Greetings and welcome.

I am just a messsenger, ´an angel of revelation´ on a higher self level .
Remember the first before you point guns or come with burning crosses : )

´Revelation´  is a quality of souls or ´higher selves´ ,
to different levels of  accreation ;  Seeing into the inner and outer worlds.
I am unbound to any ´fixed´ scripture or book,
My way of being is knowing or not knowing, no belief,  anything I may be wrong
about, ill discard any day, or correct to a ´more true knowing´ ie progressevive,
successive revelation.

Neither do I wish for anyone to believe anything I say,

If you have or find a ressonance or can use it for anything internal or external,
then it is so, if not then it is not.

What can angel in a heaven do = 1989 I am loyal to the divine source= 1989
Truth is love by the book = 1989 Truth prevail light in the darkness = 1989
Prophecy by Law = 1989 The prophecy will fulfil= 1989
In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.
If you have not eyes to see, I can not see for you.
If you have not ears to hear, I can not hear for you.
Eyes to see and ears to hear = 1215 Gematria lift the veil = 1215
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Ive written a lot on this page of oils, plants, resins, herbs, so it should be said that I do not advocate using these oils, herbs for any ´magical- personality- attraction – spells-etc´ , only for healing physical and metaphysical, purification, cleansing, ceremonial, protection, medicinal, banishing etc .