Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Glamor and the Dark Side of Aquarius.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Welcome to the golden cage, I mean new age, I mean pandemic cage,
new order of the stage.

The golden cage = 255 Fallen angels = 255

If things are ´ glamored´ , what is dark may appear as light.

That Age of Aquarius song was not from the C I A-Eighties but the 60´s Glam-or.

Dark side of Aquarius= 910 Enchantment under the sea = 910
The spell of Xanadu = 910

Corona Sun Ring.

Corona ring = 360 Fire or flood = 360
Prediction = 360

I am immortal = 360 Original light = 360


So what is Glamor ; We can create glamor in our own lives, and around our self, we can glamor others, create glamors about various, the collective consciousness/ subconsciousness is veiled in multiple glamors. We can ´see´ through it with higher self / higher light . . . and dissipate it.

Remember In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

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