Everything is questionable. If it can be questioned it is questionable. Gematria. Double realities age of fake news media = 1775

Double realities age of fake news media = 1775 Biometric security got hidden
secrets = 1775

In a world like this everything should be questioned. If it can be questioned, it is

Did the titanic really sink ? Was the ´moon landing ´real ? Are these genetic modified
corn cereals really good ? Is the current world scenario an episode of the twillight
zone ? : ) Or are we facing the dark lord /s of Mordor ?

Dark lord = 249 The ring = 249 One lord = 249 Paedophile cabal = 249 The black
magician = 249 Dark changes = 249 Genetic chip = 249 Digital rfid = 249 Killing fields
= 249 Face the mark = 249 Mark the face = 249 Foreheads = 249 Death mask = 249
The omega game = 249 Radical left = 249 Digitalis = 249

Hegelian dialectic = 249 Ordo ab chao = 249

The Mirror of Galadriel.

If it can be questioned, it is questionable.
Asking more of the right questions give more right answers than asking ´the wrong
´questions, birthing many new questions.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

The hanged man = 249
( remember though theres a reason why the hanged man in symbolics card understood
has a smile on his face )

Anointed = 249 The hidden king = 249 Sacred king = 249 The cobra = 249 Magic birth
= 249

I am the Sea = 249

Everything should be questioned even ´space´ .

Space is a hoax = 618 Secrets kept hidden = 618 Sealed top secret = 618
Surprised ? = 618

Billionaires going to space hoax = 1116 Psychological operation = 1116
Deceptiveness= 1116 They didnt see this coming = 1116 Look into freemasonry
= 1116 Self improving ai = 1116 Alien knowledge = 1116 There is truth to be told
= 1116 Electromagnetic spectrums = 1116 Ufo disguised as a satellite = 1116

Moon landing fraud = 582 The great deception = 582 Corrupted = 582
Ashtar galactic command = 582
Inner reflections = 582

Did the titanic really sink ?

Sinking titanic fraud = 758
Recognise great deception = 758
Seek and ye shall find = 758 . .
A bit of false insert time
Alien technology = 758
Artificial matrix = 758

The secret of the fake sinking of titanic time = 1254
False memory implant completed = 1254
Increased electrical field psycho drama = 1254

Sinking of titanic deception = 799
Moment of truth = 799
Holographic implant in earth = 799

Titanic = 262 Its all fake = 262 Faked signs = 262


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Everything should be questioned, everything is questionable.

Cornflakes from hell = 524 Monsanto genocide = 524
Children of the corn bran = 634 Crimes against children = 634
Reptillian bloodlines = 634 Experiment = 634 Radical mindcontrols = 634

Children of the Corn II, The final sacrifice. -SK

” Growing on the spoiled corn is a dark-green acidic toxin which
they believe is filling the town’s air and contributing to a spate of
delusions in the children, rendering them emotionless and violent. “

The creation of gmo crops, is oficially said to make them resistant to insect
pests and ( toxic) herbacides. Gmo crops par ex are often used to make granulated
sugar, cornstarch, corn oil, and canola oil.
Add to the scenario genetic modified frankenstein trees, genetic modified insects
and genetic modified pollinators. Like a cold ´phantom world´ devoid of spirit and life.


Primary and secondary sounds.
Nature create sounds like music, ´tonalities´.
The sounds that create ´nature´ and ´ supernature´, and the sounds that
nature, suns, stars tone out.

How become the forest music if trees are genetic modified frankenstein trees
visited by genetic modified frankenstein insects ? . . . that also visit ´real trees´
and gmo crops.
The world has fallen from pristiness in many ways. Symbolic picture ; ´ like the
elves in the lord of the rings musically in a forest´ to a world of gmo nature ;
crop, soil, water, plant, air.

Every teacher or ´master ´ is but a student himself seen in a greater cosmic perspective.


Every teacher or ´master ´ is but a student himself seen in a greater cosmic perspective.

Everything should be questioned from the perspectives 1) An Honest and right Questioning has the potentional to carry a student greatly forward on his own. 2 ) No one is infallible, and every teacher, master, guide is but a student himself in a greater cosmic perspective of planetary and Solar Systems and the inner G_d as the ultimate teacher, progressive /proccessive / successive revelation 3) Several ´esoteric teachers´ do from time to time deliberately give false explanations or veil it in blinds symbolic or otherwise either A) to filter off those whom they deem are not ´worthy ´ or ´ready ´ for the truth B) which can also be connected to A, to make people train their discrimination and discernment abillities. 4 ) Sometimes those who  lead  ´are  blind that lead the blind ´.
So on Truth and Knowlege it is  beneficial and of high value that everyone should come to their own conclusions, based on right discrimination, the use of intuitions, explorations and self-experience, to fully comprehend, realize and live what words or teachings only can be pointers towards.

A thousand books can be read, or lectures heard but if Knowledge is not Internalized to be made ones own and experienced, realised , and Eksternalised into ones own practice it remains just words and theories .
Towards the Within…… .in matters esoterically, symbolically, occult, metaphysical and somewhat literal, and metaphorical ….words can never describe fully ….weather written in poetry, allegories, metaphors or concrete knowledge.
The Keys to the mysteries and true knowledge are within, for each to find, experience … on their own path.
Everything should be questioned, everything is questionable.
If it can be questioned, it is questionable.
Asking more of the right questions give more right answers than asking ´the wrong ´questions, birthing many new questions.


NB: On 3 ´Hidden knowledge ´, concealment or ´blinding´ .
I can understand why some knowledge or information may be ´hidden´ before revealment until a certain level purity intent, character building, integrity ,ethics is integrated eg for safety for oneself or others, or for preservation but those who hide knowledge for pride, elitism, service to self and other selfish reasons is a dark path.
* Focus on the messengers or a teacher vs the Message or the Teaching has its polarity extremes, like idolizing or glamoring the messenger or wanting to kill the messenger, hating the messinger etc
Both in the idolizing and hate, the objectivity or maybe a needed critical thinking or discerment , is likely suspended..

Teachings, knowledge and distortions, symbolic and otherwise.