Esoteric and Occult

Esoteric and Occult

Esoteric and Occult,
Ancient symbols of nature, the universe and micro macro cosmos
Block or blocks for (deeper) Truth
Truth owns itself
Harmony of intuition and logic
Symbols are but symbols
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does not mean ´for a selected few´. Esoteric mean internal, inner or beyond the visible physical,  whereas exoteric mean external, outer  physical.  It has always been Free for anyone to seek that which is esoteric, if the seeking is with pure heart and pure higher motive the results will be accordingly,  if the esoteric is seeked with intentions of service to self, the seeking can be forfilled as well,  consequential either way.

Seeking the esoteric does not equal being part of a ´secret society´, the esoteric is present beyond physical appearence, also there are ´inner schools´ for the honest seeker.

As well as there may be corruption in some ´esoteric societies´ it does not mean all, as well as corruption is in some physical societies or instituitions does not mean in all. As well as some people or beings  are or have been corrupted in higher levels it does not mean that all people are.
The practise of * Discernemnet is more evolutionary than biased thinking and prejudice.

For various reasons some knowledge do come in ” graduated sequences “,  or in successive, progressive revelation …
And certain knowledge may be saved /hidden because a certain level of purity intent, character building and ethics and training is required for saftey before revealment.

That some ´groups´ may have ´hidden knowledge´ for selfish reasons/ for service to self is another subject and a dark path / not evolutionary.

And  any ´ secret societies ´ ( internally within themselves or externally ) or individuals who step down on others to ´get up ´ are not following a ´light path´ (or evolutionary path ) ; no-one gets up by stepping down on others, even if some (delusional) think they do (and it could appear so tempoarily short), Natural Laws or The Law doesn´t work that way.

In my world view, knowledge or ´ekstra knowledge´ does not come by paying /taking money to some organisation, event, person and alike, but by internal laws of initiation, or by higher self integration source access.

I am for truth to all beings,  I am also for preserving some esoteric and pure ( ´white ´ ) occult knowlegde in its original state uncorrupted, the latter seen in the perspective and context how some ´esoteric truths´ are (still ) getting degraded, twisted, corrupted, ripped out of original contexts and now also ´new aged´ through media , ´dark masonrism´ but also ´spiritual ´ internet sides etc .

I am  not for ´dumb-ing ´ anything down,  which  I do not mean in any arrogant way, but out of love for the purity of truth and knowledge,  and I see a differerence or distinction in knowledge being shared gradually or simplified and it being ´dumbed down ´ .

Also symbolic expressions and Symbols have potentially a quality of preserving knowledge in a more pure state without ´ it being dumb-ed down ´ plus everyone can unerstand /get it / translate at their individual level, understanding symbols is great way of training the intuition, correlational abilities,  also and connecting the subconscious with the conscious and even superconscious.

Old age religious stigmatation and demonization mixed with ´ new age´ propaganda and disinformation/misinformation, and agendadized conspiracy info spins has contributed to unjust persecutions of the esoteric itself without any discrimination, even to the point it has similarity to the psychological mechanisms of ´blame -shifting´, which is a condition that generally should be seeked acknowledged and healed, along with other shadowprojections & accountabillity, within the ´human nature´ , a nature that is both esoteric and extoteric. conscious and subconcious.

 And Ancient symbols of nature, the universe and micro macro cosmos , which in todays world is subjected to much old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy theorists, propaganda and online disinformation, distortion and bias. And mainstream pop inflation and perversion of the symbolism and use connected to money,  greed,  control , service to self and power of which the Symbols in their pure undistorted forms has Nothing to do with.




As well the essential meaning of ´Occult ´ has been unjust stigmatised and persecuted without discrimination and discerment.

´Occult´ refer to that which is hidden. And Occultism refer to and deals with the invicible Forces that bring about that which is visible physical ;
Par example ; what makes a plant grow,  which ´hidden forces´ contribute to its aliveness, form and expansion in the physical form, which life force(s) brings it to life.  What sustains the etheric form and etheric life force that sustains the physical plant.

Which invisible force (s) or greater light (s) brings light through our physical sun, where /what is the great light that sustain and shines through all the lesser lights, and ´lesser suns ´ .

What im saying with these 2 examples is that it concerns that which can be cosidered occult knowledge / knowledge of invisible forces bringing about that which is seen, and can be studied in Nature it self  ….. … is what lies beyond normal understood nature from spiritual to phsyical bodies in these cosmical physical planes.

And in addition an individual can chose to train and practice ´occult ways´ weather that be the  white occultist  or dark occultist, with consequential laws either way.

I do not use the word occultist in the same meaning as if i said magician, sourcerer or witch.

A ´ White Path ´ usually invovles responsibillity that also includes higher service, and hereby also sharing of what may be beneficial, relevant and helpful to others – not all ´higher service´ is externalised directly in that way though and may remain unseen.



