Slavery, Evil, Hypocrisy, Planetary Devestation. State, religion, man, animal, nature.

Slavery, evil, hypocrisy, planetary devestation. State, religion, man, animal, nature.

It is apparent to hear what a great deal of humans think of their governmental and
state opressors, not least atm – ´c -19, nwo et all ´ – aside those who are good
compliant obedient slaves to state and religion, or severly mindcontrolled.

However Humanity must realize that animals are not their slaves . . . or commodities
to exploit, mistreat and abuse as they please.

Carriage drivers absuing and exploiting horses again and again, no love, no care,
no respect, cruel buisness, Horses are graceful beings. Links further below.

The abuse and exploitation of animals on this planet has no boundrries.

Horses are used as Police Slaves, inclusive abused and exploited for martial law actions,
disgracefulness for these peaceful kind beings, horses should be roaming free, with the
wind in their manes. they cant that either anymore, without threats from the air and
helicopters, shooting them and chasing them brutally into little traps from their wild

The government enslave humans, and the government and humans enslave animals.
( when will all this slavery end, and who is ´the lord of the govenment´ ? )

Also the racehorse industry is extremely cruel to horses, cruelty for money and profit.

There are many animals that want to live as little in a human enslaved world, as little as
some humans want to live in a ´government world´.

While the ´apocalyptic script runs´, it seems those with more power takes advantage of
and exploit those in positions of lesser power, ie government over people, government
and people over animals and planetary nature. and so it has been for long.

Of course ´nature´ and the ´ elemental forces´ in reality doesnt have ´lesser power´
but on the immediate level ´subdued´ under the exploitation, destruction and depletion
of man in absence of true soul, spiritual, care connection, and as man in contrary generally
speaking in one perspective of understanding, has not subdued his own inner elemenetal
and animal nature.

And with the nature power and forces extermally one must also discern what is
´artificial manipulated and controlled´modifications i e weather, tornadoes, hurricanes,
fires, stormfloods, earth quakes etc and what is ´nature alone´.

Billions of animals are unjust exploited, eradicated, misused, killed and abused every
month, brutally tortured, seen as comodities here on this planet for food, profit,
entertainment, vivisection, human desire of breeding, or just breeded to be killed, and by
artificial incimination in great numbers by humans ´playing g_d genetically, and pumped
with gmo and other toxins, shelters are overflowing with animals thrown out like trash.

What stories would the animal kingdom tell of their human opressors ?

Animal Nature Within, And Animal, Plant, Nature and Mineral Kingdom

For a great deal, generally speaking
instead of controlling ´the animal nature within´ ( esoterically speaking) man has taken
control of the animals in the external world, with devestating and sad consequences . . .
of exploitation, and abuse.

And further exploitation and depletion of nature, earth, the environment and
resources . . . . . . And multilevel planetary pollution ; spiritual, mental, astral,
emotional and physical.

And symbolically and esoterically speaking; ´Sacrifice the animal nature within´
vs ´ external religious black magic sacrifice´.

” On February 29, exhausted carriage horse Aisha helplessly fell to her knees in the busy
streets of New York City.
Heartbreaking video shows Aisha repeatedly falling and struggling
on the asphalt while her tormentors pull her with straps and blow smoke in her face. The
shocking scenes exploded on social media, prompting a national outcry against the outdated
and inhumane practice of horse-drawn carriages. Don’t let her struggle be in vain: seize this
opportunity and urge your legislators to ban horse carriage rides in your state!

Ban Deadly Horse Carriages in Your State!

Quote Original Excerpt of Post IN Defence of Animals FB page .

NYC carriage collapsed horse.
“According to the facebook post, witnesses say that they could hear Luciana screaming
in distress as the carriage drivers were kicking her, trying to drag her by the tail, and pulling
on her face for almost an hour with no veterinarian present.

