Blessings of loving furever homes. >^.^< Cat Rescue.

Cat Rescue. Blessings of loving furever homes.

Newborn Kittens was cruelly thrown in a dumbster,
found by a couple living in Bulgaria Stoyan and Dessy.

“They spend a lot of time looking out for the stray cats
in their neighborhood and hope to one day build a
shelter so that they can step up their care program.

Everything they provide for the cats comes from their
own pockets or with the help of donations from their
youtube subscribers. In this video we see them doing
their nightly rounds to take out the trash and feed the
local stray kitties.

When they arrive at the dumpster they can hear tiny meows
coming from inside. Somebody had thrown out a shoebox
containing newborn kittens into the dumpster.

The garbage truck usually does its rounds at around 5 am,
so these tiny kittens were lucky that Stoyan and Dessy came
along when they did. The night was cold and they had no
idea how long the two kittens had been in the dumpster.

So they took the kittens home and put them in a warm place,
not far from four other abandoned kittens that they had rescued
recently. Once the kittens had warmed up they began the task of
feeding them every two hours.

One was a boy and the other was a girl, they thought they were
around 10 days old. Soon their eyes will be open and they will
need to choose names for the siblings.”

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Last Updated: February 18, 2022  Author: Jan Travell

23 cats waiting on back porch, unsafe dumbed at shelter
in the night.
” I came into work this morning with 23 cats waiting on our
back porch. Its is 90 degrees here in Evansville. No food, no
water, no supplies, no shelter from the heat or predators, no
money to help pay for their care. They were dumped & left
for our already exhausted staff to tend to when we are SO full
with animals as it is. This is so unacceptable & avoidable.
If you’ve never fostered, please consider. If you can’t foster,
please donate what you can! And above all… spay & neuter
your animals. It makes a difference 😿



Nwo war reset = 2251

Nwo war reset = 2251

On top modificated hurricanes, climate lock down,
covid plans etc- agendas, a war reset plan ?, a plan is a
plan weather or not it actualize . . ( WW III ? )

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and
phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple
levels simultaneously.

Section I

Nwo war reset = 2251 Soon the trumpet will sound = 2251 ?
Mortal kombat red horse world reset plan = 2251___
(red horse revelation, symbolize war and bloodshed )
United states be in war russia = 2251 Nwo epic end game
global military control = 2251 The wicked never rest in hell
= 2251

Creating also ´ energy crisis´ probably longer term international
effecting energy prizes, which convenient fit nwo agendaes.

Ua war int coin energy crisis = 2251
Ua war int cash energy crisis = 2251
Ua war oil gas crisis tribulation = 2251

Is it not ´convenient ´ in the Nwo agendas that the sanctions of the Us
and West against Russia will create huge economic and energy crisis in
their own countries ?

Putin and Biden chess pieces in a bigger game = 1085 ?
Technology transfer = 1085
One digital currency id cage = 1085

Digital transfer = 552 = communist

Cyber attack safety = 1307 Masterful computer generated = 1307
Digital transfer = 552 = Communist
Nwo cyber attack plan = 1816 Us department of homeland security = 1816
Homeland security ukraine state hack = 1708 ? Infiltration invasion its real = 1708
DHS ukraine state and bank hack = 863 US cyber com = 863
The digit key of it all = 863
Matrix control = 863
DHS UA bank hack = 378 Interference = 378 Financial collapse = 378
Biometrics = 378 Right hand mark = 378 Corona changes = 378
Planned cyber attack agenda = 933 Dhs the problem and fix encoded = 933
Transhuman control = 933

** DHS = Department of Homeland Security (USA)

May 2022 Insert in extension of Cyberwarfare, cyber attacks, hybrid warfare.
Russia alerts partnership with China and India to defend against
the collective hybrid wars declared of the west against russia.
– Sergej Lavrov russian minister of forreign affairs.

Nwo cyber war alliances = 2650 The world war three propaganda = 2650
Cyber hybrid wars = 2064 Technologies a tool of government control = 2064
End times hybrid wars = 1857 Cyber terrorism reset control tool = 1857

Hybrid wars ie warfare by means also of disinformation, sanctions and
cyberattacks par ex.

Apocalyptic hybrid wars = 2281 World of warcraft = 2281
United states of america drone surveillance = 2281
Beware of the great deception AI hybrid link agenda = 2281

Picture above Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet on the sidelines of
the 2019 G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Picture above ; US President George W. Bush, right, chats with Chinese
President Hu Jintao, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, at
the end of the Asian-Pacific leaders meeting in Hanoi on Nov. 19, 2006.

Just Chess pieces from ´a higher level´ or also agreeing on this level ?
Volodymyr putin biden agreed play = 2786 Does not know right from
wrong = 2786 The show is on new order of the ages = 2786

Volodymyr Another Nwo War Player ? ( ex actor /comedian )
Volodymyr nwo player= 3290 Fake world war three news = 3290
Double standard hypocrites twisting things around = 3290

Nwo war reset = 2251
Fake news, mediamanipulation.
The more confusion the better right ? (to control, manipulate . . .
and order out of chaos) the news media it self today (11.03.22 ) where
I live in the west, propagandize with this picture below ; the russian
accusations of Ukraine attacked the children hospital themselves and
used actors.

Mariupol fake attack = 667
Trickery = 667 ?

The Russians have explained that the hospital in Mariupol was already
emptied of patients in February, and has since served as the headquarters
of militant Ukrainian nationalists.

What is really true said by anyone in this invasion /war / attack, nwo plan,
?? you know … he said, she said, they said ….
~ My point is question everything.

The above photo ;
Earlier Thursday, the Russian embassy in the UK published a tweet claiming that the
image of the young woman, which can be seen above, was staged. According to the
embassy, it was a Ukrainian fashion blogger who played the role of the wounded.

