In a future date, . . . I will write about the Pyramids.

The green stone is an emerald, next to a gold bracelet of spiral serpent. the cat a symbol of a
guardian ; keeper of records, knowledge and information.

– Elena

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Does every lock have a key ?
If you ask the right question, will you recieve the right answer ?
Is the key literal, symbolic or metaphorical.

Note ; Re the egyptian and cat photo, Ive found on the internet, write me for credit or removal.

Human /- ape lines, deevolution or evolution.

AstraZeneca, the vaccine that became associated with death and new desease.
AstraZeneca is based on a adenovirus from a chimpanse. I´ve thought some ape/ monkey lines are deevolved
lines of lets say wrong human animal contact once upon a time . . .. or did some ape lines come from outer space . . ?

Outer space ; I dont want to define it, you can define it within yourself.

But I mean ie ´animal, humanoid´ looking beings from other planetary or star systems. crossover forms also seen in
a ´mythological / religious / pantheons ´ way in regards previous earth history, human bodies with animal heads or
other way around,. . . . . other civilazations colonised, ets , those who came from, . . . some callled ´gods´ or took the
postiion thereof, invaders et cetera.

In regards of Blends, breeds, experiments of Atlantis with human / animal forms also. And testings on animals and
humans. Using sciences and ´math´ to play with ´g_dly´ powers.

hey I have an idea ; ” lets play ´gods´ use this ´science´ to to create some some wormholes and portals ” … and ´rips
in space and time´ . . . Atlantis, . . . . look at past ´atlantean sciences´ or sciences that was known in Atlantis and see
what Cern is doing, attempting . . .today . . . .

* Deevolved lines ; Deevolutionary lines, vs/ and evolutionary lines, and involutionary forces.