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I made a choice of celibacy 12 years ago.
For various reasons, not to ´become more
spiritual´ there are other esoteric /exoteric
reasons /feelings behind. And I dedicated
my life to work on the inner planes. I felt a
choice of celibacy would be beneficial in
coherence with a period of inner trans-
formation, purification. transformation and
subjugation of the sexual energy and
higher creative expression.

If celibacy does not include any trans-
formation, a true purpose is lost, and can
even create evil in the world, in the latter I
am specifically refering to priests preaching
about g_d and what not, taking wows, yet
because of lack of morals, lack of sexual
energy transformation, inner alchemical trans-
mutation, inner transformation, and
purification also of the mental, astral, physical
and emotional body plane commit atrocious
acts of sexual abuse of children.

Hiding behind a veil and manipulating others
= 1775 The unholy priest secret child location =
1775 Impeach now human traffickers = 1775
Unholy government = 1775


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#celibacy, #unholy priests,