According to the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, there is clear evidence
that an air strike never took place:- The damage outside and inside may cheat a
non-professional mass audience in Europe and the US that was the target of this whole
show. But they can not cheat the experts, said spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

16.03.22 Online News

Zelenskij ask nordic and baltic countries for more weapon. An obscene
amount of money has already been set aside by EU 450 million Euro to
buy weapon and fighter aircrafts for Ukraine

Eu financing of the ukrainian war global scale reset plan = 2520 Key words
communist or fascist = 2520 Organic robotoid will get violent = 2520 Who
funded ´coronavirus´ ? = 2520 The elite want to fake an alien invasion = 2520
Eu finance of ukraine war global reset bible beast endgame plan = 2520

450 million €uro = 493,372,646 Us $ = 378,223,254 British pound sterling £

Etymology, a pound coin originally weighed one troy pound of sterling silver, giving the
currency the name ´pound sterling´. ´Sterling silver´ means mixed metal that has 92.5% or
more real silver.

EU ; european union; political and economical union.Founded: November 1,
1993, Maastricht, Netherlands, 27 memeber states located primarily in Europe.

Coat Of Arms Of The European Union Military

This armorial, or gallery of coats of arms shows heraldry employed by institutions of the
European Union, as well as heraldry used by private and intergovernmental entities that
are referred to as European.

light grey nato memebers, dark grey russia,
us military personel permanently assigned.

Section II

Nwo war reset = 2251. This is not a ´taking side post´ I am Not, but
pointing out the blatant hypocrisies of the west first, backed and
controlled by media, making putin the big bad guy, and no more
russski vodski * on the shelfs lol (** vodka, and other russian items )

Western invasion of Ukraine = 2560 Pretending they control
everything = 2560 Advanced military grade weapon = 2560
The end time prediction power game of monopoly = 2560

Intergovernmental military alliance = 2060 Hypocrisy delusional
and lying = 2060

The nato power alliance = 1498 United we stand = 1498
Depravity of mind = 1498

Putin artificially intelligent = 1422 Extremely dangerous = 1422
Resourceful technology = 1422 Nuclear warfare = 1422 Dormant
bioweapon = 1422

Kgb intelligence vlad at war = 2089 What a blasting entrance black sky
= 2089 Psychopathic nwo freemason = 2089 (´ex kgb agent´ )

And the polarity expression among some from ´putin the big bad guy´ ,
to he is saviour and hero.

Like some people who think or believe someone comes with a
´magic fairy wand´ and remove the ´ cabal´ dark expression, shadow

Section III

Corona to war agenda = 1413 Skull crown = 1413
Corona > war plot = 1435 Nwo plan insert = 1435
Nwo plan time loop = 1435 (WW timeloop ? I, II, – III ?)
Endtimes is shadow = 1435
Edge of global id communist technocracy = 1435 The cyber elite
technocracy = 1435 Cyber microchip technocracy = 1435 Global
pandemic cyber technocracy = 1435

Hold your distance, safe lives, wash your hands save lives, for the greater good of all , . . .
now sign up and go to war, kill for the greater good of all, wash the blood of your hands
-Government – news media 2019- 22

To whom made the skull crown, dont know your name, write me for credit or removal.

Re ´Timeloop´ WW 1,2,-3 ?. . ., even the news media is not exactly quite to be trusted,
fabrications,, manipulations, narratives, agendas. .. but effect the uncritical
masses much ; Photos: How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine compares to scenes from
World War II

Symbols on one level (esoteric / inner understanding ) . . . The 4 horsemen /
. . And an outer
´ apocalypse script playing ´ .
Conquest, war, famine, and death.

To whom made the 4 horsemen picture I dont know your
name write me for credit or removal.

Partly Excerpts of Western invasion of Ukraine = 2560



After Script

Okt. 25.10.21. I wrote of the ; Total hospital collapse prophecy = 1524 =
The global agenda hospital collapse prophecy.

My point is re ´warlike conditions´ layed out as below, is now the world
appear entering ´the european war´, war like conditions may not be
´fictive´ , I dont consider ” corona” gone but tempoarily more ´out of
sight´ and other virus for that matter par ex the ´suddenly upblowing´
Hiv. . . and ´Un vax agendaes´ .

Because ” corona” patients overloaded the hospitals, and such in
germany Sachsen, 23.11.21. doctors opened up to the view of
implementing War-Like Conditions in other words patients are
divided into 3 kategories; 1 ) Those who can survive without treatment,
2) Those who can survive with treatment, 3 ) And those whos condition
is hopeless. War-Like Conditions in full actuality mean ; 3rd kategory
will not ´get treatment´.

What does it also mean implicit ; that ” War- like conditions ” can
enforce further or new ( epidemic) laws and restrictions !´

Total hospital collapse prophecy = 1524 = The global
agenda hospital collapse prophecy

End Script Animal Rescue Ukraine.

A ukrainian man carries a cat and fish he saved from the
residential building hit by the russian missiles earlier today in kyiv.

Dont leave them behind humans, . . . Rescues is needed. . . .
Terrified ,confused, shocked animals.

To the right
A person holding a cat sits next to a bus window as people flee
to western parts of the country.

Romanian animal rescue charity Casa lui Patrocle, which is based
in the city of Suceava — around 25 miles from the Ukraine border,
vowed to help families fleeing with their pets, (Umit Bektas/Reuters)

Important information: 27.02.22
Pets in Ukraine can travel without documents in:-Moldova – Poland –
Romania – Slovakia – Estonia – Latvia -Hungary Please share and inform all
Ukrainian/Russian speakers about this so that people, friends/relatives do not
leave their animals in Ukraine!

Cat Cafee in Ukraine.