A few suggestions that can or may contribute to be, stay or become stronger ´in the dark times´. .

A few suggestions that can or may contribute to be, stay
or become stronger ´in the dark times´ .

Coherence of physical. emotional, mental, spiritual strength.

Meditation ;  one pointed meditation, control of thoughts, the ability to think consciously
and ´ ability not to think´  ; beingness, mediative sattivic tranquillity , the mind be like
a clear ocean of sattvic tranquillity . . When the chitta ( or mindsrtiff ) is stilled the Soul
can reflect too, equally so with or through a set of purified lower bodies or vehicles
(physical, emotional, etheric, astral, mental ).

Observe thoughts or see though them, not think anything about thoughts or their follow
thoughts ; If difficulties disengaging from thoughts or turning them off at will, or
disengage energize their content / think new streams about them, or seize them
to exist /disssolve or observe them ; Try do the opposite for half minute ; Consciously
energize them / think something about them, and then half minute not doing (back
and forth). Feel and be aware of the difference in doing it 100% consciously and not
doing it consciously . . . Ideally the mind and thougt-fire are tools for the ´Higher Self´ .

Or Walking Meditation, and meditation in activity. Being / presence in doing whatever.

Physical & Spiritual Grounding
in whichever way works best.  Exercise, yoga, chi work,  bio-energetic work, bio- energetic
healing, bio -spiritual healing or physical training of a kind.

3 ways that can or may support getting oneself more whole´ly through the day and night ;
Consciously done.

1) Ground deep 3 times a day. 2) Breathe deep 3 times a day for a longer period, until breath
become fluently like that. 3) Proccess 3 times a day, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

To Stand between ´Heaven and Earth´,
To withstand powerful storms with strength, reliabillity and stability, why both pillars
and trees are great symbols of this ; The branches of the Tree, flexible, to the winds and
storms, to bend and not break . . .    like a master of the wind. A Tree that has its roots
firmly in the ground stands stronger than a tree, which seeks only to have its branches
into heaven.

Shadow Work
Embracement of inner darkness gives a strong stand, fake or false light and ´spiritual bypassing ´ 
gives a weak stand.
Letting  go of what  belong to the ´shadow´ of old ways, patterns etc, let go of what is not good
or not serving any good anymore, transformation, transmutation, alchemy, change, transition,
purging vs resistance, stagnation, inertia.

Positive affirmations can do good, as long as ´the dark and negative´ is not spiritual bypassed.

Meditation for Soul or Higher Self- Alignment,
in that connection also let go of what does not serve that alignment or Higler Self Integration.
To perform ´the great self-work´ we must take guidance from and proceedingly become our Higher Self.

To Become who we really are ; our ´Higher Self ´, our True Self.

To be Inline (alignment) and online (streaming) with the ´Higher Self´ and Source, downpour and inflow,
and In~ flow with divine harmony.

Heal and let go of the past, intergrate the future ; angel / higher self , while staying in the present.
Disembody – embody, disintegrate – integrate, being and becoming.

Cherish what is beautiful and true to you.

In times of ´unrest´ ; thinking about or singing about, what is loved or a loved one,
person or animal can help stimulate peace (and joy ) in the heart ( and head ) and

And affirming / feeling / thinking about something that gratefulness is
felt for.

Good sleep, good, rest, plenty of (cleansed) water. time in nature. creativity, et cetera.
Meditation, slow peaceful yoga stretches, or other physical connecting, relaxing energy
practise before bed rest.

Clean food with Prana, Wholefood (unprocessed, organic, not gmo ) and eg adaptogenic herbs, plants, powders.

Par example Wholesome Salads ;


8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation.


– Elena