Cia, Al-Qaeda, 9/11, Eleanor Rigby & Hey Jude, Mku, Gematria.

Cia, al-qaeda, 9/11, eleanor rigby & hey jude, mku, gematria.

31.07.22 online news ; Finally the ´hero´ Biden succeeded in killing
the Al-Qaeda leader with headline quotes like “I ordered a precision
strike to remove him ..“, & “Al-Qaeda’s top leader is killed in a CIA
operation in Kabul.“ Al-Zawahiri has by the US been accused of helping
coordinate the attacks on September 11, 2001. On the the two hellfire
missiles reported as used, see end section.

A screenshot from google.

Could Biden be a high magic Cia president (see gematria below) ? &
is Al-Zawahiri even dead ?

Eleanor Rigby the song of the mk-u / cia influenced Beatles revealed
gematrical probabillity ; Usa funding Alqeada = 699 Eleanor Rigby =
699. Hey Jude = 1222 revealed among other a possible Cia high magic
evil president = 1222 And ; How high is the cia = 1215 Government handler
=1215 Secret order of society = 1215 Thirty third degree mason = 1215

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously,

mk ; mind control
mku; mind contril ultra

Eleanor Rigby = 699 Cremation Ground =699 Genocide for NY = 699 The
Blood Moon Tetrad = 699 Cross of Sun = 699 Usa funding Alqeada = 699
Al Qaida are former Cia Agents = 699 Hidden in plain sight signs = 699
Balance is the Key = 699 The True Apollo = 699

The True Apollo = 699 ? Apollyon greek equevalent of Abaddon ; a place
of destruction and an ´angel´. In book of Revelation 9:11 angel Abaddon
described as king of locust army, his name is first transcribed in Greek ;

Revelation 9:11 — ” Whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon,” (as Ἀβαδδών,
and then translated Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), a name that means “destruction”,
in greek ´destroyer´. . . destruction 9:11 . . . Abaddon = 102 Al Qaeda =102

4 ´Coordinated attacks´ 9/11 ; Bloodmoon Tetrad ? ( The Blood Moon Tetrad
= 699 ) Tetrad = group / set / series of four, . . . ´the bloodmoon prophecy´,
. . . ´bloodmoon rituals´ ?

Father McKenzie = 802
Lyrics go ; ” Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave”.

For PROPHECY = 802 Faith in the dark side of the force = 802 His lord said
unto him = 802 A key of solomon = 802 Hadron collider source = 802 Black
hole technology = 802

PROPHECY = 666 This is a hoax =666 The mindcontrol agenda of cia = 666
The gates of hell are open = 666 Rising from the flames = 666
The brotherhood seal = 666

A Technology Power Tool = 1999
Black hole technology the nine eleven attack = 1999
Fallen angels done preparation of world end = 1999
New world = 1999 Visible new order = 1999

Hey Jude = 1222
Satan nwo = 1222 Satan won = 1222 We call on his name = 1222
The united states congress = 1222 Devil possessed =122 Devils postpile
= 1222 Underground city = 1222 Vaccines and nanomedicines = 1222
Doctor of vaccine death = 1222 Cia high magic evil president = 1222

End Section.

According to an unnamed source in the Us govenment,
it was an airstrike with 2 hellfire missiles, which was carried
out at 6:18 am local time.

Two hellfire missiles = 1546
Executive order = 1546
The hidden code way = 1546

Hellfire fifteen = 324
Sonic boom = 324
The eagle has landed = 324

(15 ; 6:18 am ; 6+1+8 = 15 )

Hellfire missile fifteen = 577
Deceitfulness = 577
Imaginary = 577

According to this Cnn video balcony window blown out,
but structure intact. Wh; Us has “visual comfirmation” of
Al- Zawahiris death, but there is no dna evidence of his death.

A screenshot from the video above.



Nwo global mass shootings = 1745

Nwo global mass shootings = 1745

Many Mass Shootings appearing in the online
news as of recently in the western world.
Governments ´may orchestrate´ mass~killing
sacrifice p.ex Uvalde for gun control ?
Uvalde guncontrol shooting planned act = 2148
Novus ordo seclorum sacrifice drafted = 2148
Shortly after U.S. President Joe Biden signed law
landmark gun control bill tightening Gun Laws
25/06.22. While in Oslo, Norway following a mass
shooting (24.06.22) that was investigated by the
police as terrorism, and it was decided to let
Norwegian police carry weapons.

In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded
words and phrases can hold multiple values and
meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Nwo global mass shootings = 1745
Matrix energy extraction = 1745
Empire anti terror laws = 1745
Enforce anti terror laws = 1745
Counter terroist acts solution = 1745
Peace and security anti terror acts = 1745
See the truth behind the lies anti terror acts = 1745
Evil inclination global gun control = 1745
Substantial global military control = 1745
New order of the age coming up = 1745

Police and military state The Terminator = 1745

T-1000 Arrival/Police Car Scene | Terminator 2 :
Judgment Day 4k (Remastered)

The T-1000 (TERMINATOR Explained)

Cyborg law enforcer RoboCops.

CGI ; _ New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)

Government mass shooting plan = 1743
Deceitful ways = 1743

Previously written
regarding the two Elemental School Shootings.
Uvalde and Sandy Hook.

Mku ( mind control ultra ) and sacrifice.
The satanic child blood sacrifice in sandy hook = 1435
Well played = 1435

Elemental school shootings Mk = 1274
Look up the evidence = 1274
School shooter mku controlled again = 1274 ?
Agenda Mku controlled school shooter = 1274

MKU = mind control ultra or MK ultra
Mk = mind control

Possession ?
Demon of wrath = 1274
Mentally deranged narcissist = 1274 ?

