The ´Persephone´ Curse

The ´Persephone´ Curse

Why did my life feel like an archetypal curse. And
a part like an episode of ´Persephone´ walking
through Hades, occultly attacked by hell hounds.
Was it one of the curses layed upon my life or ´just´
the ´dark forces´ using what they could control ie
par ex soulles organic portal demonic parasited

Physical plane dogs that would ´activate´ before
me with hellhound demonic attacks, backed by
the astral plane . . . . ,to the point where it became
´ morbid hilarious´ in the meaning like seeing them
just as programs activating connected on a dark
network layering this earth plane.

I had the law and the sword on my side, they did not,
the law broke them.


This song had a meaning then.
Lamb of God – Walk With me in Hell

And I thought It was just because I am a Cat lol . .
(re the hell dogs)

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Lamb of God – Blacken the Cursed Sun (Audio)

Uncreate these spawns of evil, your names and numbers are many. – The call of ktulu

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,

Uncreate these spawns of evil
your names and numbers are many,
go back to the void from whence you came
and the door be sealed,
you are formless, nameless, ageless, powerless,

Shatterings, uncreation, silence,
the void is no more

The power of the word,
and the s/ word of power.



Death is destruction
Lightning strikes from above
Heavenly fires
Electric fires

Metallica The Call of Ktulu (Ride The Lightning 1984)

Thunderstorm / rain.
Metallica – The Call Of Kthulu [2017 remaster mark II]

This instrumental was inspired by the story The Call Of
Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

This was also inspired by Lovecraft
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be (remixed and

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and discernment, # the call of ktulu, # the word, # law,

When I was younger I felt it could be traumatising just to
look at some of these Cthulhu spawns, like they could ´cause
damage´ or ´auric attack´ just by looking at them or into their

Not specific Cthulhu, but the effect of looking at ´evil
manifestation´, and it can feel like an ´auric attack /hack´
just by looking at it, par ex the creation of the Voldemort
manifestation, shown to children
Harry Potter kills Voldemort | Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2