Balanced unlocked the key code = 998 The eye in the cross = 998
The occult are no longer concealed = 998

Science magic youll see = 995 Magic science youll see = 995
Magnetic quality = 995 Electromagnetic energy = 995
Serpent on the cross is = 995 ( serpent is ; an ancient symbol of ´electricity´)

Celestial equator = 759 Mystical degree = 759
Signs in the stars = 759 Eye of the seer = 759

Realm of purification = 759 Immaculate conception = 759
Holy language = 759 To speak is to create = 759
Life is a precious gift = 759


On one level an analogy can be made between the North Star and
The Internal Compass and Inner Higher Guiding Light, Higher Self.

Block or blocks for (deeper) Truth :

Condemnation without any personal knowing, or personal experience or investigation or exploration or discernment, condemnation without (right ) understanding or without patience to develop understanding, condemnation based on dogma, or what the propaganda internet sites and propaganda youtube videos wants you to believe …

Relative often it also appears many of the propaganda videos and memes, feed the shadow projection mechanisms, and victim mentality of people, regardless weather intentionally or not, the effect is there, to witness often, or soul disempowering fear mongering, all which is counter productive to eksoteric and esoteric phsychologial healing in regards of taking responsibility, in re-becoming whole and healed, and end all forms ´blame shifting ´ and diverse shadow projections. Accountabillity and self -responsibility are healing factors. Accountabillity comes to all sooner or later, its a natural law.

Propaganda, generally speaking, feeds illusion, delusion and glamor, and is ´counter working´ of clarity, truth, sanity, right discrimination, clear observation and lucidity.  Plus the aggregations of emotional charged matter it often creates in combination.



Truth owns itself .

No ´system´ esoteric or exoteric, or individual owns Truth
Truth owns it self objectively seen,  it is living,
though the one who experience can have ´subjective truths´,
as there can be ´group truths´ and universal truths .

In a world and its less denser layers mind controlled and manipulated, it is self-Aligning
not accepting ´truths´ / things as true that Is not embodied or self-realised, or not in
ressonance with ones highest intuitions, and speak against ´ logic in greater
perspective ´ if tested with that.

True Intuition and Logic are in Harmony.

Logical truth also reflect spiritual truth, ( micro macro cosmic laws )

Spiritual truth and logical truth, does not contradict eachother, said in the perspective
that logic is transcendental. logic can be in a greater perspective, micro macro laws.
Similar true intuition and logic are in harmony, and of value to test a given truth with both.
By ´true intuition´ I refer soul, spirit, divine intuition, in contrary to ´the lower animal body
psychism´ in man.

Logic can be transcendental .

´ Logic in greater perspective ´ can be/ involve;

the micro-macro cosmic, universal  holistic,  planetary, mineral, plant, animal, human,
solar of ´things´ inter relatedness, sequences and natural ´cause and effects´ upon

Faculty of Discrimination, and the Harmony of Intuition and Logic.

Discernment .                       

The abillity of Reasoning works well with Intuition in self work and in discernment.
Intuition and logic  works well together in discernment.

And effective Discernment and Discrimination to See through glamor and illusion and real from unreal
and true from false, comes through the Clear Light of the Soul or Spirit through the Brain.

Also There is a direct discernment abillity that is pure feeling and direct physical discernment abillity.

Taste in a metaphysical way is also a  discernment abillity.

Metaphysical taste can ´desnsify ´ to be felt very physical on the tounge and in mouth.

Or vice versa physical taste discernment can be ´tuned up´ on a methaphysical level.

And sound discernment ; the hearing of the sounds and tones or scattering sounds behind ie.  
´ masqueraded veils of love and light ´.

The eye/s that sees beyond masks and veils.


Symbols are but symbols.


“While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of the gods, the
wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract
truths.” – Manly P. Hall
Every man’s true teacher is his own higher Self, and when the life is brought under the control of reason, this higher Self is released from bondage to appetites and impulses, and becomes priest, sage and illuminator. – Manly P. Hall

The keys to all true liberation and illumination lies within the self .

I am not advocating a specific  translation of old symbols,  but what is universal or
essential. Pictoral essentials go long back, Atlantean.

I wish to say In regards of in todays world many symbols have been/ is subjected to much
old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy theorists, propaganda
and online disinformation, distortion and bias ;
Symbols, esoteric and occult symbols or ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos.
Symbols like ´energy´ are not ´bad´ in themselves, however intent, use and method
has something to say.

Nobody owns the ancient symbols of the universe and cosmos,  but different groups/
societies / traditions/ religions / times have used them and some have their own
intepretations of them and ´creational print´, coding or ´overlay´ on . Some symbols
may have been re-coded with distortions and some symbols are ´distorted mutations´
or ´inversions´ compared to a more ´ blue printed version ´.

-Elena Santini



After Script

The Truth is INside to Know and Not to Know . . . . . and to Know succeeding,  expandingly.

The Desire to know and the Surrender to not knowing.