= 1989

Generally speaking for ´revelation´ or revealments it can be valuble or
ideal to combine clear observation, higher clairvoyance or higher intuition
and gematria for ´ revelation ´ or revealments.. .

Gematria feels very ´living´ to me in the brain, not ´just numbers´.
Or Living numbers & codes interwoven into a greater etheric tapestry,
some reveal ´dark patterns and connections´ others ´light patterns and
connections´ of creation on multiple levels simultaneously. In one way like
seeing ( or projecting inner vision, or seeing reflections ) into a
´crystal ball´ metaphorically speaking, that can reveal probable
things about the past, present, future.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously, and ´secret
messages. Numbers have a language or message of their own, and names and
letters can be codes or encoded.

Generally speaking using and understanding Gematria,
to decode and decipher (not only the ´bible´ ),
but names, letters, connections, meanings hidden and obvious,
throughout ´diverse scripts´ running through this percivable reality
(and ´corrupted re-creation´ ) can be valuble.

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