A few sugegstions that can or may contribute to be, stay or become stronger ´in the dark times´. .

A few suggestions that can or may contribute to be, stay
or become stronger ´in the dark times´ . . .

Coherence of physical. emotional, mental, spiritual strength.

Meditation ;  one pointed meditation, control of thoughts, the ability to think consciously
and ´ ability not to think´  ; beingness, mediative sattivic tranquillity , the mind be like
a clear ocean of sattvic tranquillity . . When the chitta ( or mindsrtiff ) is stilled the Soul
can reflect too, equally so with or through a set of purified lower bodies or vehicles
(physical, emotional, etheric, astral, mental )

(Observe thoughts or see though them, not think anything about thoughts or their follow
thoughts ; If difficulties disengaging from thoughts or turning them off at will, or
disengage energize their content / think new streams about them etc or seize them
to exist /disssolve or observe them ; Try do the opposite for half minute ; Consciously
energize them / think something about them, and then half minute not doing (back
and forth). Feel & be aware of the difference in doing it 100% consciously and not
doing it consciously . . . Ideally the mind and thougt-fire are tools for the ´Higher Self´)

Or Walking Meditation, and meditation in activity. Being ( presence ) in doing whatever. .

Physical & Spiritual Grounding
in whichever way works best.  Exercise, yoga, chi work,  bio-energetic work, bio- energetic
healing, bio -spiritual healing or physical training of a kind.

To Stand between ´Heaven and Earth´,
To withstand powerful storms with strength, reliabillity and stability, why both pillars
and trees are great symbols of this ; The branches of the Tree, flexible, to the winds and
storms, to bend and not break . . .    like a master of the wind. A Tree that has its roots
firmly in the ground stands stronger than a tree, which seeks only to have its branches
into heaven.

Shadow Work
Embracement of inner darkness gives a strong stand, fake or false light and ´spiritual bypassing ´ 
gives a weak stand.
Letting  go of what  belong to the ´shadow´ of old ways, patterns etc, let go of what is not good
or not serving any good anymore, transformation, transmutation, alchemy, change, transition,
purging vs resistance, stagnation, inertia . .

Positive affirmations can do good, as long as ´the dark and negative´ is not ´spiritual bypassed´.

Meditation for Soul or Higher Self- Alignment,
in that connection also let go of what does not serve that alignment or Higler Self Integration.
To perform ´the great self-work´ we must take guidance from and proceedingly become our Higher Self.

To Become who we really are ; our ´Higher Self ´, our True Self.

To be Inline (alignment) and online (streaming) with the ´Higher Self´ and Source, downpour and inflow,
and In~ flow with divine harmony.

Let go of the past, intergrate the future ( ´angel / higher self ´ ), while staying in the present.
Disembody – embody, disintegrate – integrate, being and becoming . .

Cherish what is beautiful and true to you . . .

In times of ´unrest´ ; thinking about or singing about, what is loved or a loved one,
person or animal can help stimulate peace (and joy ) in the heart ( and head ) and

Good sleep, good, rest, plenty of (cleansed) water. time in nature. creativity, et cetera.

Clean food with Prana, Wholefood (unprocessed, organic, not gmo ) and eg adaptogenic herbs, plants, powders.

Par example Wholesome Salads ;


Nourishing Rich Organic Plant drinks, Juice, Smoothie, Lattes


8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation.


Also rest music ” Insomnia relief “The Blue Forest” Binaural Beats Sleep Music


– Elena