Did you create heaven, or was ´ Heaven´ created for you ?

Did you create heaven, or was ´heaven´ created for you ?

Being dispassionate weather to be loved or hated is a
liberated state.

Being dispassionate weather to be loved or hated is a Liberated State

Speak the truth even if people hate you.

Equally so dispassion towards pleasure and pain, is ie.
center -ed / point between polarities. detached and unbound.

Polarity dispassion is a ´transcendental´ point, Balance is the
´middle key´ . The spine is inline, equilibrium. Being dispassionate
towards either polarity, is a liberated state.

If a ´heaven´ or ´a heavenly earth´ is created with attachment and
in glamor, likely a ´hell´ is created, desirebased binding, bonding,
and more illusion. Add to that selfish, unpurified desire.

More astral glamor, illusion, delusion = more absence of truth.

As longs a polarity or the pair opposites on this level, within is not
transcended or fully unified, and middle balance inbetween achieved,
polarity still ´has control ´. achieved inner balance, equilibrium, can
have the effect of ´having no preference to either side´,

Did you create heaven or was ´heaven´ created for you. ?

There may be doors in a kingdom, there may be keys to the doors.
One door does not open with a key.

When there is no desire to seek pleasure, through the senses,
pleasure doesnt matter. It is / is not. Pleasure is tempoarily,
nothing compared to the ´heavenly feeling´ beyond.

The soul ( or higher self) is not the mind, . . . the ´mind states´ are
initially ´subjected´ to pleasure or pain, to feel pain or not pain.

– Elena

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Most seek pleasure, and try avoid pain, yet may seek pain in subconscious
ways, (patterns, programmings). And mk ultra pain/ pleasure inversion
on society scale.

´ The devil ´ in the tarot deck understood as universal symbolics, not divination,
is a symbol of selfchosen /self created bondage. Self responsibiility, and
self accountabillity. Self liberation from the bondage created. The liberation
lies hid within the bondage. The keys to to true liberation lies hid within the

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What can Liberation of thought mean ?

What can liberation of thought mean ?

A freeness to use or not use the thought matter substance or thought fire.
That the senses does not control thought.
That loop patterings, systemic patterings, habitual patterns does not control thought.
That instinct, memory ( real/ or implants individual or collective) and desire does not control thought.
That astral parasites or machine techs does not have influence.
That culture, propaganda, newsmedia, dogma, religion, mk ( mindcontrol / mku ) etc does not control thought.
That . . . .

The ´higher self´ ideally is the one to use/ control thought.

Peace between thoughts,
Peace between breaths.

– Elena

What is a liberated thought without a liberated body, a non attached / unbound body.
the word or thought become flesh.

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The nightly heaven of cosmos are full of stars tonight,
New heaven and new earth,
Within, appearing before dawn the hidden secret.

The nightly heaven of cosmos are full of stars tonight = 2888
New heaven and new earth = 2888
Within, appearing before dawn the hidden secret = 2888 , Gematria

The Sea is no more, the Heaven is no more, the world is no more et cetera,
maybe there was a new sea,or a new heaven or new world / body, or a new
sound appearing,or it was all gone, into disssolution.
The sound was no more, the pure idea was no more .
The thought was nore more,dissolved or a new was created from fire.

Issness The Sea is a Sea of Light, in the dark of Night of radiating Stars.

In the Sea of mediocrity, the Book of Life had not been openeth for long.

In the sea of mediocrity,
The book of life had not been openeth for long.

In the sea of mediocrity,
The Book of Life had not been openeth for long,
And the true meaning of the ´Book of Death´ forgotten,
In the sea of mediocrity, ascending demons and hellfire,
In the sea of mediocrity, all think the same, one controllable hivemind,
All look the same, with death in their eyes,
No light, no ´magic´, wear the same, buy and consume the same.
Eat the same processed ´hellfood´ bloodlusting, and devoid of lifeforce and prana,
Blind conformity, cultural, social, educational, religious and spiritual,
Blind conformity lead not to ´ascension´ but to slaughter of the soul,
Life-harvest, deathening, numbing, spiritual death.
Dare to be different, dare to rise from the ashes, and comfort.
´Real poverty ´ is not about money, neither ´real richness´,
Real poverty is lack of spirit, spiritual life, spiritual fire,
Lack of individuality, and lack of authenticity.
Neither blind spiritual or religious obedience or money buys ´redemption´.
Cleansing and deliverance ? Nature cleanses it self by Natural Law of rebalancing,
No one is coming to save you,
You are the cleanser and purifier,
Arising yourself from the ashes, in the light and fire of spirit.

You are the Liberator in the Light of Spirit, Higher Self.

Liberator by sword, inner alchemy /transformation, shadow work, higher self integration.
The Sword of Liberation has a meaning in multiple ways.
And we also exist on mulltiple level physical, etheric, astral, mental and upwards, with
evil, falseness, distortion, energy harvestors and parasites on every lower level, and on
a ´relative high´ level.

Sword of Light and Discernment.

A Sword is an instrument capable of making clean sharp cleavage and division.
Metaphorically a symbol of the faculty of discrimination.
Discernment is an abillity of spirit to discern true from false, the power and abillity
to see ( the ) diffference.

A ´true´ meaning of using the sword metaphorically and literally, to dissipate in light
and fire, and cutting ´weed´ by its evil roots.

Re demons in the beginning of post ; people also create cords to demons, from doing
bidding or gaining ´powers´, attachments that can take more than one life to cut.

– Elena

Re Books ; Book of Life, Death, I write in that context metaphorical, not to be taken
literal as ´physical books´. Although physical dense matter books of such subjects have
existed, and equally so through out time distortions and misintepretations have existed.

´Books´, tablets, discs or scripts can exist in different density levels of physical/ etheric
matter substance.

Rich are those who can feel happiness and joy for others, poor are those who can´t.
Rich are those who can take self-responsibillity and work with themselves, poor are those who can´t.
Rich are those who can look inward, poor are those who can only blameshift and point fingers – to feel better.
Rich are those who can think for themselves, poor are those who can only repeat what others say.