Emerald Crown, Emerald Star, Eternal Light Tree. Gematria.

Emerald Crown, Emerald Star and Eternal Light Tree

Emerald crown = 1218 = The divine gene manifest

The crown that can be taken off is not the real crown.

Illusory Stars on the Veil of Maya, yet beautiful,

Blanket of eternal light stars = 990

In the darkness the trees are full of starlight, I feel so heavenly tonight,
The stars are projectors,
like the illusory reflections or projections of suns on the heavens.

And behold Eternal light star tree = 990 = Eternal light configuration = 990 =
The shining ones pure light

The Star, higher intelligence, celestial, cosmic, universal light

Emerald Star = 416 = Sacred gematria = 416 = Transcendence = The I am Intelligence

Light code source of illumination = 1218 And I beheld trinity code unfold = 1218

Spheres within speheres illuminates,

The Law of the Heart is Love,

The Rose is sweet the thorn is sharp, Love´s bitter mystery

Knowledge of self = 1218 The divine couple = 1218

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

# Esoteric poetry / gematria

Death is not real, like the lucid dream,

Death is not real
Coronation on, The throne of g-d ,
The throne of g-d, Veiled behind the eyes, read between the lines,
Sea of stars, knowledge shall be increased,

The throne of g_d between the eyes ;
The throne between the eyes i.e. the throne of the soul / higher self.

Death is not real = 513 = like the lucid dream,
Coronation on = 513 = the throne of g-d
Veiled behind the eyes = 1424 = read between the lines
Sea of stars = 513Knowledge shall be increased = 1424
~ gematria

High spiritual understanding = 1221 Starlight evening = 1221
Channel your emotions = 1221

The Star ; higher intelligence, celestial, cosmic, universal light.

Emerald Star.

Emerald Star = 416 = Sacred gematria = 416 = Transcendence = 416
= The i am intelligence

There is an Intelligence,  A Higher Intelligence

The sun is the light of day, the star is the celestial light of the night.

Emerald Green as Eternal Spring, metaphorically speaking,
Emerald is an ancient symbol of Eternal Life, And Rejuvenation.

Sapphire, blue as heavenly . . .
Blue sapphire is an ancient symbol of ´heavenly reflections´.


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