Sky Scrolls and Falling Stars

Sky Scrolls and Falling Stars

Does the sky unfold as a scroll or roll up as a scroll . . . . unfold to read or roll up to conceal . . . . . .
what is visible to one eye may be invisible to another, . . . . contradictive tempoarily appearences
can overlay eachother simulateneusly . . . . also symbolically speaking.

# Seeing a falling star tonight

Omega Prophecy = 759 Signs in the stars = 759 Eye of the seer = 759

The Star blanket, like a celestial veil.
Something can both be concealed and revealed at the same time.

I unveileth what can be known, For those who hath understanding,
And I veileth what can not be known, For those who hath not understanding.
My garments are those of ever radiating stars, blue sapphires, and the nightly flowers of eternal dawn.
Some seals create veils., Not all seals create veils.

Digitalazations in The Sky ; See After Script further below, with Gematria.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

The Universe,
like a set of cards, on the dark blue ethereal veil of stars,
to be read correctly or ´ lesser correctly ´.

Ethereal Veil of Stars can both signify the outer,
and the living glittering etheric ´ tapestry´before the inner eye
on which symbols and ´cards´ can appear.

The Eye of Prophecy

After Script with Gematria

Digitalizations in The Sky

Scan and Download from the Sky ! . . .1500 Drones formed QR code.

One night I saw a symbolic vision in the sky of ´The Grim Reaper´,
to me the digitalised drone created Qr codes in the sky is more ´creepy´, seen in the perspective
of several agendaes.

Scan and download from the sky = 2027 Welcome to your doom = 2027

“Download repent codes from the sky, download repent codes from the sky, . . ” : ) ; ) o:)

Skynet Drone Control = 1167 Decoding a code vaccine is a mark = 1167 Reveal bible clues = 1167

Digtalized Drone Sky = 1338 Another world = 1338 Military intelligence mindcontrol = 1338
Sonic weapons = 1338 Vatican mindcontrol agenda = 1338 Mystery messiah = 1338 Radio frequency
identification = 1338

Scancode Mark in The Sky = 979 A machiavellian mask = 979 Machiavellian meaning = 979 The prison of
manifestation = 979

One night in another night vision symbolic, one of the 4 Horsemen appeared, however in this version,
comming through ´ a rift in space /time´ . . . . . to be seen in the sky . .

I can see/remember a world or civillization ( ´past or elsewhere ´) with ´living crystals´ ” floating/hanging ”
in the air, no artificial light bulbs. this kind of digitalized world, with a scancode ´mark (ed) in the sky´ now. .
is to me death, anti-life, anti soul symbolic.



Note ; To whom made the above star gif, I dont know your name,
write me for credit or removal.