Nwo global mass shootings = 1745

Nwo global mass shootings = 1745

Many Mass Shootings appearing in the online
news as of recently in the western world.
Governments ´may orchestrate´ mass~killing
sacrifice p.ex Uvalde for gun control ?
Uvalde guncontrol shooting planned act = 2148
Novus ordo seclorum sacrifice drafted = 2148
Shortly after U.S. President Joe Biden signed law
landmark gun control bill tightening Gun Laws
25/06.22. While in Oslo, Norway following a mass
shooting (24.06.22) that was investigated by the
police as terrorism, and it was decided to let
Norwegian police carry weapons.

In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded
words and phrases can hold multiple values and
meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Nwo global mass shootings = 1745
Matrix energy extraction = 1745
Empire anti terror laws = 1745
Enforce anti terror laws = 1745
Counter terroist acts solution = 1745
Peace and security anti terror acts = 1745
See the truth behind the lies anti terror acts = 1745
Evil inclination global gun control = 1745
Substantial global military control = 1745
New order of the age coming up = 1745

Police and military state The Terminator = 1745

T-1000 Arrival/Police Car Scene | Terminator 2 :
Judgment Day 4k (Remastered)

The T-1000 (TERMINATOR Explained)

Cyborg law enforcer RoboCops.

CGI ; _ New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)

Government mass shooting plan = 1743
Deceitful ways = 1743

Previously written
regarding the two Elemental School Shootings.
Uvalde and Sandy Hook.

Mku ( mind control ultra ) and sacrifice.
The satanic child blood sacrifice in sandy hook = 1435
Well played = 1435

Elemental school shootings Mk = 1274
Look up the evidence = 1274
School shooter mku controlled again = 1274 ?
Agenda Mku controlled school shooter = 1274

MKU = mind control ultra or MK ultra
Mk = mind control

Possession ?
Demon of wrath = 1274
Mentally deranged narcissist = 1274 ?

Elemental school shooting links ;
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Uvalde: US to review police response to Texas school shooting


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