Self Spreading Vaccine and The Full Moon Exodus. Gematria 1178

Self Spreading Vaccine and The Full Moon of Exodus. Gematria 1178, 1418, 1618, 911.

Science of todays world can tell us that they have the technology to develop
self spreading vaccines.

What may Gematria reveal ;

Self Spreading Vaccine = 1178 Vaccination record = 1178 ´Ascension symptoms´ = 1178
Virus is = 1178 Construction of lungs = 1178 Digital television = 1178 Slow death = 1178
Federal government = 1178 Conspiracy theorist = 1178

Book of Revelation = 1178 Devolution = 1178
Creator and destroyer = 1178 The Full Moon Exodus = 1178

Seventh sense = 1178 Self explanatory = 1178

Remove the spell = 1178

The key of solomon be the light = 1178

Self Spreading vax = 1418 Radio frequency identification chip = 1418 Primal involution
= 1418 Deep state show = 1418 So much made up history = 1418

Self Spreading Vax in The Bible = 1618 The seven trumpets = 1618 To fight scripture and
prophecy = 1618 The plague of wickedness = 1618 Many evil cults = 1618 Biblical ending
day of judgment = 1618

” I am John Conner think Terminator ” = 1618
( Spread by drones = 9 11 . . . Microchipped population = 911 Holographic reality = 911 )

You are not like them find the others = 1618 Energy vibrations = 1618 Spiritual twin = 1618

Opening (Future War) | Terminator 2: Judgment Day [Remastered]

Terminator 3 Skynet Takes Over

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) – Opening Scene

Digitalized mortality = 1458 The bridge to nowhere = 1458
Covid nineteen outbreak = 1458
Computer engineering technology = 1458
Human cyborg = 821 Natural disaster = 821
Global skynet control = 1088 Rending of the veil = 1088
Event to come = 1088 This is only the beginning = 1088
NWO = 990 Corona covid = 990 New dna = 990 Skynet task force = 990

In Russia Facepay have been introduced. ( I am writing this into this post
18.10.21) Photo must be connected with bank id and official metro app.

Digitalized facepay = 1144
Marked forehead dark endtimes code key =1144 Evil eye = 1144
The end of days terminal sign = 1144 Seal of approval = 1144
Collective fascism = 1144 Facilitate operation Terminator = 1144

Pay with your face nwo = 3213 Lord of evil makes the negative seem
positive = 3213
Open borders pay with face app = 2080 Clock tower of the apocalypse = 2080

According to Who, midjune 2021, the Indian Delta variant, is stated to be on
the way to be the New World dominant.
Delta the new world dominant = 2516 Beast changes world law and time = 2516
Now is the judgement of the lord = 2516

The forbidden fruit was choosing to lust = 2516
´No´ said the snake, I am not tempting you, you are the one to control the desires.
Behold the snakes of illusion and temptation, in the astral light.
A ´real divine fruit´ can not be taken, only be given, or the nectar of it, may flow . . . internally.

Transmitted disease apocalypse = 1453 A day of judgement = 1453
Corona virus pandemia = 1453 Covid nineteen pandemic fraud = 1453

In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

I am not religious, but I do see ´ scriptures´ / ´apocalyptic scripts´ playing out
in this reality field.

Wheel of Corona = 1218
The living darkness = 1218 History repeat itself =
1218 Involution = 1218 Destruction of the human race = 1218 Laws of the bible =
1218 Sounding the trumpets = 1218

Financial reset frequency = 1218

The arc is in your hands = 1218 Decode the word = 1218

Knowledge of self = 1218 Remember your past = 1218
The rays of sirius = 1218

Corona Roulette = 784
Intepret Moon Omens = 784
Intepret omens in a dream = 784 Signs of things to come = 784 4 Do not
ignore the signs = 784 Spiritual cleansing = 784 The beast from the earth =
784 Laboratory = 784 Death prophecy = 784

Moon Spell = 365 Black mirror = 365 Haarp attack = 365 Seal on forehead =
365 Seal foreheads = 365 Bible last seal = 365 Fallen angel bloodline = 365
Nephilim are here = 365 The digital cash = 365

Recall Sun as the self =784 The Dna Strand portal = 784 ( eg 12 strand )
Crystal palace = 784 Crystals = 784 Crystal healing = 784

Communist Vaxism = 1682
Urgent message Angels of the Apocalypse = 1682
Angels of the apocalypse the storm is here = 1682
Evil authority = 1682 Is the perfect example of evil = 1682 Number of a man
six six six = 1682 Global virus propaganda = 1682 Communism in america
cashless system = 1682 Confirmation on arming of flying saucers = 1682 ?
White gargoyles = 1682 Viral colonization = 1682 Parasite organism immune
system = 1682 

Disconnect negative planted energies = 1682

´Gargoyle Frequency´, Notre Dame

– Elena


Truth, and also doubt and in some cases fear has been sown around
vaccines, not only by ´true anti vaccine´ people, but the latter doubt
and fear also by government, media fear /confusion propaganda spread.
And if some doctors are payed to lie on one side, that could be true for
another ´controlled opp´ side as well. Similar for celebrities and ´awakened
puppets´ on the scene. Control of information. with ´attached´ agendaes.

Free vax donuts, lottery, beer and joints, cheap distractions in a greater circus.
In a world where souls are for sale, that is if the ´human appearance´ has a soul.
The real test of ´satan´ is not in the 1st hour but in the 11th hour, could a
teleenvangalist cay say, was that teleevangalist cia.

