Ancient Egypt. By Manly P Hall.

Ancient Egypt. By Manly P Hall.

Excerpted quotes of The initiates of the flames.

“Still in the pyramid of Gizeh, the initiations continue
still the Initiate receives the insignia of his rank.
Before that Fire within himself he makes his vows, and
upon the burning altar of his own higher being he lays
his crown and his sceptre, his robes and his diamonds,
his hates and his fears, and sanctifies his life as a Priest
King, and swears to serve none but his own higher self,
the god within. His robes are his soul body ‘and his crown
is his life, and in the streets of life he is enthroned .”

“.. There he sat upon the cube altar throne, indicating his
mastery over the four elements of his physical body, a
judge of the living and of the dead, who in spite of all his
power and glory, having about him the grandeur of the
world’s greatest empire, still bowed in humble supplication
to the will of the gods.”

“In his hands he carries the triple sceptre of the Nile, the
shepherd’s crook, the anubis-headed staff and the flail or
whip. These were the symbols of his work. They represent
the powers which he had mastered. With the whip he had
subjugated his physical body with the shepherd’ s crook
he was the guardian and keeper of his emotional body
with the anubis headed staff he was master of his mind
and worthy to wield. The Sceptres of Egypt. These are the
three bodies that are the tools with which we are to build
our temple. When they are mastered they are the living
proof of our right to kingship. “

“Kings with or without crowns they were not puppets
dressed in taw dry tinsel. And they still are kings and will
be to the end of time, and they still manifest their rank, not
by their superiority, and their high-headedness, but by the
soul qualities which they radiate from themselves.”

” Degeneracy, lust, and passion, hates and fears, crept into
the souls of Greece and Rome, and black magic overshadowed
Egypt the light upon the altar grew weaker and weaker. The
priests lost the Word, the name of the Flame. Little by little the
Flame flickered out, and as the last spark grew cold, a mighty
nation died, buried beneath the dead ashes of its own spiritual


“Every man’s true teacher is his own higher Self, and when the life is
brought under the control of reason, this higher Self is released from
bondage to appetites and impulses, and becomes priest, sage and
– Manly P. Hall.

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