Teachings, knowledge and distortions, symbolic and otherwise.

Teachings, knowledge and distortions, symbolic and otherwise.

Eksample of a ´distorted teaching´ ;
Some right knowledge, some wrong explanations, and maybe ´wrong solutions´
applied to a bodily / planetary system,  and in some cases blended with ´ false history´ 
or ´insert replacements´.

The idea of ´right knowledge´ may differentiate acccording to who we are, and individual
body/ spiritual system. . . .
In this context I mean ´ universal streams of knowledge´ par ex untainted by dogma, religion, 
man, and Et-mindcontrol. .
So in regards of being  ´untainted´ in that sense ´pure knowledge´ .

What reasons can there be for ´dirstorted teachings´ . Par ex ;
1 ) Ancient old distortions carried on, or new created, glamor, planetary distortions.
2 ) Much in these earthly and ekstra earthly layers, on a general level, are and have been
contaminated and infiltrated for a very long time
3 ) Agendaes, mindcontrol, mind harvest, soul harvest.
4) . . . .

Symbol Distortion.

Symbols, esoteric and occult symbols or ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos.

Symbols like ´energy´ are not ´bad´ in themselves, however intent, use and method has
something to say.

Nobody owns the ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos,  but different groups/ societies /
traditions/ religions / times have used them and some have their own intepretations of them and
´creational print´, coding or ´overlay´ on .  Some symbols may have been re-coded with distortions
and some symbols are ´ distorted mutations´  or ´inversions´compared to a more ´ blue printed version ´.

An example of a symbolic   ´inversion´ used  ; ´The CIA peace Sign´, Death Rune

” All you need is . . . . the Cia . . .” . . . . . .

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