Amid public outrage, an emergency protest was organized where NYCLASS and PETA
exposed the carriage industry-paid veterinarian, Dr. Camilo Sierra. According to the carriage
horse industry representatives, Luciana was examined by Dr. Sierra, who has his veterinary license
under a two-year “suspended stay” by the state. Dr. Sierra has a “long and disturbing history of
unlawful and harmful behavior to horses at New York racetracks, which includes the falsifying of
health reports and improperly drugging of horses,” according to NYCLASS. “

”Luciana was brand new to the city and should not be subjected to further danger and abuse. We
call on her owners to release her to a sanctuary and we’ll offer support to make that happen,” said
Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director of NYCLASS. “It’s clear the entire horse carriage industry is corrupt
from top to bottom. Instead of relying on the word of shady vets or animal abuse apologists, it’s time
for the City Council and Mayor to follow the example of other modern cities in the world – including
Chicago and Melbourne, Australia – and remove horse carriages from the streets of New York without

NYC carriage collapsed horse, picture to the right wild horses, photo national geographic.

For the link of ´one green planet´. I wish to state that I am not in general agreement
with diverse political views, and certain other views, promoted from onp´s websites and
facebook pages regards the ´human world and human affairs´.



Animals, I pray and hope …

Animals, I pray and hope …


I pray and hope now and in future more people will speak for the silenced animals.
How is it possible to massacre 2 billion animals every week and not question that deeper! When members of the human family is massacred, we for most do more than question it. We may react, feel brotherly love or compassion that extends to our own kind or react because of death fear or personal discomfort the latter often triggered by media weather the information is true or false or spun in highly agendadized manner..
When humans are massacred its often considered a tragedy when members of the animal family is massacred and tortured, for a great deal its considered tradition and custom. Yet happily many members of the human family is beginning to encompass the animal family in compassion.
Video 2 Cuddle time in Sanctuary : )
Image below  from  the video in link  from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie



“ In the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie live animals rescued from the cruel food industry, with dogs and cats rescued from neglect. And every day, the inhabitants have shown us that no matter the species to which they belong, but all the animals want to enjoy their lives and be treated with love.”
Generally speaking, Humans can well nourish the lowest by the produce of the second (the produce of the second
is plant, vegetable originated)
And plant nourishment give ´liberation from the death of the animal´, I mean  by not ingesting death-horrmone.

Plants have consciousness more so or differentiated from minerals and stones and have registration and response to stimuli, they are connected etherically to other plants.
The animals apart from plants share with us develpment of nervous system pain feeling, as well as they have developed
instinct, will and desire and abillity to move. They are etherically connected to other animals as well as emotionally connected and bonded to their brothers and sisters and family. Suffering deep emotionally when their families are torn apart, the Mother cow is one of the most abused mothers on the planet, the latter the lies of the diary and meat industry wants not people to know.
Thus why ; the evolutionary development of plant vs animal from the perspective I see, eating plant food is a choice of “ lesser evil “.
It  takes far more plants and water to feed animals to feed humans than just plants to feed.
Ideally aside from  internal nourishment,and secondly bretharianism, I feel
would be to eat the nuts, seeds and vegetables and fruits that the plant and trees give themselves and
not destroying the whole plant. That which would fall to the ground ´naturally´.  The (for many people) lost feeling and spiritual connection to earth, plants and animals need reestablished vs the huge exploitation and depletion of earth and soil for plants or animals that is happening now and the cosequences thereof.
Without the huge exploitation and depletion of earth and soil for plants and gmo, chemicals, pesticides etc that is happening now and the cosequences thereof, and feeling and spiritual connection to the plant and soil. Also exploitation and depletion because of greed and indulgence, people eat generally speaking way more than they need, demand, supply, and a corrupted system feeding people lies and ushering indulgence.



Caring for the land and plants * Demeter was the first ecological label for bio-dynamic organically grown with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms.
The Demeter was established in 1928.   


