Sacred Juniper Berry Oil , Healing and Protection


Juniper Berry Oil






JUNIPER BERRY Pure Essential Oil, is a very soothing healing oil, also for aroma therapy burning …

Sacred Juniper Berry oil have been used since ancient times for purification, sacred ceremonial purpose, protection, medicinal and healing.



Juniper Berries have been found in Ancient tombs of Egypt… and the berries, needles and wood have been used in incense and for medicinal purpose since ancient times.


Sacred Juniper Berry, as pure essential oil, is a very soothing healing oil, also for Aroma Therapy Burning …
Has a lovely pure, sweet, woody, fruity scent.



A special soothing sacred Balsamic blend for aroma therapy burning is a few drops Juniper Berry Oil, + drop of  White Sage /Salvia and Cedar pure essential oil.
Herbs used since ancient times for ceremonial clensing, protection and purification of areas.


JUNIPER BERRY Organic Essential Oil is an antiseptic oil, cleansing, purifying, uplifting, calming, protective, detoxifying, tonic, digestive, stimulant, diuretic, promotes nerve regeneration, astringent, relaxing, antispasmodic, anti rheumatic, deodorant, a warming oil good for muscle pain, air detoxer /purifier , etc


Dilution of etheric / pure essential oils for healing aura /body spray, mist, deodorant, natural scented attar or room spray ; dilute a few drops pure essential oil in cleansed water spray eg also with some colloidal silver ( to purify the water ) . For healing oil ; dilute some drops pure essential organic oil in a neutral organic carrier oil.


Or dilute some drops in water in aroma therapy burner or use in diffuser.



In Ancient Lore of Juniper described to ward off evil, and no negative entities or demons able to withstand its power. I have personal experience that fits that from the astral plane, where Juniper Tree aided me in basnishing off an evil entity with immediate effect…

Juniper have been used to dispel sickness and for purification of air from gems and bacteria as an antiseptic. Also used been used for protection against dark magic spells.


Juniper have been found in sarcophagi of ancient Egypt and have also been used for protective journers physical as well as metaphysical, and used ´ in the mysteries ´ …

Known by some as a Guardian Of The Threshold between this world and the next



A great deal of the Pure Natural Himalayan Tibetan Medicinal Herbal Incence has Juniper in them.



Juniper Berry Organic Facts


Black Frankincense has also been tested to eliminate bacteria and sterialize rooms eg in hospitals, as Juniper was oft used similar in more ancient times and the middle age with its antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal oil proberties, also for banishing of evil spirits and protection. The Mexican Resin Copal, has a somewhat slight resemblence scent as black frankinicense resin also effective in clearing and is used for clearing body of disease and exorcisms as well like black frankincense.. Burning the Balsamic Tea Tree Oil also work aniti bacterial, antifungal , anti parasitic clearing and purifying on more than the physical level ..,  as well as burning White Sage, and burning White Sage Oil .



– Elena Santini





Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for education purpose, with roots in ancient natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.