Seed and Law Part I

Seed and Law.

Star seeds fell through the eye,s
to the soil.

Creational seeds fall from above.
Thought fire.
Seed thoughts.

And karma seeds,
Differentations of what is called
karma; black, grey, white ´karma
seeds´. Many of the collective are
from one perspective,
´dark magicians´ , some more
conscious, some more unconscious.
Law, action, effect, attraction.
´False karma lords´
have come into existence.
Laws may try to be broken,
but truth can break unlawfullness,
law can break unlaw.
Lawfullness to what ?
The law, natural law, cosmic law,s
Most manmade laws are useless,
not rooted in truth.


kama- manas lower mind + desire . . . creating more iillusion,
glamor, . . . desire based suffering.

Karma is also ´built in to the body´ (´create future bodies´) ,
we inherit the organs we created individual, or collective/ line.
llluminate, regenerate / degenerate, darken ; Blood, genes,
soul, atoms, cells, organs, centers, lines /lineages, groups,

Seed and Law Part II

End times human monkey pox =1507 and The Garden of Eden. Gematria.

End times human monkey pox = 1507

It is to read online news cases of Human Monkey Pox is spreading
in numbers not previously seen in Europe. I think that some monkey
lines are devoled human- lines from ´wrong contact ´ between human
and animals started once upon a time Lemuria.

In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

End times human monkey pox =1507
Human animal sin darkening garden of eden old testament = 1507

Corona virus disease = 1507 Transmitted disease apocalypse = 1453
A day of judgement = 1453 Corona virus pandemia = 1453 Covid nineteen
pandemic fraud = 1453

Apocalypse human monkey pox = 1914
The seventh seal of destruction = 1914
Revelation eight eleven = 1914

” Monkey pox is the name of the disease, which manifests itself in fever,
muscle aches and characteristic viral blisters on special face, palms and
genitals. “

By ´wrong contact´ between human and animals I refer to sexual contact.
Excess uncontrolled human desires.
Lack of control or transformation of the sexual energy.
Lack of moral judgement or using moral judgement in action.

Now is the judgement of the lord = 2516The forbidden fruit was
choosing to lust = 2516

Delicious apple = 536 Behead greed lust = 536 The sigil of satan = 536
Fallen are thou = 536 Host of satan = 536

Slaves of materiality, greed, lust – symbolically of ´satan´ .
I speak in symbol and metaphor also regarding ´apple´.

I see many differentiations or perspectives of ´satanism´ ;
Slaves of materiality, greed, lust one of them.

´No´ said the serpent, I am not tempting you, you are the one to control
the desires. Behold the snakes of illusion and temptation, in the astral light.

You may now by now that I am not religious, I just do gematria, I dont like the
word ´sin´ either, but I acknowledge there are universal karmic laws, and from
one perspective right and wrong.

Apocalypse painting by Nicolas Bataille

Generally speaking ; and also esoterically speaking.
I see two perspectives on Revelation. External apocalyptic
script played out in this distorted reality field. And ´Revelation´
as an internal kundalini rise, cleansing, purification, initiation.



Above gematria and text also written into
Self Spreading Vaccine and The Full Moon Exodus.
Section II

Inheritance of what has already been created, or attained or further is in present creation.

Creational Inheritance

Inheritance of what has already been created, or attained
or further is in present creation.

Preserve, held pure or purified, consistency, regenerate, illuminate, or

Corrupt, debase, inconsistency, degenerate, darken ;

Blood, genes, soul, atoms, cells, organs, centers, lines /lineages, groups,
systems ;

Evolutionary or devolutionary speaking.

Centers ; meant both as physical, metaphysical, bodily, planetary and universal.

In fact more than ´Centers ´of the aforementioned, can be understood physical,
metaphysical, bodily, planetary or universal.

Spirit ; matter vibrating at its highest and vice versa.

Rhythm (or hamony / light), activity (or mobility ), inertia (or darkness,
ignorance, sloth etc .) .