Demeter was the first ecological label for bio-dynamic organically grown
with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms.
The Demeter was established in 1928.
The Certified Demeter mark is different from just ecological or órganic. Demeter was the first ecological label for Bio-Dynamic organically grown with a Holistic view (in our time) and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms. Where as some ecolabels allow CMS hybridization, cell fusion of different sorts vegetables with others by use of par ex chemicals, genetic technologies and electricity. The Demeter forbidden these Cms hybrids, some others have forbidden it too.
To avoid these kinds of hybridization, also means using certified Bio-Dynamic seeds for the home garden, flowers, plants, veggies.
There is great difference in taste and feel with with something truly bio-dynamically grown, vs ´ standard ecolabel ´.. re the hybrizations and all.

* I feel in a more original Source connected /activated/ nourished body, to be ´unnnatural´ to take in food from the outside. Dont eat much anymore, raw vegan,still create muscle when I train, besides intitially I dont feel its natural to eat anything from the outside * , also not natural ( ´this is a recreated unnatural system with recreated bodies´ ) I feel to take in protein from the outside but to create self what is needed, experinced multiple times that outside protein gives me nausea.
Also I dont want the blood, (or flesh) of  another  being into my bloodstream, my blood is sacred lifeforce, in which spirit is reflected.

Billions of animals are unjust exploited, eradicated,  misused, killed and abused every month, and tortured, seen as comodities here on this planet for food, profit, entertainment, vivisection, human desire of breeding, or just breeded to be killed by artificial incimination in great numbers by humans ´playing g_d genetically, shelters are overflowing with animals thrown out like trash.



I do not agree to animal testing , I do not agree to inflicting tremendeous cruelty, and torturous suffering
upon others ; animal testing, for  others who think they are more important.
Generally speaking pretending ”to save lives” by the exact means and ´energy link´ of abusing, exploiting and torturing other living beings encaged, restrained without any abillity to move.
Also alternatives for animal testing have been developed for very long, artificial human tissue, dermatological testings and other advanced testing metods as well but for reason there are multicoorporations – $till rejecting that.
And they do recieve money too – or they are granted money to cruel animal testing from governments funds, ´blood money´. Alternatives has been developed for something that should never have happened in the first place . . . . Reminicents of evil experiements, dark sciences and anti-life agendas in Atlantis. degenerated evil science cut of from true holistic perspective.
And what are the general consequence of that humans think they are the most important on this
planet for themselves, for nature and animals ? devestation, misery, imbalance.nce, and . . . .

The Nuremberg Code subverts human health and safety by requiring animal modeling
Summary: ” We conclude that the requirements for animal testing found in the Nuremberg
Code were based on scientifically outdated principles, compromised by people with a vested
interest in animal experimentation, serve no useful function, increase the cost of drug development,
and prevent otherwise safe and efficacious drugs and therapies from being implemented” .
Background: The requirement that animals be used in research and testing in order to protect
humans was formalized in the Nuremberg Code and subsequent national and international laws,
codes, and declarations.
Discussion: We review the history of these requirements and contrast what was known via science
about animal models then with what is known now. We further analyze the predictive value of animal
models when used as test subjects for human response to drugs and disease. We explore the use of
animals for models in toxicity testing as an example of the problem with using animal models.


Re not tested on animals look for these symbols eg  :



The Cartoon : Man. Non offensive violent material , has some good points highlighted of our current civilization culture


Generally spoken a culture of consumerism of spiritual disconnectednees, par example not many would want to follow the sentient animal on its deathrow trip, feel its stress and mortal fear as it gets hormonally infused into its blood and flesh, there are human angsts, fears, that can originate from ingesting these toxins .
Watch Earthlings .
“Earthlings is a 2005 American documentary film about humanity’s use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research… Covering pet stores, puppy mills, and animal profession, Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden “.. ”  Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden cameras to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely on animals.  “
Animal beings are not just something/somebody, they are also moms and dads, and animal children with parents and sisters and brothers and animal friends, close bonds of family and animal friends . * Especially the ´meat & diary industry´ has no respect for animals close parent, family and friend bonds where they are constantly ripped apart.



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I wish to state that I am not in general agreement with  diverse political views, and certain other views, promoted from
Ogp´s websites and facebook pages regards the ´human world and human affairs ´ .
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