Spikevax =1175 Intent to deceive = 1175 Manipulative = 1175 Crowned omega = 1175
The final judgment = 1175 They speak in numbers = 1175

Starlight consciousness = 1175

In an ´Earthly facility plane´, there are human lab rats and animal lab rats. The ´facilities
of evil animal testing´ are that which most citizens don’t care about. In recent time there
are bigger lab rats, that argue that something ie vaccine they should accept, have not
been tested on animals first.

Testing on other living beings I see as an expression of degenerated science, and also
now degenerated sciences mixed with AI. Degenerateed science or higher fallen sciences.
Anti holistic.

Animals, I pray and hope …

Animals, I pray and hope …


I pray and hope now and in future more people will speak for the silenced animals.
How is it possible to massacre 2 billion animals every week and not question that deeper! When members of the human family is massacred, we for most do more than question it. We may react, feel brotherly love or compassion that extends to our own kind or react because of death fear or personal discomfort the latter often triggered by media weather the information is true or false or spun in highly agendadized manner..
When humans are massacred its often considered a tragedy when members of the animal family is massacred and tortured, for a great deal its considered tradition and custom. Yet happily many members of the human family is beginning to encompass the animal family in compassion.
( Watch beautiful video Compassion and Love between humans and animal )
Video 2 Cuddle time in Sanctuary : )
Image below  from  the video in link  from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie



“ In the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie live animals rescued from the cruel food industry, with dogs and cats rescued from neglect. And every day, the inhabitants have shown us that no matter the species to which they belong, but all the animals want to enjoy their lives and be treated with love.”
Generally speaking, Humans can well nourish the lowest by the produce of the second (the produce of the second
is plant, vegetable originated)
And plant nourishment give ´liberation from the death of the animal´, literally by not ingesting the death-horrmone.

Plants have consciousness more so or differentiated from minerals and stones and have registration and response to stimuli, they are connected etherically to other plants.
The animals apart from plants share with us develpment of nervous system pain feeling, as well as they have developed
instinct, will and desire and abillity to move. They are etherically connected to other animals as well as emotionally connected and bonded to their brothers and sisters and family. Suffering deep emotionally when their families are torn apart, the Mother cow is one of the most abused mothers on the planet, the latter the lies of the diary and meat industry wants not people to know.
Thus why ; the evolutionary development of plant vs animal from the perspective I see, eating plant food is a choice of “ lesser evil “.
Ideally aside from bretharianism, and internal nourishment,
would be to eat the nuts, seeds and vegetables and fruits that the plant and trees give themselves and
not destroying the whole plant. The (for many people) lost feeling and spiritual connection to earth, plants and animals need reestablished vs the huge exploitation and depletion of earth and soil for plants or animals that is happening now and the cosequences thereof.
Caring for the land and plants * Demeter was the first ecological label for bio-dynamic organically grown with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms.
The Demeter was established in 1928.   
Also it takes far more plants and water to feed animals to feed humans than just plants to feed.
I feel in a more original Source connected /activated/ nourished body, it was unnatural to take
in food from the outside – in a prior time.
Felt  for a while ( * this sentence is written in 2021)  nausea from various plant protein,
( similar I felt nausea from animal protein/food as child and didnt  want it),

like our protein feels unique/like dna and ideally to create all the protein needed from within, however
an abillity ´ tempoarily lost´ in many ´recreated planetary bodies´. Also I dont want the blood, (or flesh) of
another  being into my bloodstream, my blood is sacred lifeforce, in which spirit is reflected.

All systems come to an end eventually, meanwhile their way of functioning may alter or change ie.
bodily systems in this context speaking.


Billions of animals are unjust exploited, eradicated,  misused, killed and abused every month, and tortured, seen as comodities here on this planet for food, profit, entertainment, vivisection, human desire of breeding, or just breeded to be killed by artificial incimination in great numbers by humans ´playing g_d genetically, shelters are overflowing with animals thrown out like trash.



Generally speaking pretending ” to save lives” by the exact means and ´energy link´ of killing, abusing, exploiting and torturing other living beings – animal testing – where is universal ( holistic ) intelligence and logic in that !
Also alternatives for animal testing have been developed for very long, artificial human tissue, dermatological testings and other advanced testing metods as well but for some reason there are multicoorporations – $till rejecting that !
And they do recieve money too – or they are granted money to cruel animal testing from governments funds, ´blood money ´.
´´Alternatives´ for something that should never have happened in the first place ´ . . . . Reminicents of evil experiements, dark sciences and anti-life agendas in Atlantis.
May the animals be freed until the last cage is empty, from the facilities of degenerated evil science.



Re not tested on animals look for these symbols eg  :



The Cartoon : Man. Non offensive violent material , has some good points highlighted of our current civilization culture


Generally spoken a culture of consumerism of spiritual disconnectednees, par example not many would want to follow the sentient animal on its deathrow trip, feel its stress and mortal fear as it gets hormonally infused into its blood and flesh, many seemingly groundless angsts and fears are derived from ingesting the toxins of unsuspecting people. Theres a reason why we rather take our kids to pick apples than to a slaughterhouse.
Watch Earthlings .
“Earthlings is a 2005 American documentary film about humanity’s use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research… Covering pet stores, puppy mills, and animal profession, Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden “.. ”  Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden cameras to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely on animals.  “
Animal beings are not just something/somebody, they are Someone Sentient, Someone who are also Moms and Dads, and Animal Children with Parents and Sisters and Brothers and Animal Friends, close bonds of family and animal friends . * Especially the ´meat & diary industry´ has no respect for animals close parent, family and friend bonds where they are constantly ripped apart..



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