The ´Persephone´ Curse

The ´Persephone´ Curse

Why did my life feel like an archetypal curse. And
a part like an episode of ´Persephone´ walking
through Hades, occultly attacked by hell hounds.
Was it one of the curses layed upon my life or ´just´
the ´dark forces´ using what they could control ie
par ex soulles organic portal demonic parasited

Physical plane dogs that would ´activate´ before
me with hellhound demonic attacks, backed by
the astral plane . . . . ,to the point where it became
´ morbid hilarious´ in the meaning like seeing them
just as programs activating connected on a dark
network layering this earth plane.

I had the law and the sword on my side, they did not,
the law broke them.


This song had a meaning then.
Lamb of God – Walk With me in Hell

And I thought It was just because I am a Cat lol . .
(re the hell dogs)

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Lamb of God – Blacken the Cursed Sun (Audio)