Spinning The Wheel of Fortune on Todays Lucky Numbers, Dark times where is the Sun ? Gematria.

Spinning The Wheel of Fortune on Todays Lucky Numbers,
Dark times where is the Sun ?


Corona pandemic fraud = 667 Expose Antifa =667 Self Quarantine = 667
Surge of Fascism = 667 Nice terror attack = 667 Bush blackmailed clinton = 667
Hurricane Katrina = 667 Close to the finish line = 667

Covid nineteen pandemic fraud = 1453 A day of judgement = 1453 Transmitted
disease apocalypse = 1453 Corona virus pandemia = 1453

Recollecting Previous Alphanumeric Codes and Values see further below ;

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously, and ´secret
messages. Numbers have a language or message of their own, and names and
letters can be codes or encoded.

Is this true, right or false assertment ? on one level . . .

Aside crash economy, other agendas et all ;

Seen in the perspective of ´the apocalyptic script being played out ´ and law of
attraction : that the world have become so full of falseness, plus accumulated karma
since atlantean fall ; that when ´apocalyptic transmitted disease manifest´ it is
itself ´fraudulent´ or connected with fraudelence, yet manifesting in symptoms . . .
and also via black magic . .

Previous Alphanumeric Codes and values Regarding;

C Nineteen Computer Bourne = 1152 September Eleven = 1152
The use of Black Magic to harm others = 1152 Demonic Laws = 1152 Mind control
device = 1152 As Second Nine Eleven = 1152 Control Frequency = 1152

Bourne (archaic) ; ” The state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that
(when achieved) terminates beahviour intendend to achieve it; “the end justifices
the means”. “

In sound ´double meaning´ as similar to Borne (carried on/ through, transmitted via ).

C Nineteen Computer Borne = 952 Satanic ritual abuse = 952 The philadelphia
experiment = 952 The master numbers are= 952 Binary code perfection =952 Saturn
death cult = 952 Fourth dimensional cube = 952 Total destruction = 952

Wifi = 47 Beast = 47 Shadow Government = 2110 Five G Beast Network = 2110

Extended Section Re Computer Bourne 1152 / Borne 952 / Electric Transmission ..
Wifi 47 et all.

Wi Demic = 960 Fall of the united states = 960 All is revealed = 960 Portal Exodus = 960
Bringer of destruction = 960 Fema region viii = 960

Five G Pamdemic = 879 Georgia guidestone cube = 879 Horrific coming days = 879
Demonically inspired = 879 Generational satanists = 879 Internet connection gone again
= 879 Dark crystals = 879

Wi Demia = 958 Arnageddon the sixth seal = 958 Corrupted high priest = 958
Control reality = 958 Double metatron star = 958 See the solomon key = 958
The black sun the dark star = 958 Babylon nyc = 958 Super blue blood moon =
958 Consumed of earth quake = 958 Applied digital solutions = 958

Wi Demia and Wi Demic to reveal the alphanumeric codes, encoded words and
probable coherence when connecting Wifi and Pandemia …

So ´ apocalyptic ´ virus, disease or death is virus, disease or ´death´ regardless how
it manifests or originated ; artificial, electric frequency, or biological planetary matter ?

Everything here has an
electro-magnetic frequency incl of illness, disease, virus, as our thoughts have, plants,
crystals, radio waves,radiations, happiness, joy, fear etc . . . or vibration . .

Virus 19 Pandemia = 1229
George Orwell = 1229
Judgement is coming = 1229 And Justice for all = 1229 Vice city = 1229
The persona of evil = 1229 Dark Winter = 1229 The Wheel of karma = 1229
Respiratory illness = 1229 Magnetic Electric Frequency = 1229
Skull and bones society = 1229 Spell word = 1229

Dark winter can hold several meanings ; Dark Winter as in operation
´Dark Winter ´, and also Metaphorical and literal .

Remember in gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously,
and ´secret messages´.

Virgin Stargate = 1229 River of Memories = 1229

Synchronised = 1229 Angel of revelations = 1229 I will be silent = 1229

Solar Curve = 1229 The Zodiac Simulation = 1229 Magnetic levitation = 1229

I see you serpents = 1229 Breaking spells of evil = 1229 Reverse audio = 1229



Original partly excerpts of Gematria Section in ;
Illusion of Death, Gematria, Fearmongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control.

A few sugegstions that can or may contribute to be, stay or become stronger ´in the dark times´. .

A few suggestions that can or may contribute to be, stay
or become stronger ´in the dark times´ . . .

Coherence of physical. emotional, mental, spiritual strength.

Meditation ;  one pointed meditation, control of thoughts, the ability to think consciously
and ´ ability not to think´  ; beingness, mediative sattivic tranquillity , the mind be like
a clear ocean of sattvic tranquillity . . When the chitta ( or mindsrtiff ) is stilled the Soul
can reflect too, equally so with or through a set of purified lower bodies or vehicles
(physical, emotional, etheric, astral, mental )

(Observe thoughts or see though them, not think anything about thoughts or their follow
thoughts ; If difficulties disengaging from thoughts or turning them off at will, or
disengage energize their content / think new streams about them etc or seize them
to exist /disssolve or observe them ; Try do the opposite for half minute ; Consciously
energize them / think something about them, and then half minute not doing (back
and forth). Feel & be aware of the difference in doing it 100% consciously and not
doing it consciously . . . Ideally the mind and thougt-fire are tools for the ´Higher Self´)

Or Walking Meditation, and meditation in activity. Being ( presence ) in doing whatever. .

