Cremation, death, disease and Purification by Fire literal and occult.

In this reality field, Life is also connected with ´death´.

That fire is connected with cleansing esoteric and exoteric, I see as natural why cremation
holistically is better than burial. I mean rotten flesh / and astral bodies . . . in /bonded with
the earth elemental layer, that is also pervaded with water vs ´fast´ cleansing, purification
and release by fire.

That many of these physical bodies also carried/ carry sickness. also speak for crematory
process of purification. sickness and gmo- modifications due to various possible reasons.

The philosophy of going ´prepared and cleansed into death´ is not so much among
the living on this plane, anymore.

Ideally , ´the higher self´ should destroy / dissolve the body by departure.

Fire can liberate, destruction can liberate, that which is held within forms,
or bring atonement or unify that which is separated by veils.
Fire can illuminate, electrify and reveal that which is hidden
Fire and Water can cause destruction, annihilation and obliteration both
literal and occult.
E.g. destruction of past civilazations by fire and water.
Fire and Water can also cause purification, cleansing, regeneration, babtism,
Fire can incinerate that which is offered on the altar of (self ) sacrifice.
Some Fire is not extinguished by Water,

That which survives physical and metaphysical fire is imperishable.
That or Whom that riseth from fire, water and death into light and life, is
the resurrected.

– Elena