´Ascension symptoms´ = 1178 Digital television = 1178

´Ascension symptoms´ = 1178 Digital television = 1178

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and
phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple
levels simultaneously.

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The amount of illusory self suggestion, mass suggestion,
astral ascension glamor. Plus planetary ascension messages,
reports or channelings repeating the same info or
messages over and over ; “All these symptoms ” . . . . . . ” ,
and the next turning point . . ” year after year, after year
repeating the same.

Symptoms´ that may have a variety of causes including
digital television / or diverse radiations etc.

´Ascension symptoms´ = 1178 Construction of lungs = 1178
Virus is = 1178 Digital television = 1178 Slow death = 1178
Federal government = 1178 Conspiracy theorist = 1178

(Digital) Television can be understood as ´slow death´ in many

Remove the spell = 1178

“Since June 13, 2009, full-power television stations nationwide
have been required to broadcast exclusively in a digital format.
The switch from analog to digital broadcast television is known
as the Digital Television Transition.”

” Digital cable broadcasts were tested and launched in the U.S.
in 1996 by TCI and Time Warner. The first digital terrestrial
platform was launched in November 1998 as ONdigital in the
United Kingdom, using the DVB-T standard. “

Analogue terrestrial television ended transmission on 30th June


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Truth vs ´delusional belief´ and ´false hope´ .

Truth vs ´delusional belief´ and ´false hope´.

Why will  people rather continue in ´delusional beliefs´
or ´false hope´, than face truth.

One origin may be people have been so conditioned 
and mindcontrolled with belief systems, and dogma on
this planet, drawing attention away from inner knowing,
inner authority, inner self /higher self, inner realization.
Psychological mechanisms such as denial may also play
a role.

Belief in external ; saviour systems, saviours, g_ds, or
rainbows in the sky, the latter rainbow metaphorical
speaking. But literally the rainbow is an illusionary
appearance in the sky, emphasizing the point that many
people are blinded by illusion and glamor.


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Did you create heaven, or was ´ Heaven´ created for you ?

Did you create heaven, or was ´heaven´ created for you ?

Being dispassionate weather to be loved or hated is a
liberated state.

Being dispassionate weather to be loved or hated is a Liberated State

Speak the truth even if people hate you.

Equally so dispassion towards pleasure and pain, is ie.
center -ed / point between polarities. detached and unbound.

Polarity dispassion is a ´transcendental´ point, Balance is the
´middle key´ . The spine is inline, equilibrium. Being dispassionate
towards either polarity, is a liberated state.

If a ´heaven´ or ´a heavenly earth´ is created with attachment and
in glamor, likely a ´hell´ is created, desirebased binding, bonding,
and more illusion. Add to that selfish, unpurified desire.

More astral glamor, illusion, delusion = more absence of truth.

As longs a polarity or the pair opposites on this level, within is not
transcended or fully unified, and middle balance inbetween achieved,
polarity still ´has control ´. achieved inner balance, equilibrium, can
have the effect of ´having no preference to either side´,

Did you create heaven or was ´heaven´ created for you. ?

There may be doors in a kingdom, there may be keys to the doors.
One door does not open with a key.

When there is no desire to seek pleasure, through the senses,
pleasure doesnt matter. It is / is not. Pleasure is tempoarily,
nothing compared to the ´heavenly feeling´ beyond.

The soul ( or higher self) is not the mind, . . . the ´mind states´ are
initially ´subjected´ to pleasure or pain, to feel pain or not pain.

– Elena

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Most seek pleasure, and try avoid pain, yet may seek pain in subconscious
ways, (patterns, programmings). And mk ultra pain/ pleasure inversion
on society scale.

´ The devil ´ in the tarot deck understood as universal symbolics, not divination,
is a symbol of selfchosen /self created bondage. Self responsibiility, and
self accountabillity. Self liberation from the bondage created. The liberation
lies hid within the bondage. The keys to to true liberation lies hid within the

# polarity transcendence, # heaven
# raya yoga

The Glamor of Love and Suffering.

