Baltic Sea Gas Leak. Hybrid warfare / False flag ? Gematria.

Baltic Sea Gas Leak
Hybrid warfare / false flag ?

Today to read in online news, after 3 gas leaks
on the Nord Stream pipeline, sweedish
costguards report a 4th gas leak in
the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea

Several damages have been found on Nord Stream gas pipelines
1 and 2, which transports gas from Russia to Europe.
Photo right ; bubbling baltic sea. Sweedish coastguard/ Ritzau Scanpix.

Nord Stream

On a danish political side there was satisfaction with new announcement
from Nato . ” It looks like sabotage. . . .”

“All attacks against allies critical infrastructure will be met by a joint and
decisive response, the NATO countries write.”

According to online news ; Nato general secretary Jens Stoltenberg writes
on twitter. ” the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines causes deep
concern ” And he stress that; ” the defence alliance is obliged to prevent
and defend against hybrid attacks.”

The US fleet stands ready with support to its allied partners in connection
to the leaks.

A joint investigation will be started between Sweeden, Denmark (copenhagen
police department) and Germany.
According to Russia they will also investigate. The explosion has according
to the news happened in an exclusive economic zone which means everyone
has right to investigate. Investigation in the news called ´a potential dangerous
situation´, diplomatic puzzle ie many sides may be interested in monopolizing
the investigation.

According to online news, an expert says ; the explosion meassured close
to the danish island Bornholm is equal to a bigger bomb from WW II.

Several ´experts´ has in the latest days pointed to what is called
Hybrid Warfare.

Hybrid wars ie warfare by means also of disinformation, sanctions
and cyberattacks par ex.

Cyber hybrid wars = 2064 see gematria further below.
Intergovernmental military alliance = 2060 (Nato) see gematria further below.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

What may the Gematrical Probabillities regarding

The Baltic Sea Gas Leak reveal ;

Batic sea gas leak hybrid war = 1849
New imternational economic order = 1849
Agressive behaviour = 1849

Baltic sea gas leak false flag = 521
See reset scheme = 521
Black operations = 521
Hit the nail on the head = 521

Previous gematrical written in, ( See right below)
Nwo war reset = 2251

Cyber hybrid wars = 2064
Nwo cyber war alliances = 2650 The world war three propaganda
= 2650 Technologies a tool of government control = 2064 End
times hybrid wars = 1857 Cyber terrorism reset control tool = 1857


Ua war int coin energy crisis = 2251
Ua war int cash energy crisis = 2251
Ua war oil gas crisis tribulation = 2251

Is it not ´convenient ´ in the Nwo agendas that the sanctions of
the Us and West against Russia will create huge economic and
energy crisis in their own countries ?. . probably longer term
international effecting energy prizes, which convenient fit nwo
agendaes/ great reset plans.

Intergovernmental military alliance = 2060 Hypocrisy delusional
and lying = 2060 A secret will be revealed = 2060

Western invasion of Ukraine = 2560 Pretending they control
everything = 2560 Advanced military grade weapon = 2560
The end time prediction power game of monopoly = 2560

Excerpt of ; Western invasion of Ukraine = 2560


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