When The Word Become Flesh.

When The Word Become Flesh.

I see as a ´universal truth´ / potency * , in regards of the thought ( head center,
´higher self´), word ( throat ) and body ( physical plane). I Am not speaking in any
religious terms. I am speaking on one level, creation and self responsibillity.

I am not at war with religion, I hope religion is no longer at war with me.

* ´ Universal truth´ / potency. Esoteric (inner), exoteric (outer).
Body ; temple of the soul / higher self on this plane.
Headcenter cover as I speak it, both crown, ajna, alta major area △ ▽.
The throne of g_d between the eyes ; The throne between the eyes i.e. the
throne of the soul / higher self / divine self.

Death is not real,
Coronation on, The throne of g-d,
The throne of g-d, Veiled behind the eyes, read between the lines,
Sea of stars, knowledge shall be increased,

The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes ;
The original ´Soul Seat´ before i.e the planetary Atlantean fall, where after
generally speaking the personality became solar plexus polarised.
´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean times.
The ´upward journey´ . . . .back to the original ´ Soul Seat ´..
The Higher Self – And The Throne Between The Eyes,
& the heart bridge .

The Seat of the Soul = 838 Time to reclaim the throne = 838
Sun sun merging = 838 Resurrection of life = 838 Immortalized = 838

– Elena

The Glamor of Love and Suffering. https://www.in-luxia.com/2021/05/19

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What can Liberation of thought mean ?

What can liberation of thought mean ?

A freeness to use or not use the thought matter substance or thought fire.
That the senses does not control thought.
That loop patterings, systemic patterings, habitual patterns does not control thought.
That instinct, memory ( real/ or implants individual or collective) and desire does not control thought.
That astral parasites or machine techs does not have influence.
That culture, propaganda, newsmedia, dogma, religion, mk ( mindcontrol / mku ) etc does not control thought.
That . . . .

The ´higher self´ ideally is the one to use/ control thought.

Peace between thoughts,
peace between breaths

– Elena

What is a liberated thought without a liberated body, a non attached / unbound body.
the word or thought become flesh.

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The nightly heaven of cosmos are full of stars tonight,
New heaven and new earth,

The nightly heaven of cosmos are full of stars tonight = 2888
New heaven and new earth = 2888 Gematria

The Sea is no more, the Heaven is no more, the world is no more et cetera,
maybe there was a new sea,or a new heaven or new world / body, or a new
sound appearing,or it was all gone, into disssolution.
The sound was no more, the pure idea was no more .
The thought was nore more,dissolved or a new was created from fire.

Issness The Sea is a Sea of Light, in the dark of Night of radiating Stars.

Freeness Is ?

Freeness Is ?

This is greatly made on some level . . .
t´transcendental space trance . . . sort of . .

Tiësto – Adagio For Strings

Is freeness free from or free to . . . . . or both ? . . . . . . in everyday life ..

Or freeness to expand cosciouness from the tiniest atom to the greatest solar
system and back again . . . . . or freeness to bi-locate or teleport . . . . . . or . . . . . .
conscious withdrawl of the consciousness back up through the crown at will . . .
or freeness to ´just´ be . . . . . .or freeness and beingness in doing and creating . . .
or freeness of purely observing . . . . . or . . .

– Elena

I rarely ever hear music after I began hearing ´inner music / internal
tonal harmonies ´ in 2011, but sometimes I try, music used to be a great part of my life. .

Inner & Outer Music, Truth, Lies, General Behavior Modifications,
Mku and Gematria 9 11.


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Inheritance of what has already been created, or attained or further is in present creation.

Creational Inheritance ;

Inheritance of what has already been created, or attained
or further is in present creation.

Preserve, held pure or purified, consistency, regenerate, illuminate, or

Corrupt, debase, inconsistency, degenerate, darken ;

Blood, genes, soul, atoms, cells, organs, centers, lines /lineages, groups,
systems ;

Evolutionary or devolutionary speaking . . .

Centers ; meant both as physical, metaphysical, bodily, planetary and universal.

In fact more than ´Centers ´of the aforementioned, can be understood physical,
metaphysical, bodily, planetary or universal.

Spirit ; matter vibrating at its highest and vice versa.

Rhythm (or hamony / light), activity (or mobility ), inertia (or darkness,
ignorance, sloth etc .) .


After Script ;
With great power, light or knowledge comes great responsibility, for various reasons.
One reason being an otherwise ´wise soul´ could become a ´fool´ corrupting his / her own
spiritual and bodily system, and lead others into corruption, debasement, degeneration and
fall.   Or knowingly /unknowingly into ´ soul- harvest ´ ´disguised as light ´,  but thats another
subject. Corruption exist in low and ´relative high´ places / planes .

Pure Consciousness and phenomenal experience.

Pure consciousness and phenomenal experience.

I speak quite much of healing plants and herbs and etc, which have beautiful and true healing abilities in the perceived or observed world /body/ bodies of phenomenal experience. As well there are internal subtle healing catalysts like kundalini energy, which also belong to the world(s) of phenomena, like ´ activated dna ´ do. The pure consciousness however is unaffected. By discernment many ´ differentiations or layers of consciousness ´ can be made as well differentiations of life energy and of light and dark ; In regards of consciousness I speak here of the one pure in the way, that if trying to purify ít, it would just taint ít except that it can not be tainted, but illustrative speaking, neither can it be affected by stimuli or stimulants.



Illusory Stars on the Veil of Maya, yet beautiful,


like the illusory reflections or projections of suns on the heavens.   I think if we only see /comprehend the physical aspects  without knowledge or realization of their ´ spiritual ´ origin or the ´sphere from where projected ´ into ´objective manifestation´,  then our comprehension is ´ maya ´ too ;  if we don’t see through the ´ illusory magic ´ of glittering stars,  the radiant physical rays of the celestial sun body, astrology esoteric and exoteric  etc. When worlds or bodies lower or higher goes into dissolution when the spirit or life withdraws, they would seem real while appearing and unreal when gone.


– Elena


NB ;  The way I see it ´phenomenas´ can appear and disappear on more than the physical plane . I.e astral, etheric and mental plane.



Star Gif Link  https://78.media.tumblr.com/c2c4dbdaebd0c6f45a84736480495edd/tumblr_p2fpvuUjNH1sb5osho1_540.gif?fbclid=IwAR0stoVy3cRc04RzWRaARHXd_moKJdmA4Jn2EQmcaxGJA9R3kpfkEmg3ciA


Circularity  Gif  Link.



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There is an Intelligence, a Higher Intelligence.

There is an Intelligence,  A Higher Intelligence

That expresses itself  living, direct, pure, intuitive,
It can express instantaneously creative for any practical purpose on the physical plane needed.

It can not be taught from the outside,

It is prevailing from the inside  . . .  as a streaming flow.


I write ´intuitive´ as the intelligence does not require any previous thinking or analysis,
but can of course express through thought and logic as well.  As well as be holistic.

.   ..

High spiritual understanding = 1221 Starlight evening = 1221
Channel your emotions = 1221
Emerald star, higher intelligence, celestial, cosmic, universal light
Emerald Crown, Emerald Star, Eternal Light Tree and True Gold.
Esoteric poetry & Gematria


– Elena


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