Inner & Outer Music, Truth, Lies, General Behavior Modifications, and Gematria 9 11.

Inner Music, Outer Music, Truth, Lies, and Disinformation
Music industry
and general cultural behavior modifications.
Gematria 9 11 ( 699, 102, 802, 666 – Eleanor Rigby ) + Denver Airport Portal (1525) and Cia Roulette ( 573 ).

There are people that can not understand why, I sometimes come out of my
internal sanctuary of soothing * inner music, sounds and tones, and listen to metal music.

This is why ; because essentially it in its purest raw energy force,
not the ´ emo whiney kind´,   comes vibrationally and in
feeling, close to ; The 1 st Ray of Power, Will and Destruction ;
To resist, destroy and withstand all that needs to in this world ;
But also to reveal ;

All that is nonsense, fraudulence, hypocrisy, evil, tyranny,
mindcontrol and falseness religious, spiritual, material and otherwise.

Any institution, alliance, collective, ´creator´, individual or group that
try to enforce compliance through intimidation and fear induction,
obviously doesn´t have any real ( spiritual ) authority.

1St Ray ; The power to withstand, resist and destroy . . .
And to reveal truth and lies.
And eventually or ideally ´ true divine will be done´ .

And some people may have had their heads filled with
´spiritual nonesense ´ ;
that all metal music per definition is ´ demonic´ or ´evil´
– that is not true.

I am not saying that there are not metal singers or metal music influenced by
or ´possessed´ with demonic energy or other ´negative entities´, but that surely is
a case in a variety of musical genres inclusive of the predominant pop- culture,
and even in the department of certain socalled ´holy mantras´, some connect to
astral parasites, demonic energy, or soul energy harvesters between the heavenly
and earthly spheres.

– As so much in these earthly and ekstra eartly layers, on a general level, are
and have been contaminated and infiltrated for a very long time .

An issue of the pop-culture is the inflation of ´ancient symbols´
connected to pop-celebreties, money,  greed,  control, glamor, and power hungry people.

Further touched upon in this link Truth, Prpaganda, Dis and Mis Information

There is also the issue of glamor of popularity, and the giving away of energy in idolatry.
An issue however fundamentally not only connected to music.
Idolatry is a general issue on this planet, also inclusive of the
religious kind, where people have been giving energy and power away for long.

Another ´back side´ of the music industry is connected to :

´Behaviour modification programs and Mk Ultra´ ;
But which is by no means excluded to the music industry, mind control
happens in different degrees on subliminal levels on a general every day
cultural scale, advertisments is one example.
Unfortunately a lot of people atm can not think for themselves, decipher,
nor capable of exercising great correlational thinking, common sense or
reasoning. It is easier to ´mind -control´ people subconsciously and behaviourly
who lack in correlative abillities, clear connection between the conscious and
subconscious, and correlative thinking, not least via advertisments holding
symbols, numbers, colours, subliminal messages and encoded programming,
archetypal symbolism and et cetera. And music and voice tonality if televised can
add to the effect. ´Subliminal seductions´ to buy, consume and behave.

In regards of all the MK / – Mind Control in our society and world on multiple levels,
when having abillity to ´decode´ subliminal messages and symbols consciously, they
can thereby loose subconscious subliminal control and effect.

And a great quantity of non organic foods filled with pesticides and herbacides et cetra
and pharmaceutical drugs also can or may contribute to ´modifications´ or ´alterations´,
not just psychologically but also biological and genetically.

So its like in the music industry scene, film industry etc there is a ´primary
programming´ in itself , whichcan cause a ´secondary programming´ trigger effect to
those who watch / listen in the recieving end . .

So much abuse and programming happening on a collective level, violations perpetrated here
in this earth realm, and from astral and ekstra -planetary levels as well. Violations in the range from
spiritual abuse, crossing over mental, etheric, astral, emotional to the physical level.

I feel and see many people in this world, not meant limited to the music industry,
have sold out or sold their souls.  Futher this earth plane is inhabited by a great deal of
organic portals / soulles humans.  

Lack of individuality, lack of authenticity, lack of true spiritual fire.

Combined with blind conformity, cultural, social, educational, religious and spiritual ;

In the Sea of mediocrity The book of life had not been openeth for long,
And the true meaning of the ´book of death´ forgotten.


