Natural organic botanical oral care.

Natural Organic Botanical Oral Care.

Organic Botanical Oral Care. Happy Gum Drops. Organic Wildcrafted. Plantbased.

A bottle go a very long way, only 1 drop needed per time. Each oil selected for its
individual and synergestic effect. Ingreedients ; Oregano, seabuckthorn, peppermint,
rose otto, clove bud, cinnamon, sweet thyme, jojoba oil.

The first bottle ´happy gum drops wild child´ is created for children to 9, a milder
version. both paraben-free, sulfate-free, no animal testing, flouride free.

One drop on toothbrush, or 1 drop in water mouth wash, can also be massaged
into gums.

I use the ´ wild child happy gums´ atm beacuse of high sensitivity.

For children 9 years old and younger. Ideal to spit, yet safe to swallow in the one drop
portion used.

Living Libations info on both.

Raw, organic wildcrafted, symthetic free, fairtrade, gmo free, gluten free, foodgrade.

The holistic effect of the gum drop oils oregano, seabuckthorn, peppermint, rose otto,
clove bud, cinnamon, sweet thyme, also have a clearing effect on breathing, what I
experience, from the 1st time i used them.

Other natural organic botanical toothpastes or powders, eg with Frankincense and
Myrrh, par ex with ingreedients like in this below ;

Myrrh Tree

Virgin coconut oil – cocos nucifera, baking soda, olive oil – olea europaea, frankincense,
myrrh – sweet thyme, kaolin clay . .

Or make toothpaste at home in liquid oil form or the latter in more solid form.