I do not conform to religion, truth and light is within.

I do not conform to religion, truth and light is within.

I as Soul, Spirit or personality on this level submit or conform not to religious dogma,
or ´ fear -induction -and – saviouring -by –the- same- hand-angendas ´ , or to religious
indoctrinated nonsense.

Any institution, alliance, collective, ´creator´, individual or ´group´ who try to enforce
compliance through intimidation and fear induction, obviously doesn’t have any real
( spiritual ) authority, any true spiritual authority has no such needs.

# no one is comming to save you , # glamor of saviourism,# glamor of dogma and religion
# the keys to all true liberation and illumination lies within the self

The Eternal Sorce is not about idolatry

Truth and light is within

In my perspective idolatry = satanism.
Generally speaking I see many diffrentiations of ´satanism´ though.


I will never submit to any religious tainted dogma in whichever way coated, the inner
´pathway´ is direct and vertical.

For people so polarised still in 2021 to call others evil, antichrist, lucifer or ´in modern
terms not ” ascending” ´ or whatever if not in agreement, go ahead and make your own
project-tory day.

Math The Universal Language = 1678 Gematria is showing me this = 1678

Jesus and Lucifer are the same =1678 Everything is dual =1678
Rediscover old truths =1678

The above is jewish gematria, in simple gematria jesus is=74 =lucifer =74

The next time someone calls me a ´ luciferian ´ as a stigmatization, I will smile and
think ´ I hope you one day transcend religious indoctrinated nonesense ´ . Lux ; light.

In the darkness the trees are full of starlight = 1678 Sungazing heats up the pineal gland = 1678

And behold Fear-Induction and Savioring by the same hand.Agendas of scaring people,
fear agendas and then reaching them techniques, or ´codes to activate´ or pray to this or that
´angel ´ or giving them false security by the same hand in any number of ways – and while all
that ´saviouring ´ the false ´gods´, ets , false masters or archons etc might just harvest mind or
soul energy quanta.

Fear Induction & Saviouring by the same hand ;Also like ´good cop – bad cop´ analogy in one
sense ;like when same ´team of forces control both sides´ ,harvest energy on both sides, through
fear induction and ´saviouring´.


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Note 1* Whom made the ” if you are not some one the church would have killed 400 years ago,
are you even living ” image, I dont know your name, write me for credit or removal.