Everything is Questionable. If it can be questioned it is questionable. Gematria. Double realities age of fake news media = 1775

Double realities age of fake news media = 1775 Biometric security got hidden
secrets = 1775

In a world like this everything should be questioned. If it can be questioned, it is

Did the titanic really sink ? Was the ´moon landing ´real ? Are these genetic modified
corn cereals really good ? Is the current world scenario an episode of the twillight
zone ? : ) Or are we facing the dark lord /s of Mordor ?

Dark lord = 249 The ring = 249 One lord = 249 Paedophile cabal = 249 The black
magician = 249 Dark changes = 249 Genetic chip = 249 Digital rfid = 249 Killing fields
= 249 Face the mark = 249 Mark the face = 249 Foreheads = 249 Death mask = 249
The omega game = 249 Radical left = 249 Digitalis = 249

Hegelian dialectic = 249 Ordo ab chao = 249

The Mirror of Galadriel.

If it can be questioned, it is questionable.
Asking more of the right questions give more right answers than asking ´the wrong
´questions, birthing many new questions.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

The hanged man = 249
( remember though theres a reason why the hanged man in symbolics card understood
has a smile on his face )

Anointed = 249 The hidden king = 249 Sacred king = 249 The cobra = 249 Magic birth
= 249

I am the Sea = 249


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Everything should be questioned, everything is questionable.

Cornflakes from hell = 524 Monsanto genocide = 524
Children of the corn bran = 634 Crimes against children = 634
Reptillian bloodlines = 634 Experiment = 634 Radical mindcontrols = 634

Children of the Corn II, The final sacrifice. -SK

” Growing on the spoiled corn is a dark-green acidic toxin which
they believe is filling the town’s air and contributing to a spate of
delusions in the children, rendering them emotionless and violent. “

The creation of gmo crops, is said to make them resistant to insect pests and
( toxic) herbacides. Gmo crops par ex are often used to make granulated
sugar, cornstarch, corn oil, and canola oil.
Add to the scenario genetic modified frankenstein trees, genetic modified insects
and genetic modified pollinators. Like a cold ´phantom world´ devoid of spirit and life.


Primary and secondary sounds.
Nature create sounds like music, ´tonalities´.
The sounds that create ´nature´ and ´ supernature´, and the sounds that
nature, suns, stars tone out.

How become the forest music if trees are genetic modified frankenstein trees
visited by genetic modified frankenstein insects ? . . . that also visit ´real trees´
and gmo crops.
The world has fallen from pristiness in many ways. Symbolic picture ; ´ like the
elves in the lord of the rings musically in a forest´ to a world of gmo nature ( crop,
soil, water, plant, air.)