The Glamor of Love and Suffering.

Other Glamors besides besides ; ´ the glamor & the dark side of aquarius´ (1) ,
and the glamor of saviourism. and the glamor of the chosen ones is par ex ; the
glamor of suffering and the glamor of love, the latter partly meant in the context ;
can be consequence, of that what a great deal seem to think is ´love´ appear to be
expressions of desire.

If love has a polarity such as hate, its not love, but desire disguising itself as
love, ie repulsion /attraction, which also have equivalence in physics.

Pure love has no polarity, has it ?
´Higher heart/inner heart´ ; pure love.
´4th dimensional polarity heart´ ; Desire ie. attraction /repulsion
2 duality coins ; desire / hate & desire /fear.

There is also the glamor of romance ´spellbinding´ both men and women,
and often lays pressure on men.
In the ´destructive culture´ of todays world the pressure on men can also be

Do I want a man to destroy a flower to spread its petals before me ? No.

# glamor of romance, # illusions of love

What is love without respect ? What is civilized living together without respect for shared
space. On another level, astrally, ´our shared space´ are full of glamors that spellbind people..

We can create glamor in our own lives, and around our self,we can glamor others, create
glamors about various, the collective level is veiled in multiple glamors. As there are ancient
old and new created. With ´ higher self eyes´ they are easier to see . . . . through . . . and
dissipate in the light of the ´higher self´.

Important to destroy / dissolve glamors as they blind people and cause enslavement and
delusion, not create more of them, the collective level is very veiled in diverse glamors.


If things are ´ glamored´ , what is dark may appear as light.

(1) Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Glamor and the Dark Side of Aquarius.

The glamor of suffering have several causes, one par ex being a certain
symbol ´imprinted here´ ; the cross of suffering. The equal armed cross
of balance + are different energetically. To ´crucify´ ; to sacrifice from
below upwards internally, and also in one meaning transmutation in
regards of ´the lower elemental nature´ .
Fire can incinerate that which is offered on the altar of (self) sacrifice.
Surrender ; path of least resistance

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When The Word Become Flesh https://www.in-luxia.com/2021/07/10/when-

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Glamor and the Dark Side of Aquarius.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Welcome to the golden cage, I mean new age, I mean pandemic cage,
new order of the stage.

The golden cage = 255 Fallen angels = 255

If things are ´ glamored´ , what is dark may appear as light.

That Age of Aquarius song was not from the C I A-Eighties but the 60´s Glam-or.

Dark side of Aquarius= 910 Enchantment under the sea = 910
The spell of Xanadu = 910

Corona Sun Ring.

Corona ring = 360 Fire or flood = 360
Prediction = 360

I am immortal = 360 Original light = 360


So what is Glamor ; We can create glamor in our own lives, and around our self, we can glamor others, create glamors about various, the collective consciousness/ subconsciousness is veiled in multiple glamors. We can ´see´ through it with higher self / higher light . . . and dissipate it.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

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2 Ways of reducing desire based suffering/-attachment, astral glamor and illusion, and unnecessary possessions


2 Ways of reducing desire based suffering/-attachment, astral glamor and illusion, and unnecessary possessions.


Basic needs vs excess desire; conscious utilization of energy
Conscious directing of desire.
Desire can at conscious will be directed inward and upward …. towards union with the ´Higher Self ´and Source.
Conscious Observation, awareness and the qualitative effects of such. Observing the one who has desires, observing the one who seeks have desires forfilled on perishable phenomenas and objects.



Kama manas ( kāma, “desire” + manas, “mind” )
“ When man’s energy flows outwards towards external objects of desire, this energy works in a less subtle order of matter than the mental, in that of the astral world. What is called his desire-body is composed of this matter ; the astral body , This desire (or astral) body gives rise to a second class of entities, similar in their general constitution to the thought-forms already described, but limited to the astral plane, and generated by the mind under the dominion of the animal nature.These are caused by the activity of the lower mind, throwing itself out through the astral body—the activity of Kâma-Manas, or the mind dominated by desire. “
– A Besant



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