Elemental school shooting links ;
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Uvalde: US to review police response to Texas school shooting



Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980

Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980

Cats are protectors, guardians see, sense things, and dont take orders
ie. internal authority.

Church, – religion ; do as we say or go to hell.
State ; do as we say vax or be corona isolated, expelled.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Did you ever think about Santa comming down the chimney ? I have.

Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980
Sodomy a satanic occult qliphoth ritual = 1980
The horn blows but not all hear = 1980

Cats are Ancient Guardians, Protectors of Temples, and Homes.

Cats are taking down Santas pedo village.

Compare child on santas lap = 766
Read the transcript = 766
Satan moloch an abomination =766

Santa Claws = 1246 Satan claws = 1246

I see many differentiations of ´satanism´ par ex ;
Slaves of materiality, greed, lust – symbolically of ´satan´ .
Paedofilia Another

Satan = 232
Santa = 232
In his name = 232

Ho ho ho break the black magic spell = 666
Prophecy  = 666
The mind control agenda of cia = 666
The gates of hell are open  = 666
The brotherhood seal  = 666

Naughty Cat pushes christmas toys off shelf.
Not these but some of the ´shelf elfs´ actually look evil or nasty (frequency ) lol

The evil shelf elf conspiracy . . .

Evil shelf elf mk = 934 ( mk = mind control )
Force of evil = 934

Funny Cat vs Elf on the Shelf

Cats Who Knock Things Over! (A compilation)

´Holy holiday seasons´ high mk ultra programming activations.



To whom made the cat meme, I dont know your name, write me for credit
or removal.

Teachings, knowledge and distortions, symbolic and otherwise.

Teachings, knowledge and distortions, symbolic and otherwise.

Eksample of a ´distorted teaching´ ;
Some right knowledge, some wrong explanations, and maybe ´wrong solutions´
applied to a bodily / planetary system,  and in some cases blended with ´ false history´ 
or ´insert replacements´.

The idea of ´right knowledge´ may differentiate acccording to who we are, and individual
body/ spiritual system. . . .
In this context I mean ´ universal streams of knowledge´ par ex untainted by dogma, religion, 
man, and Et-mindcontrol. .
So in regards of being  ´untainted´ in that sense ´pure knowledge´ .

What reasons can there be for ´dirstorted teachings´ . Par ex ;
1 ) Ancient old distortions carried on, or new created, glamor, planetary distortions.
2 ) Much in these earthly and ekstra earthly layers, on a general level, are and have been
contaminated and infiltrated for a very long time
3 ) Agendaes, mindcontrol, mind harvest, soul harvest.
4) . . . .

Dependence on outer teachings, guru figures vs inner truth, authority.
The more dependent people become on some outer guru figure, speaker
etc. the less independent they become in their own inner truth and authority,
higher self. When people do this for ongoing many years the heaver it seems
they get infiltrated, implanted, mindcontrolled and even ´addicted´, repeating
like parrots.

Symbol Distortion.

Symbols, esoteric and occult symbols or ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos.

Symbols like ´energy´ are not ´bad´ in themselves, however intent, use and method has
something to say.

Nobody owns the ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos,  but different groups/
societies / traditions/ religions / times have used them and some have their own
intepretations of them and ´creational print´, coding or ´overlay´ on .  Some symbols
may have been re-coded with distortions and some symbols are ´ distorted mutations´ 
or ´inversions´compared to a more ´ blue printed version ´.

An example of a symbolic   ´inversion´ used  ; ´The CIA peace Sign´, Death Rune

” All you need is . . . . the Cia . . .” . . . . . .

# mk ultra.

Love bombing.

Do you know what mku ( mk ultra ) love bombing is ?
It is a technique used to manipulate and brainwash. Love bombing is a psychological
mind-control technique that is used by cults also. Generally speaking it can also be
said that love bombing encompass quantity over quality. I see ´spiritual new age internet
communities´ where love bombing happens, I am not saying that it is pr definition done
intentionally by everyone to ´brainwash´ some people may do unknowingly, but looking
deeper beneath the surface there are agendaes behind the whole ´ new age scene´ , some
of which may also express as ´spiritual bypassing´ and ´glamor blinds´ on the surface.
Glamor blinds also in the forms of visual pictures. .

A foundation for this was also layed musically by the cia / mk influenced beatles and the
“all you need is love ” . Love bombing can also happen in abusive or manipulative
relationships, or from parents, or from employers. Love bombing can also happen in
abusive or manipulative relationships, or from parents, or from employers.
There are several kinds of of ´toxic positivity´ in the new age scene.


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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Glamor and the Dark Side of Aquarius.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Welcome to the golden cage, I mean new age, I mean pandemic cage,
new order of the stage.

The golden cage = 255 Fallen angels = 255

If things are ´ glamored´ , what is dark may appear as light.

That Age of Aquarius song was not from the C I A-Eighties but the 60´s Glam-or.

Dark side of Aquarius= 910 Enchantment under the sea = 910
The spell of Xanadu = 910

Corona Sun Ring.

Corona ring = 360 Fire or flood = 360
Prediction = 360

I am immortal = 360 Original light = 360


So what is Glamor ; We can create glamor in our own lives, and around our self, we can glamor others, create glamors about various, the collective consciousness/ subconsciousness is veiled in multiple glamors. We can ´see´ through it with higher self / higher light . . . and dissipate it.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.