Anyway about heavy metal, to come full circle with and end this writing.
Some of the first I heard when still in school.
Great voice here live ´82 ;
Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name (live) Hammersmith 1982

On ´revealment´ through music, I remember the lyrics in
´Moonchild´ ( partly inspired by the novel ´the seventh son´ by
Orson Scott Card, as a continued story through the album ´seventh son´,
however the battels and forces of good and evil exist on several
levels, is not just a ´story´ ), the essence of the meaning, drawn out
to be understood on some level in some sense, correlated to some of
the abuse and destruction on my life I have felt, from the earthly,
astral, ´occult spiritual´ and ekstra terrestial levels, that I had to

Gematria and ´Eleanor Rigby´ . . . 9 11 ( 699, 102, 802, 666 )

Cover of ´Eleanor Rigby´ by Our Last Night . . .
in a melodic ´metalized powerversion´ . . . .
takes some talent to do like this.

Aside the influence of ´Behaviour Modification Programs´, Cia, Mk Ultra etc in
the hippie movement and music industry generally ..

What does the Numbers Reveal; Gematria,

Using Jewish Gematria here . .

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously, and ´secret
messages. Numbers have a language or message of their own, and names and
letters can be codes or encoded.

Eleanor Rigby = 699 Cremation Ground =699 Genocide for NY =699
The Blood Moon Tetrad = 699 Cross of Sun =699 Fox is Satanic = 699 Goldman
Sachs Poisoning = 699 Usa funding Alqeada =699 Al Qaida are former Cia Agents
=699 Hidden in plain sight signs =699 Balance is the Key =699 The True Apollo =

The True Apollo=699 ? Apollyon greek equevalent of Abaddon ; a place of
destruction and an ´angel´. In book of revelation angel Abaddon described as
king of locust army, his name is first transcribed in Greek; Revelation 9:11—”whose
name in Hebrew is Abaddon,” a name that means “destruction” in greek
´destroyer´. . . destruction 9:11 . . . Abaddon= 102 Al Qaeda =102

4 ´Coordinated attacks´ 9/11 ; Bloodmoon Tetrad ? Tetrad = group / set / series
of four, . . . ´the bloodmoon prophecy´, . . . ´bloodmoon rituals´ ?

Father McKenzie = 802.
Trevor sings as the lyrics go ; ” Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from
the grave”. For PROPHECY = 802 Faith in the dark side of the force = 802 His lord
said unto him =802 A key of solomon = 802 Hadron collider source = 802 Black hole
technology = 802

PROPHECY =666 This is a hoax =666 The mindcontrol agenda of cia =666 The gates
of hell are open = 666 Rising from the flames = 666 The brotherhood seal = 666

Cern is a primal Portal for ekstra terrestrial entities = 2089
Cern is a hell bent portal for ekstra terrestial entities = 2089

Cia Roulette = 573 and ´Denver airport´.

With offset in Rhiannas song ´Russian Roulette´ and partly Katy Perrys song
´Roulette ´, I started ´decoding´;
Cia Roultte = 573 which among other things led me to denver airport, the latter Ill
share here for after thought.

CIA Roulette = 573 Electroencephalogram = 573 Occult alphabet = 573 Conceptual
map = 573 The blue horse = 573 ( Denver airport )

The blue horse, denver airport, whats up with that horse ? have you seen it ?

So I looked at 1525 ;
Denver Airport Portal = 1525 Witchcraft mastered = 1525 Radio active thoughts =
1525 Electromagnetohydrodynamic = 1525 Level eleven = 1525 Hyperdimensional
suspension = 1525 Corona virus Armageddon = 1525 Sold soul to the devil = 1525
Happy travels= 1525

Back to 573 ;
CIA Roulette = 573 Electroencephalogram = 573 Occult alphabet = 573
Conceptual map = 573 The blue horse = 573

The spiral of time = 573 Time spells radio =573 Radio time spells = 573
Round the clock = 573

Deleting them all at once = 573 Death squads = 573 A skull and bones = 573
Super code name = 573 Search for anagrams = 573
Prince of darkness = 573 Corrupt = 573 Stairs to hell = 573

Russian Roulette the Metal version – Tenkan vs Rihanna

And I end this Gematria Section with ;
MK Ultra Russian Roulette = 1511 Perfect psyop trauma code of code = 1511
Hyperdimensional physics = 1511 Brilliant parapshycology = 1511 Hidden advanced
technology = 1511 Humans are being harvested = 1511 . . Function of childhood vaccines
= 1511 . . .

Generally speaking I may, among other things,
reveal what can be considered ´satanic´,
which can be understood in several diffrentiations and levels, however
I will never advocate ´ archonic religious saviour dogma´.
the truth and light is within.

Neither do I or will ever ´sugar-coat´ anything.


*By Inner Music I mean ;
Soothing soundings, tonings, tones, spherical music, base tones, middle tones,
overtones, some more in the front, some more behind, transharmonic intertonal plays
simultaneously, yet differentiated heard, harmonic eloquently fitting together
within eachother, very softly quietly.


Rest Music .

8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation.

Rest music ” Insomnia relief “The Blue Forest” Binaural Beats Sleep Music