Physical & Spiritual Grounding
in whichever way works best.  Exercise, yoga, chi work,  bio-energetic work, bio- energetic
healing, bio -spiritual healing or physical training of a kind.

To Stand between ´Heaven and Earth´,
To withstand powerful storms with strength, reliabillity and stability, why both pillars
and trees are great symbols of this ; The branches of the Tree, flexible, to the winds and
storms, to bend and not break . . .    like a master of the wind. A Tree that has its roots
firmly in the ground stands stronger than a tree, which seeks only to have its branches
into heaven.

Shadow Work
Embracement of inner darkness gives a strong stand, fake or false light and ´spiritual bypassing ´ 
gives a weak stand.
Letting  go of what  belong to the ´shadow´ of old ways, patterns etc, let go of what is not good
or not serving any good anymore, transformation, transmutation, alchemy, change, transition,
purging vs resistance, stagnation, inertia . .

Meditation for Soul or Higher Self- Alignment,
in that connection also let go of what does not serve that alignment or Higler Self Integration.
To perform ´the great self-work´ we must take guidance from and proceedingly become our Higher Self.

To Become who we really are ; our ´Higher Self ´, our True Self.

To be Inline (alignment) and online (streaming) with the ´Higher Self´ and Source, downpour and inflow,
and In~ flow with divine harmony.

Let go of the past, intergrate the future ( ´angel / higher self ´ ), while staying in the present.
Disembody – embody, disintegrate – integrate, being and becoming . .

Cherish what is beautiful and true to you . . .

Good sleep, good, rest, plenty of (cleansed) water. time in nature. creativity, et cetera.

Clean food with Prana, Wholefood (unprocessed, organic, not gmo ) and eg adaptogenic herbs.

Par example Wholesome Salads ;


Nourishing Rich Organic Plant drinks, Juice, Smoothie, Lattes


8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation.




World Scene Events, Restriction, Limitation, Darkness Where is The Sun ?

Restriction, Limitation, Darkness Where is the Sun ?

Restriction, limitation, darkness, ´ saturn´, karmic retribution, tribulation, an ending time, disease
& death real or illusory, forgery, falseness. corruption and shadow, where is the sun (soul) (light,
expansion, revelation and radiation), upheaval and chaos organised and spontaneous ; controlled
and uncontrolled, apocalyptic insanity . . . . . . what will emerge from all of this ! ?

There is a reason why the Conscious Process / – Symbol ´ The Hanged Man´ has a smile on his
face .

´While we wait for a fake alien invasion , bluebeamed apocalyptic appearences or false saviours
in the sky ´. .

The air is full of blatant tyranny, mk ultra and manipulations. Disgraceful scams of enforcing
global militant regime medical, martial, police under lies and pretense ” to protect you ” . .

World scene consecutive events ; Create chaos, fear, collective trauma, divide and conquer et
cetera. Create successive complementary distractions or smokescreens to ´whats really going on´
or to what is also going on or being plotted or implemented from the shadows meanwhile . . .

A few sugegstions that can or may contribute to be, stay  or become stronger ´in the dark times´.
Coherence of physical emotional, mental spiritual strength.


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Originally Excerpt of The After Script in this post ;
Illusion of Death, Gematria, Fearmongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control

After Script

Light and Form symbolized by Sun & Saturn ☉ ♄

” Saturn represents limitation and form, the Sun stands for light and radiation. When the power of
limitation is used positively it is combined with the radiant energy of the Sun, thus enlightenment
exalt form. ~To express the same in an ” alchemical meaning ” : having to do with transmutation of
“ lead “ into “gold ”.

– P Foster Case

Magnum Opus – The Great Work

Magnum Opus – Martin Hall

River of life, salt of the Earth, We are the children of unseen worlds
In this arena the strongest survives, But only intact if they stay true to life
And touched by a sparkle, a cool fire burns, The flame is a guest but it has
to return, To its kingdom , Its arising, To its source

The mystery lives in crystal and cell, Untouchable real as the heartbeat itself,
The immanent life, an eminent line, A journey more directional than defined
A resonance ringing, a midnight sun burns, What’s said by the words is what
silence confirms, The media of senses, of heart and of mind, In worlds of the
moment, the past left behind, It leaves me all breathless, it feels so complete
The heavens so still and the Earth so concrete, And it calls me, In a whisper
In a scream

Like a shadow that’s cast from above, In this kingdom of flesh and of blood
A superior allowance rules, The Magnum Opus of life, Calling for some,
knowing you’re there, Hiding away in own worlds, unaware, Living in darkness,
living without, The beauty of life, of demand inside out, Now stop the self-torture
of doubt and of fear, The fact that you are says you’re meant to be here, To feel
weak costs nothing, to rise above does

A future is calling for each one of us, And if you don’t want it, then die on your own,
I’m gonna proceed even if I’m alone, ‘Cause I want it, More than ever, For us all

Reasons known, reasons still to be found, Where there’s will, there are ways, none without,
A superior allowance rules, The Magnum Opus of life, And it calls me,, In a whisper
And it calls me, In a scream

When all is said and when all is done A moment alone will come to everyone,
To make you consider, to make you see clear, What you have caused in the time you’ve been here

It’s beginning, So may each find what each seeks