Purification of Water

Purification of Water.

Purifying water with activated charcoal made of tree, sunlight,
clear mountain crystal, colloidal silver and healing/blessing by hand.

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Activated charcoal, activated carbon . . . . Diamond is an alletrope of carbon.
Within the diamond the carbon element has its atoms arranged in a crystal
structure. ´Carbon transfiguration´. .
In a diamond each carbon atom, is covalently bonded to 4 other carbons in a

Ideal to use a piece of raw diamond ; diamond is an ancient known natural purifier,
in the water as well for purification, in combination with clear quartz crystal,

activated charcoal, sunlight and

Sunbathing Sacred Rosemary in the background.

Herkimer Diamond is a Clear Quartz
with double terminated crystal structure,
with brillliant sparkle, that has a similar structure as diamond. Great ´healer
crystal´ and amplifier. I use in water as natural purifier as well.

A lot is said, and also written on crystals and gemstones on the internet, of which, generally
speaking, I am not advocating. And every one will have to feel for themselves by experience,
how a specific crystal effects, on different levels.

Activated organic charcoal powder, can also be used in organic veggie
capsules or pure organic powder form for a detoxification every once in a while,
to absorb toxins internally.

Organic charcoal made from organic coconuts, in picture below,

no other ingreedients.

Amount equivalent to1 or 2 capsules can be dissolved in water ( has no taste, or
used in, green juice, smoothie etc . not recommended for children under 12).
Charcoal have been used for long also to absorb poison toxins in humans and animals
from stomach and instestines in medical care. Also used to polish teeth and in face masks
(add water ) for pure detoxed skin.


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