Heaven on Earth & the Sun

Heaven on Earth & the Sun

The Sun. The blazing daylight star.
Speaking in symbolics, ie no external sunworship
or other worship.

Children of the sun, and child of the sun
or the symbolic phrasing ´to be like a child ´, 
can be translated into or symbolize several
differentiations depending on which refraction
lens is viewed through.

The straight sun rays in the symbolic picture
above, generally speaking represent maskuline
energy and the wavy feminine, thus perfection
of polarity balance. Flames of polarity balance,
can hold several meanings.

In the most basic sense we are all children of the
sun* nourished by the radiant sun energy, and
life power, children of the sun like the plants and
animals, trees, gems and minerals.

* In the most basic sense we are all children of
the sun, except what can be refered to as organic
portals / soulless humans, programs filling up
space, 55 % + ?


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